Resident Evil 4 Remake: 11 Best Guns To Upgrade First

Get to know which weapon you should prioritize upgrading first in early stage of Resident Evil 4 remake

Best guns to first upgrade in Resident Evil 4
Best guns to first upgrade in Resident Evil 4

The Resident Evil 4 remake has quite a variety in its weapon class. Every weapon delivers its unique impact on the enemies. Buying weapons of different categories can be considered essential as each is made to counter different situations. Players should also focus on which guns will best upgrade first in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Key Takeaways

  • Regarding the best guns to upgrade first in the Resident Evil 4 remake, players should prioritize the guns that are obtainable in the game’s early stages. Following this, the SG-09 R handgun ( starting gun ) is the best option to consider upgrading first.
  • If you wish to replace your G-09 R handgun, then Punisher will best suit your interest. The gun can surpass the quality of an ordinary handgun once it is fully upgraded.
  • The W-870 is the only shotgun available from the start of the game. So if you prefer fighting at close range, upgrading this shotgun is sufficient for your safe travels.
  • Although the Bolt Thrower and SR M1903 Sniper are obtainable in the early game, both guns are an ample upgrade choice. It is because both can deal with the range issue. However, the Bolt Thunder is less likely to run out of ammo. With a single hit, the SR M1903 can take out most enemies from a greater distance.
  • If you prefer to own a gun that can fire at a swift rate, then TMP is the best early-game weapon to upgrade first.
  • When players reach Chapter 4, they can find Red9 in the Lake area. The gun delivers a massive impact with a single shot, making it worthy of upgrading to counter challenging situations.
  • Reaching Level 6 in Resident Evil 4 Remake, players can choose to obtain and upgrade Riot Gun. It is another shotgun in the game which is extremely powerful. Its explosive firing power can destroy multiple enemies at a time.
  • Players are introduced to possibly the best rifle in mid to long-range after they reach Level 7 in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Even though not a good option in close range, the Stingray, with its exclusive upgrades, can deal with your enemies even from a long distance.
  • Level 13 in Resident Evil 4 Remake enables players to unlock and upgrade the Killer7, easily one of the best guns in the game. With certain upgrades, Killer7’s headshots can bring down even the strongest bosses in the game.
  • One weapon on the list might even shock you. Combat knife, the primary weapon of the players at the start of the game, is also an important gun to upgrade in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Once the player has reached the start of Chapter 2, he will meet the Merchant through a little progress. The Merchant will appear in a fixed spot in every level and Chapter of the game. Moreover, players can also receive rewards for the contracts that they have completed from this Merchant.

Merchant in Resident evil 4 remake
Upgrade Guns Through Merchant – Image captured by Gamesual

Players are eligible to perform activities related to trade through the Merchant. This is quite essential as the equipment is all that counts for survival in Resident Evil 4.

  • Buy: New Recipes, Consumables, and Weapons will replenish in stock after the story progresses.
  • Tune-Up: The most beneficial aspect of this trade is Tune-up. This is where the player can upgrade his weapons and improve them for much more satisfying output.
  • Sell: You can sell almost anything you have gathered along the journey.
  • Trade: Some upgrades and weapons can be acquired from the Trade section. However, this trade requires Spinels, which the players can obtain by completing contracts.

Although the upgrade for a gun is crucial, it is best not to give preference to some of them. This is mainly because some of these weapons require exploration, and some require a long story’s progress. Following this, it is best to upgrade the guns that you have in the first place rather than feebly searching for a new gun in Resident Evil 4.

Best Guns To Upgrade First

You will gain access to many guns once you have progressed beyond the first Chapter of the game. Initially, the Merchant will have a limited supply of guns, but without a doubt, those weapons will deliver an enormous impact.

Upon upgrading these guns, they can pick up the pace and can be impactful against enemies of higher level. Surely, the upscaling enemy can only be dealt with a gun of their match. So the upgrade is not an option here rather, it is a necessity.

Gun NameTypeEarly AccessKey Features & UpgradesIdeal Situation
SG-09 RHandgunYesBalanced, good for headshots. Upgrade all except power. Laser Sight available.Versatile, good for most fights
W-870ShotgunYesHigh damage, good for close range. Upgrade power, reload speed, rate of fire.Close-range combat
Bolt Thrower-Early GameGood range, ammo craftable. Upgrade power, rate of fire.Medium to long-range combat
TMPSubmachine-GunChapter 2Fast fire rate, high recoil. Upgrade power, ammo, reload speed. TMP Stock available for recoil control.Against hordes, tough enemies
SR M1903SniperEarly GameHigh range, instant kill with headshots. Upgrade power. Scope options available.Long-range, sniping
PunisherHandgunAfter Ch. 2Penetrating shots. Upgrade all aspects. Laser Sight available.Handgun replacement
Red9RevolverChapter 4High power, tough recoil. Upgrade rate of fire, ammo. Red9 Stock available for precision.Close combat
Riot GunShotgunLevel 6Powerful against tough enemies. Upgrade power, ammo capacity, reload speed, rate of fire.High-value targets, swarms
Stingray RifleAssault RifleLevel 7Effective for mid to long-range. Upgrade power, ammo, reload speed, rate of fire. Scope customizations available.Mid to long-range combat
Killer7 MagnumMagnumLevel 13Powerful against bosses, rare ammo. Upgrade power, ammo, reload speed, rate of fire. Exclusive critical rate upgrade.Boss fights, critical shots
Combat KnifeMeleeStartBackup weapon, upgradeable. Upgrade power, durability. Exclusive upgrade for attack speed.Low ammo situations, backup

Best Guns to Upgrade Table.

SG-09 R ( Handgun )

The first and foremost priority, in terms of upgrading, should be the SG-09 R handgun. The gun has been the default weapon since the beginning of the game. It has the most balanced stats in the game. Meaning it will be favorable for most situations.

However, a bit of skill is a requirement to function this gun efficiently. If you are good at knocking out the enemy with a headshot, this gun will be sufficient for your entire walkthrough.

SG-09 R handgun to upgrade
Upgrade the SG-09 R – Image captured by Gamesual

But let’s not just rely completely on skills and learn the advantages of upgrading this gun so that a little lack of skill can be covered with sufficient upgrades. A personal preference here is that players should focus on upgrading the gun in every aspect except for the power because a constant fire rate is required from this weapon which can be covered with the rest of these upgrades.

Also, if your aim is good, the power upgrade is pretty much redundant.

Default Stats

  • Power: 1
  • Ammo: 10 bullets capacity
  •  Reload Speed: 1
  • Rate of Fire: 1
  • Precision: 4

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 1.6 ( 18,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 14 bullets capacity ( 6000 ptas. )
  •  Reload Speed: 1.2 ( 6000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 1.19 ( 9000 ptas. )
  • Precision: 4

Laser Sight ( Customization )

You can also apply an upgrade to a certain weapon through the Trade section. It will require some amount of Spinels, which you will obtain through completing contracts. Moreover, these upgrades will be different for most guns. Every gun will carry a unique upgrade that will complement its class dynamics.

As for the SG-09 R, a Laser Sight upgrade applies to it. The purpose of this upgrade is to provide a much-improved aim. Players can aim with much accuracy, given that a laser will assist. Moreover, the Laser Sight will cost 10 Spinels.

W-870 ( Shotgun )

A most absurd amount of damage-dealing gun. A W-870 shotgun can annihilate the enemy with a few clicks of the trigger. Furthermore, the most amazing factor to know here is that this shotgun is obtainable at the start of the game. Players can find the W-870 in one of the houses in the very first village visited in Chapter 1.

Following this, the shotgun ammo is one of the most easily Craftable components in the game. It requires 12 Gun powder and a Resource L to craft 6 shotgun bullets.

W-870 to upgrade in Resident Evil 4
Upgrade the Shotgun W-870 – Image captured by Gamesual

Moreover, the W-870 deals an immense amount of damage at close range. Its shot also spreads in a certain radius. As a result, this gun is the best choice to counter a swarm of enemies and also the one to upgrade first in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

As for the upgrades, the gun can use improvement in every performance factor. However, a few can still be ignored if you are willing not to spend much on gun upgrades. Prioritize upgrading Power, Reload Speed, and Rate of Fire. As a result, this shotgun will deal tremendous damage within a considerable period.

Default Stats

  • Power: 5.6
  • Ammo: 5 bullets capacity
  • Reload Speed: Will load 1 bullet at a time up to its maximum capacity.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.45
  • Precision: 2.8

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 10.1 (  23,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 10 bullets capacity ( 10,000 ptas. )
  • Reload Speed: Will load 5 bullets at a time up to its maximum bullet capacity. ( 10,000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 0.85 ( 11,000 ptas. )
  • Precision: 2.8

Bolt Thrower

An early-game weapon that deals considerable damage, even at a fair distance. This gun can be purchased from the Merchant and is available as one of the first weapons that the Merchant sells. Moreover, the Merchant will also sell the recipe to craft Bolts, which act as ammunition for this gun.

As a result, it is pretty unlikely to run out of ammo while wielding this gun. However, bolts can not be found commonly as a drop in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Bolt Thrower upgrade in Resident Evil 4 remake
Upgrade The Bolt Thrower – Image captured by Gamesual

The Power and Rate of Fire upgrades are preferable to apply to this gun. Due to this gun’s lack of damage intensity at the basic level, it will be wise to back it up with a damage-dealing upgrade. Whereas the Rate of Fire will improve the damage, this gun will deal quickly.

Although the rate of fire upgrade will give a negligible amount of improvement, it can still prove quite beneficial for those players who prefer this gun as their first weapon choice.

The Ammo and Reload Speed will undoubtedly be beneficial upgrades. However, if your aim is good with this gun, you will unlikely find both upgrades helpful.

Default Stats

  • Power: 1.2
  • Ammo: 3 bullets capacity
  • Reload Speed: 1 bullet at a time till the limit is reached.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.7
  • Precision: 3

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 1.8 ( 18,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 6 bullets capacity ( 9000 ptas. )
  • Reload Speed: 3 bullets at a time till the limit is reached. ( 10,000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 0.75 ( 12,000 ptas. )
  • Precision: 3

TMP ( Submachine-Gun )

By the end of Chapter 2, the Merchant will have TMP to sell it to you. This gun suits the most sturdy enemies. Its constant fire rate will surely bring down any tough, hostile being. However, if only its recoil can be controlled, the gun is most efficient in play.

It is because submachine-gun bullets are rare to find around as a loot reward. Moreover, its crafting components are difficult to find across the map. Players should consider using this gun while fighting a horde of zombies.

TMP upgrade in Resident Evil 4 remake
Upgrade The Submachine-gun TMP – Image captured by Gamesual

The Power and Ammo should be the best priority to upgrade these guns in Resident Evil 4—their high rate of fire compliments well with the power and ammo upgrades. Consider the Reload Speed upgrade if you prefer to man up with this gun often. It is because the decrease in reload time will help you avoid situations where enemies can corner you.

Default Stats

  • Power: 0.5
  • Ammo: 30 bullets capacity
  • Reload Speed: 1
  • Rate of Fire: 2.5
  • Precision: 2

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 0.8 ( 12,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 50 bullets capacity ( 15,000 ptas. )
  • Reload Speed: 1.2 ( 9000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 2.5
  • Precision: 2

TMP Stock ( Customization )

As mentioned above, this gun requires good control over the recoil. So to cover up this deficiency, players can attach TMP Stock to this gun. This upgrade will increase the precision of this weapon by decreasing the recoil. As a result, accuracy can be maintained, and fewer bullets will be needed to take down most of the enemies.

This upgrade will cost 8 Spinels and increase the Precision to +1.5 ( Resulting in Precision: 3.5 ).

SR M1903 ( Sniper )

Along with the Bolt Thunder, the SR M1903 will also be available to purchase from the Merchant, which means that players can gain high range and damage advantage from the start of the game. This sniper can prove its worth in places where a civilization of zombies is expected, such as any village.

Rather than getting ambushed in such areas, players can scope out the enemies from a greater range. If the player performs a headshot, the enemy will die instantly.

SR M1903 upgrade
Upgrade The Sniper SR M1903 – Image captured by Gamesual

Most preferably, the gun can use the Power upgrade alone to deliver its maximum impact. However, other upgrades will also be beneficial in situations such as using a sniper as your main weapon. But this gun aims to blow off the heads of zombies at a much greater distance.

Regarding this, the Power of this gun is sufficient to fulfill its purpose. Moreover, the Precision of SR M1903 is unmatched, which results in a guaranteed kill, given that the accuracy is maintained.

Default Stats

  • Power: 2.5
  • Ammo: 5 bullets capacity
  • Reload Speed: Will load 1 bullet at a time up to its maximum capacity.
  • Rate of Fire: 0.42
  • Precision: 5.2

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 3.9 ( 20,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 9 bullets capacity ( 8000 ptas. )
  • Reload Speed: Will load 3 bullets at a time up to its maximum bullet capacity. ( 10,000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 0.48 ( 12,000 ptas. )
  • Precision: 5.2

Scope ( Customization )

Surely, when it comes to Sniper, the scope is all that counts for its precision. Luckily, players can receive a free scope when the SR M1903 is the very first weapon they purchase from the Merchant.

  • Standard Scope: The first option will be to buy this scope. It costs 4000 ptas or free if a certain condition is met. Moreover, this scope has a limit of magnifying up to 2 stages.
  • High-Power Scope: Later, players can buy the High-Power Scope in exchange for some Spinels. It costs 7 Spinels, and this scope can magnify up to 3 stages.

Punisher ( Handgun )

A unique and extraordinary handgun that penetrates through enemies with each of its shots. Its bullet can deliver a surprisingly fair amount of damage compared to others. The Punisher is available for trade after Chapter 2 and cost 5 Spinels.

This handgun can be a great replacement for SG-09 R, as it is only appropriate to use one handgun at a time. This is because the ammo for every gun will be shared among other guns of the same class.

Upgrade the Punisher
Upgrade the Handgun Punisher – Image captured by Gamesual

Given the fact that a handgun is the most suitable weapon in the Resident Evil 4 remake, players should consider upgrading this gun to its maximum level in every aspect. Moreover, the penetration trait of this handgun makes it a reliable weapon to use against a horde of zombies.

Default Stats

  • Power: 0.9
  • Ammo: 12 bullets capacity
  • Reload Speed: 1.1
  • Rate of Fire: 1.05
  • Precision: 4.5

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 1.4 ( 15,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 18 bullets capacity ( 8000 ptas. )
  • Reload Speed: 1.3  ( 7000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 1.42 ( 12,000 ptas. )
  • Precision: 4.5

Laser Sight ( Customization )

Similar to SG-09 R, the Laser Sight is also available to apply on the Punisher. The customization will assist the player while aiming. As a result, players can hit the enemy with much more accuracy than before. This customization will cost 10 Spinels.

Red9 ( Revolver )

A gun that acts as a hand canon. Red9 revolver is capable of delivering massive damage in a single shot. However, the recoil of this gun might be a bit tedious to work with. Its precision will not favor a shot taken from far-off distances.

So it is best to use this gun in close combat. Moreover, its rate of fire will not favor the players who wish to constantly hit their enemies within a specified time.

Upgrade the Red9
Upgrade The Revolver Red9 – Image captured by Gamesual

Following this, upgrading the Rate of Fire for such guns in the Resident Evil 4 remake is best. However, if you wish to focus on upgrading the Power of this gun, it will surely take down most of the enemies with a single headshot. Since the Rate of Fire is a must-have upgrade for this gun, players should also get the Ammo upgrade to deliver as many bullets as possible in a single run.

During Chapter 4 gameplay, players can explore the lake area with the help of a boat. While doing so, there will be a shipwreck in the middle of the lake where a Treasure can be found. This Treasure will hold the Red9 along with a valuable item.

Default Stats

  • Power: 1.5
  • Ammo: 8 bullets capacity
  • Reload Speed: 0.85
  • Rate of Fire: 0.9
  • Precision: 3

Level 3 Stats

  • Power: 2.1 ( 30,000 ptas. )
  • Ammo: 12 bullets capacity ( 8000 ptas. )
  • Reload Speed: 1.05 ( 10,000 ptas. )
  • Rate of Fire: 1.02 ( 10,000 ptas. )
  • Precision: 3

Red9 Stock ( Customization )

Due to the neglect of this gun in terms of precision and accuracy, it is given an upgrade that can make up for this loss. Red9 Stock drastically improves the Precision of this gun and allows it to become a much more powerful weapon at fair range.

This customization costs 9 Spinels, increasing the Precision by +1.8 ( Resulting in Precision: 4.8 ).

Riot Gun (Shotgun)

Riot Gun Shotgun is an absolute monster when dealing with high-class enemies in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Players can unlock it after reaching level 6 in the game. Like all other guns in the game, Riot Gun can be bought from the Merchant for 14000 ptas.

Resident Evil 4 Remake best guns to upgrade first
Riot Gun

Progressing through level 6 will involve players dealing with a Village Chief and many other boss battles. Getting ahead of them with conventional weapons would not be easy. That is why we recommend getting yourself a Riot Gun and upgrading it from the Merchant. Its absolute necessity at this Resident Evil 4 Remake level makes it one of the most important guns to upgrade first.

Like the W-870, Riot Gun can deal with swarms of enemies with only a few shots, thanks to its huge bullet spread and great damage. However, compared to the W-870, the Riot Gun is more suitable for dealing with high-value targets. While you may think it is already very powerful, you can upgrade it to make it one of the best guns in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Default Stats

Power: 6.4

Ammo: 7 bullets capacity

Reload Speed: Will load 1 bullet at a time up to its maximum capacity.

Rate of Fire: 0.75

Precision: 3.5

Level 5 Stats

Power: 12.8 (65,000 ptas.)

Ammo: 12 bullets capacity (16,000 ptas.)

Reload Speed: will reload 6 bullets at a time up to its maximum capacity. (16,000 ptas.)

Rate of Fire: 1.1 (13,000 ptas.)

Precision: (no upgrades)

Stingray Rifle

Looking for something to take down long-distance targets with single shots? The Stingray Assault Rifle is something you are going to enjoy playing with. It is a highly effective weapon for middle to long-range fights. Players are recommended to must buy this weapon when they reach Level 7 in Resident Evil 4 Remake. It is purchasable from the Merchant for 30,000 ptas.

However, it is not a good choice to use this rifle against moving targets at close range and against the bosses because you can easily miss targets. After you upgrade the Stingray, no other guns can compete in mid to long-range fights in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Similarly, you can equip it with different scopes to ensure no target escapes your bullets.

Stingray Rifle
Stingray Rifle

Many players would not find its damage any unique. That is because all the guns in the game lose some damage when targeting far enemies. Moreover, upgrading it can improve the power of the Stingray and allow it to be equipped with some extra features.

Default Stats

Power: 3.3

Ammo: 10 bullets capacity 

Reload Speed: will reload 0.84 bullets at a time up to its maximum capacity. 

Rate of Fire: 0.74

Precision: 5.40

Level 5 Stats

Power: 4.9 (50,000 ptas.)

Ammo: 18 bullets capacity (25,000 ptas.)

Reload Speed: will reload 1.18 bullets at a time up to its maximum capacity. (19,000 ptas.)

Rate of Fire: 0.86 (30,000 ptas.)

Precision: (scope upgrades)

Customizations And Exclusive Perks

Stingray Riffle offers players an exclusive perk when they reach level 9 in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Players will be able to double their rate of fire by spending an additional 60,000 ptas. Similarly, players can equip their rifles with three types of scopes to improve their precision. These are:

  • Biometric Sensor: Can be obtained after using a Level 2 Keycard in the Incubation Lab after reaching Level 13 in Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • High Power Scope: Players can get it from the Merchant for 7 spinels.
  • Regular Scope: Obtainable from the Merchant for 4,000 ptas.

After you upgrade the Stingray with all these features, it will be one of the best mid to long-range guns in Resident Evil 4 Remake. 

Killer7 Magnum

You must be already familiar with the Killer7 Magnum if you have played Resident Evil 4. This one here is an updated version, and players will be eligible to purchase it after reaching level 13 in the game. Players can obtain it from the Merchant for 77,700 ptas.

Killer 7
Killer7 Magnum

This seemingly small weapon is highly effective against the mighty bosses of the game. Similarly, players often use it when they are dealing with a single enemy at a time. The unique specialty of the Killer7 is its overpowered headshots. Once you upgrade it in Resident Evil 4 Remake, it can surpass many high-end guns to one-shot powerful enemies.

Compared with the Broken Butterfly, Killer7’s headshots are 5 times more powerful. However, even with a large bullet-carrying capacity, you will have to use it wisely only in important situations, as obtaining its ammo in the game is complicated. 

Default Stats

Power: 20

Ammo: 7 bullets capacity 

Reload Speed: will reload 1 bullet at a time up to its maximum capacity. 

Rate of Fire: 0.81

Precision: 2.50

Level 5 Stats

Power: 28 (70,000 ptas.)

Ammo: 15 bullets capacity (18,000 ptas.)

Reload Speed: will reload 1.4 bullets at a time up to its maximum capacity. (19,000 ptas.)

Rate of Fire: 1.16 (30,000 ptas.)

Precision: _

Exclusive Upgrade

Players can upgrade and increase the critical rate of the Killer7 by 5 times to make it one of the most precise and useful guns in Resident Evil 4 Remake. This specific upgrade is only available after players have upgraded their weapon to level 4 and reached Level 9 in the game.

Combat Knife

It is a revamped version of the combat knife from Resident Evil 4, which was only a backup weapon. The combat knife in Resident Evil 4 Remake is an essential tool in Leon’s Arsenal with improved damage and new features. It is one of the starting weapons players get for free in Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, players can re-purchase it from the Merchant for 10,000 ptas.

Players can maneuver it in many ways to strike deadly blows to their enemies. The Combat knife can save your life in many places in the game, especially when you are low on ammo. Moreover, upgrading the Combat knife is very important as it is your first weapon in the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake best guns to upgrade first
Combat Knife

It is a simple weapon to carry with you on your journeys. Therefore, it should be well-equipped and upgraded with necessary Resident Evil 4 Remake customizations. 

Default Stats

Power: 0.6

Durability: 1

Attack Speed: 1

Level 5 Stats

Power: (34,000 ptas.)

Durability: 2.2 (35,000 ptas.)

Attack Speed: ___

Exclusive Upgrade

Players can spend an additional 60,000 ptas. To improve the attack speed of the Combat knife by up to 1.5 times. However, to be eligible for the exclusive update, players must first upgrade the weapon completely to level 5 in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Players can bypass this by getting the Exclusive Upgrade Ticket from the Merchant.


To sum up, most guns that can be obtained in the early level of the Resident Evil 4 remake are the best options first to upgrade. It is also because the upgrades for these guns will cost much cheaper than the late-game weapons. Moreover, you will need a sturdy weapon to survive the horrors that dwell in that land, even in the starting levels of the game.

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