Resident Evil 4 Remake: All Voice Actors

Here are the Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Voice Actors along with their recent works and experience.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Best Voice Actors
Best Voice actors of RE4 remake

Voice acting is an essential part of any video game. The voice actors illude us by making us believe the fictional character is real. Resident Evil 4 Remake’s voice actors have exceeded our expectations by providing stunning performances. The same is the case with the all-new Resident Evil 4 Remake. In this article, we will discuss all the best voice actors for Resident Evil 4 Remake. 

Key Takeaways

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake has a rich cast of voice actors; however, they do not have the same voice actors as the original game on PlayStation. 
  • The categories are separated into Human and Dehumainoid characters.
  • Some voice actors are new to the scene but performed very well in the series.
  • Villain characters usually have more expression than average because their Dehumanoid versions require more vocal variety.
  • Nick Apostolides is the voice behind the main character of the series and is known for his dramatic acting.
  • Genevieve Buechner is the voice behind Ashley Graham, who is well-weathered in the industry and has an award for it too.
  • Andre Pena voiced Luis Serra Navarro; he is generally new in the industry and has less info.
  • Lily Gao is an experienced voice actor that has been here since 2012.
  • Raylene Harewood is the voice actor for Ingrid. Despite her low screen time, the voice actor is very talented.
  • Christopher Jane voiced Osmund Saddler and is talented in changes in pitches.
  • Mike Kovac voiced Jack Krauser and also has done producing in different fields.
  • Marcio Moreno voices Ramon Salazar has played 18 roles in the industry.
  • Jon Bryant voiced Bitorez Mendez and is mainly into the music industry; however, he is not to be scoffed at as he is also very talented.

Leon S. Kennedy (Main character)

Character: Leon Scott Kennedy (Captured By: Gamesual)

A weathered personality with significant experience in the series, Leon S. Kennedy is the game’s main character. Leon S. Kennedy is an agent for the U.S. government who, in this game, is sent to rural Spain to save the President’s daughter.

Leon Scott Kennedy was born in 1977, is 5’11, weighs 155 pounds, and has blue eyes. His first appearance in the series was in the game resident evil 2 for the Gamecube. Kennedy is well known for having had a difficult life due to his criminal background.

He subsequently became an orphan as a result of his family’s murder. Kennedy was only able to survive thanks to the assistance of a lone police officer. This deed motivated him to one day enlist in law enforcement to save as many people as he could similarly. He has excellent acrobatic skills and is willing to help in need.

Voice actor
VA: Nick Apostolides

Residing from Boston, Nick Apostolides is a talented voice actor and actor with strength in dramatic acting. He has participated in several commercials and was once nominated for an Emmy for hosting the “American Ruins” show.

Nick Apostolides was also the voice actor in the Resident Evil 2 remake, an award-winning game. He is the voice behind many iconic voices in games, such as Charles Eriksen from Life is Strange 2.

Besides having voice acting roles in video games, he has motion capture roles due to his great physicality, such as motion captures for Madden N.F.L. 21. Nonetheless, this is not to discredit his acting roles, as he has also acted as Keith in Among Them (2018) and other indie shows.


Show / Game

Charles Eriksen Life is Strange 2
Frank Bowers Life is Strange: Before the Storm 
Five 5ive
Greg Evil Things
Remy Ferrel Riley
Henry Dawles The Suffering

Ashley Graham

Character: Ashley Graham (Captured By: Gamesual)

Ashley Graham is a 20-year-old woman who was abducted by Jack Krauser on her way home from Massachusetts and held captive by the Los Illuminados in a European village. She is the daughter of the recently-elected President Graham. This is her first appearance in the series, and she is riddled with difficulty in the game because she has a Plaga parasite intended to take control of her.

Ashley Graham’s original game design and direction from the Resident Evil 4 GameCube version had taken vast amounts of criticism for being annoying. However, the remake version has had great feedback.

Voice Actor
VA: Genevieve Buechner

Genevieve Buechner is a very talented showwoman in the showbiz industry. She has an elaborate portfolio in voice acting and acting. She was born in 1991, had always been mesmerized by working, and had performed in local theatres from a very young age.

Genevieve Buechner has performed with legends such as Robin Williams, a testament to her skill and how far she has worked in the industry. She received a 2003 Canadian Leo Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Performance by a Female in the role in Princess Castle. Other famous roles she played include.


Show / Game

Roxie So Help Me, Todd
Sadie Christman at the golden dragon
Sage  Love of Chocolates
Jessica Jenkins Speech & Debate: Legacy
Jaine The Dating List
Lily shoemaker Supernatural
Madison UnREAL

Luis Serra Navarro

Resident Evil 4 Remake Character
Character: Luis Serra Navarro ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Being cunning and charming, Luis Serra Navarro is a freelancer spy and a Spanish police officer. In the game, he is seen first taking a sample of the Las Plagas, the bio-weapon of the cult Los Illuminados which had taken Ashley hostage.

Subsequently, there is more mystery behind him than we knew; he later reveals that he is a spy hired by a third party to get the bio-weapon so they could sell it to the highest bidder.

Throughout the game, Serra assists Leon by giving him the info and tips to get him through his obstacles even more, at the cost of his safety. His competent skill and dashing charisma have made him a heartthrob for the gaming audience. Despite his ulterior motives to get the bio-weapon, he is good at heart and eventually helps Leon Scott stop the bio-terrorist attack.

Voice Actor
VA: André Peña

Andre Pena is a relatively new meat to the industry from partaking in the industry point of view. Even though he has been in several shows and has proved himself worthy of taking such an adored series character, he has not been as active as previously discussed voice actors in the industry. Nonetheless, this should not be taken at face value as he is very talented. 


Show / Game

Frank Not Here, But Now
Shaun The Specials
Percy  Mob Kingdom
Jesse Shame

Ada Wong

Resident Evil 4 Remake Character
Character: Ada Wong ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Ada Wong is cunning and intelligent and can hold her own in a world filled with dangerous bioweapons and sinister organizations. Despite trying to hide confidential information, she does help the protagonist even so when they cross paths. She is a fan favorite due to her acrobatic skill, charming personality, and character design.

Her arsenal includes a crossbow and a grappling hook to assist her in the “mission.” Her first appearance in the series was at the resident evil two games. She also has her charm in the game, significantly aiding in combat throughout the visit to the village. You can learn more about them in our extensive Resident Evil 4 Remake Charms guide. 

Since her release, she has also been a heartthrob in the gaming community. Ada Wong was born in 1974 and was 30 when the Resident Evil 4 Remake occurred in 2004.

Voice Actor
VA: Lily Gao

Lily Gao is a Chinese Canadian who has been in the showbiz industry since 2012. By now, we know that the Resident Evil 4 remake has the best voice actors suited for the role and are carefully picked according to their skill. Lily Gao is no different as she has had significant experience before this role, such as Vanessa from Slip (2021).

Character  Show / Game
Mei True Justice
Nicole Transporter: The Series
Jennifer Blood and Water
Karen Second Jen
Flight attendant Air Emergency
Siobhan Carter
S.A.N.E. Grand Army
Sara Christmas in Rockwell
Kelly The End of Sex
Carolyn Art of Falling in Love

Ingrid Hunnigan

Resident Evil Characters
Character: Ingrid Hunnigan ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Ingrid is an American federal agent born in 1980. She is seen helping Leon throughout the mission by giving information regarding the task, although the communication line terminated between Leon and Ingrid due to the Los Illuminado’s intervention.

Ingrid Hunnigan is a professional U.S. agent who keeps her job first; as seen in other games, Leon tries to flirt with Ingrid Hunnigan but is shut down and told he is on duty with a subtle smile.

Voice Actor
VA: Raylene Harewood

Like Mike Kovac, Raylene Harewood is a Canadian born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. She is one of the Resident Evil 4 Remake’s Best Voice actors for several reasons. She started in the industry through theatre when she was 16 and has been improving in her craft ever since. Raylene Harewood studied at Studio 58, has worked on several projects, and has done a standup comedy named All Joking Aside. Unique for this actor because she has also had leading roles in acting, which is quite a feat. Her other works include.


Show / Game

Margaret Keller Chesapeake Shores
Jodie The Secret Lives of College Freshmen
Kaia Graves Wedding Cake Dreams
Zoey The Deliberate Death of My Father
Peyton A Romance Wedding
Sheila Cross Country Christmas
Resident Evil 4 remake Character
Character: Osmund Saddler ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Lord Saddler,” commonly known as Osmund Saddler, is a resident evil four remake character who discovered the bio-weapon Las Plagas. He intended to use this parasite to gain military influence and monetary value. However, this is not the limitation of Osmund Saddler’s ambition, as he wants to control everyone in the world entirely without resistance.

He calls it a “gift” and genuinely believes that all worldly matters would be better off under his spell, concluding that he assumes that he is right. He is the game’s final boss and is a very manipulative villain.

Overall, He is a hands-off villain who works through the zombie-like human he has created, and his cult has given him something above a god complex.

Voice Actor
VA: Christopher Jane

Known for his variety of pitches, Christopher Jane plays the voice actor of Osmund Saddler. He has relatively fewer background checks out there in public. Subsequently, he still has many roles in different entertainment media. Such roles are Miles from “My Life, My Life, My Life,” etc. 


Show / Game

John Gasher Much Ado!
Officer Bennet Last Fighter
Jasper Granger Double Booked
William A Gentlemen’s Agreement
Batman Rise of the Bat
Jeremy Blood Covers All

Jack Krauser

Resident Evil 4 Remake Character
Character: Jack Krauser ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Jack Krauser in this game is quite a fascinating take on the change as he is seen angered by the event that occurred two years before Resident Evil 4 Remake, known as Operation Javier. Krauser is a seasoned operative who has been working for the U.S. Special Operations way before Leon and has acted somewhat as a mentor to Leon. He had partnered with Leon in the “Russian branch of Umbrella.”

Nonetheless, this operation had taken its toll on the seasoned operative as Jack lost his crew and bitterly blamed the U.S. government for allowing this and, subsequently, bringing a new side in this game in the name of power.

Voice Actor
VA: Mike Kovac

Mike Kovac is a Canadian voice actor and actor who was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The surprising part about Mike Kovac is that despite being a talented voice actor and actor, he has still dipped his toes in a bit of producing. He made Fake Blood, Mon Ami and Yesterday. Mike Kovac is also known as a stuntman and has been stunted in several movies, such as Batwoman, Heatwave, Midnight Screaming, Epic Quest, etc

Character  Show / Game
Benny Kung Fu
Jeff Virgin River
Big joe Aztech
Ponytail Fast Layne
The Familiar Epic Quest 

Ramón Salazar

Resident Evil 4 Remake Characters
Character: Ramon Salazar ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Being a part of the Los Illuminados, Ramon Salazar is a servant to Osmund Saddler and helps him capture Ashley Graham. We are first welcomed to his castle as we try to save Ashley and “respectfully decline” his offer of giving him Ashley.

Nonetheless, due to events, he gets Ashley Graham and implants the Plaga parasite in her. Often seen as a very annoying enemy, Ramon Salazar wears aristocratic clothes and becomes a challenging boss in the game.

Voice Actor
VA: Marcio Moreno

Marcio Moreno has done an outstanding job portraying Ramon Salazar’s annoying essence, as shown in the original game. Known for being a focused actor and voice actor, he is very skilled at his craft as he has taken part in more than 18 roles in the entertainment business. 


Show / Game

Huevo Sophie’s Rules
Nahual Lobo Satanic Hispanics
Greenhorn “Netmare”
Randy Rise n’ Shine
Deigo The Cull
Herman Panessso Cocaine Godmother

Bitores Méndez

Resident Evil 4 Remake Character
Character: Bitorez Mendez ( Captured By: Gamesual)

Bitorez Mendez is also part of the Los Illuminados cult and was a priest before becoming a member. He ran a church in an isolated region in Spain known as Valdelobos. One day Osmund Saddler visited him and used the Plagas virus to brainwash him to take Bitorez Mendez’s influence as a priest, thus getting more members in the Los Illuminados cult.

The upper hand that Bitores Mendez has over other Resident Evil 4 remake villains is that he has a more upgraded version of the virus than the other villains, allowing him to mutate as he willed without any problems reverting.

Voice Actor
VA: Jon Bryant

Jon Bryan is a jack of all trades as he is very talented and has indulged in show business intensively. He is a musician, actor, and voice actor. You can consider him an accomplished songwriter as he is a part of the Nettwerk Music Group, Nettwerk Publishing, a music group founded in 1984 and has flourished well since because they have been featured in multiple names such as Tiny Pretty Things, Shameless, N.C.I.S., etc. Even more, he has voiced essential roles, which are as follows. However, remember that he is more known for his music than anything else.


Show / Game

The Silver Surfer Marvel: Sentinel of the Spaceways
Prisoner #2 Arrow
Singer* Rookie Blue

Resident Evil 4 remake is a game that will be written in the record books as it has left little room for improvement. This is because factors such as voice acting have come into great weight. Resident Evil 4 Remake has other voice actors that should be recognized. However, these roles were not the primary role of the game; thus, we did not feel they should be elaborated on as they did not carry much emotion in character. These Characters include

Nonetheless, it should be kept in mind that these voice actors are also pretty well-versed in their craft. That is about it for our guide on all the best voice actors in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section below. 

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