Resident Evil 4 Remake: Best Weapons [Top 11]

Here are the 11 best weapons that you can consider in all new Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake best weapons in the game
Best Weapon Guide: Resident Evil 4 - Image Captured by: Gamesual

There are close to 29 weapons in Resident Evil 4 Remake. However, you will not encounter some of these weapons, and some will not stay long with you. The Merchant will bring you newer weapons every visit, so knowing what best weapons you must get for your playthrough is important. Moreover, your case inventory is limited, so you can only keep a few weapons on you sometimes.

Key Takeaways

  • There are around 29 weapons, comprised of classics from the original game, while some are exclusive to the remake.
  • For starters, Red9, Punisher, and Stingray are the best weapon choices in the game for flexible damage dealing and ensuring survival in critical times. 
  • Weapons can be classified as handguns, submachine guns, shotguns, assault rifles, and miscellaneous, which include knives and hand grenades.
  • Some weapons can be bought from the Merchant, while others can be acquired from hidden locations.

The weapons can be classified into six main types.

  • Handgun
  • Shotgun
  • Assault rifle
  • Submachine gun
  • Grenades/Knives
  • Bolt Thrower

As for my observation, I admit that every weapon category is unique and is best-suitable for players of every play style.

Ammo conservation is the major part of your campaign, as it is tough to find ammo lying around. It is scarce in this game; some guns get more ammo drops than others. However, you can also craft ammo if you run out.


punisher handgun resident evil 4 remake
Punisher  – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The first and foremost weapon I recommend is from the early game and is best till the end, in my opinion.

The Punisher may seem like an ordinary weapon in the beginning. This humble handgun appears early in the game and can be bought easily from the Merchant. 

Plus, you wouldn’t need to worry much about the ammo. This handgun, even without upgrades, can sometimes one-shot enemies. Moreover, this gun has piercing ammo, allowing you to hit two enemies simultaneously.

So wait for two enemies to align and then shoot both of them, saving up your ammo. This is one of the main reasons this gun is a must-have.

However, be careful; this piercing ammo can also hit Ashley Graham through enemies. You can also make investments for the upgrades, and no enemy would be able to come close to you. 

These are the following things you need to craft ten rounds of handgun ammo:

  •  5 gunpowder + 1 resource of type (S)


red9 resident evil 4 remake handgun
Red9 – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Red9 is another classic handgun from the original Resident Evil 4. This handgun is one of the few guns you cannot buy in the game. Therefore, I highly suggest searching for and acquiring this weapon once you explore the Lake area on the boat.

This weapon is a high-impact gun as it deals a fair amount of damage and is obtainable in the game’s early stages. The only drawback I faced on this weapon was its reload time and precision. The best upgrades I recommend for this weapon are its reloading speed and buying the Stock for it from the Merchant.

These are the following things you need to craft ten rounds of handgun ammo:

  •  1 resource of type (S) + 5 gunpowder


w-870 shotgun resident evil 4 remake best weapons
W-870 – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The best crowd-control weapon I suggest can be acquired in the game’s initial chapter. This weapon is my preference as it allows the player to gain an advantage over the crowded sections with immense splash damage.

Similar to Red9, the W-870 can be acquired for free. Nevertheless, it is hard to miss the gun if you pay attention. You can acquire this weapon from the first village you encounter in the game. This is the first section in the game and the same place where the infected villager with the chainsaw chases you around.

You will find this shotgun in one of the houses, hanging on the wall inside a glass case. Moreover, if you could not get this weapon during all the chaos, I suggest waiting till the Church bells toll and getting the shotgun.

These are the following things you need to craft six shells of shotgun ammo:

  •  1 resource of type (S) + 12 gunpowder

Bolt Thrower

bolt thrower resident evil 4 remake best weapon
Bolt Thrower – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Bolt Thrower is another one of the weapons unique. This new weapon is a crossbow that stabs the enemies with its bolts.

As a result, once you hit your enemies with a bolt, you can retrieve it back, so you never lose ammo. I usually make use of the Bolt Thrower, where ammo is scarce.

However, I do not recommend the bolt thrower in close encounters or when fighting more than one enemy. This is where the attachable mines help the player.

The best aspect I consider for the Bolt Thrower is that it can be attached to a mine that explodes after sticking to enemies. This exploding projectile makes this weapon a total beast and will kill most of your enemies with a single bolt. 

You can also upgrade the bolt thrower to load two bolts simultaneously. This will cut your reloading time in half and is an essential upgrade for this slow weapon.

These are the following things you need to craft four bolts of bolt thrower ammo:

  •  1 resource of type (L) + 1 kitchen knife

These are the following things you need to craft six bolts of bolt thrower ammo:

  •  1 resource of type (L) + 1 boot knife

These are the following things you need to craft four attachable mines:

  • 1 resource (S) + 8 gunpowder

Riot Gun

riot gun shotgun resident evil 4 remake best weapons
Riot Gun – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Riot Gun is the second shotgun you can buy in this game. This very effective shotgun should be purchased when the Merchant brings it. I consider this an acceptable replacement for the W-870. 

Following this, I use this weapon for fair-range combat as the less bullet spread gives an edge for precision.

The Riot Gun, however, struggles with a slow reloading speed. Therefore, I recommend investing in upgrading the reloading time of this weapon.

So, if you are getting pushed back by a mob of savage villagers, I advise you to pull out this shotgun and blast a path through.

These are the following things you need to craft six shells of shotgun ammo:

  •  1 resource of type (S) + 12 gunpowder

Broken Butterfly

broken butterfly resident evil 4 remake best weapons
Broken Butterfly – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Broken Butterfly is one of the two magnum revolvers in the game. This gun is a canon in the hand and one of the most powerful guns in the game. Therefore, as soon as the merchant shows up with the weapon in Chapter 7, I immensely recommend buying it on the spot.

The best way to utilize this weapon is to keep it as your secondary choice, not primary. Its ammo is rare, but it deals a devastating blow to the enemy.

I use this weapon for boss fights or taking out tough solo enemies. I do not recommend it against a crowd of enemies because this weapon takes time to prepare for a precise shot.

You should also remember that the ammo for this gun does not come by often. So, I would advise you to refrain from spending money upgrading the weapon. 

These are the following things you need to craft three rounds of magnum ammo:

  • 1 resource of type (S) + 17 gunpowder


Stingray assault rifle Resident evil 4
Stingray – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Stingray is a powerful Assault rifle in the game. This gun is available in the Merchant’s store during the 7th Chapter, and I consider it a necessary investment for every player. The Stingray is an excellent gun for long-range fights and I witnessed it as a great counter for later enemies firing crossbows at you.

Moreover, I consider it best to remember to buy the scope from the merchant. The game’s stock scope will not help you in killing long-range targets. You should also invest in upgrading this gun’s power and reloading time. Therefore, you can pick out enemy crowds from a safe distance after these upgrades.

These are the following things you need to craft seven rounds of assault rifle ammo:

  • 1 resource of type (L) + 10 gunpowder

Combat Knife

combat knife resident evil 4 remake best weapons
Combat Knife – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Combat Knife is an essential weapon in the game. It could not be said enough how much of your gameplay relies on this knife. The ammo in this game is a serious commodity that should be saved for dangerous encounters. Moreover, the new game mechanic allows you to melee attack stunned enemies and stealth attack enemies with your knife, killing them instantly.

In the Resident Evil 4 Remake, sometimes the already downed enemies can come back even stronger. So, it is best to take them out with your knife while on the ground. Moreover, the knife is handy in parrying enemy attacks, a new game mechanic in the Remake.

It is important to remember that your Combat Knife also has limited health. After every attack or parry, your knife loses health until it finally breaks. However, you can repair it every time you visit the Merchant and even get upgrades to increase the overall health. 

The best upgrade I suggest for this weapon is its Durability. A personal preference would be to use this knife occasionally for countering attacks or stealth kills. It should be used for regular combat scenarios.

Flash Grenade

flash grenade resident evil 4 remake
Flash Grenade – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Flash Grenade may seem ordinary, but I consider it integral to the gameplay. This humble little grenade can give you a serious advantage during enemy encounters. Upon explosion, the flashbang will create an intense flash of light and sound that will stun your enemies. I prefer rushing for the melee attacks and taking down enemies without spending ammo.

The best aspect of this grenade I observed is that the flash-bang can instantly kill the mutated Plaga, an enemy with tentacles sticking out of their necks. This mutated form is hard to kill through guns, yet the flash proves exceptionally effective.

You can get the recipe to craft these flash grenades through the Merchant. Moreover, the resources to craft the flash grenade are easy to acquire in the game.

These are the following things you need to craft one flash grenade:

  • 1 resource of type (L) + 5 gunpowder

Hand Grenades

hand grenade resident evil 4 remake best weapons
Hand Grenade – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The list of best weapons in Resident Evil 4 would be incomplete without mentioning the Hand Grenade. The grenade is extremely effective against crowds or if you are facing a boss. Drop the hand grenade right between a few enemies, which will clear out a few. Moreover, the hand grenade is easier to acquire as it generally drops much more in the game.

Additionally, the Heavy Hand Grenade, which is rarer to find, can instantly kill multiple enemies. Even the strongest of the enemies can not survive the explosion of the heavy hand grenade. Therefore, always keeping one or two hand grenades in your inventory is essential to avoid tricky situations.

Even though this item is quite basic, I recommend the Hand Grenade due to its crowd-control capability and frequent loot rate.

These are the following things you need to craft one heavy hand grenade:

  • 1 resource of type (L) + 12 gunpowder

Rocket Launcher

rocket launcher resident evil 4 remake best weapon
Rocket Launcher – Image Captured by: Gamesual

The Rocket Launcher is the one true boss killer in the game. This weapon is a costly investment that only shoots once, after which it will disappear from your inventory. However, it can instantly kill any boss in the game or take the boss to the next form.

I suggest using this weapon for the boss’s encounter in the ending chapters of the game. 

The Merchant will carry a Rocket Launcher around Chapter 7. Therefore, if you get stuck at a tough boss, this weapon will give you a much-needed unfair advantage in the fight.

The game provides its players with many weapon choices. Its huge array of weapon choices may seem overwhelming at first. But soon, you will switch easily between weapons to get yourself out of difficult situations.

My Thoughts

The best detail I have learned about the Resident Evil 4 remake is that the right combination of weapons will affect your campaign and make the gameplay much more exciting. Moreover, different enemy types are weaker and take varying damage from different weapon classes, so I think it’s better to carry multiple types with you.

Your arsenal should be balanced and should have a gun of each ammo type. This will add variety to the game, and different weapons will help you in different situations. Here is how I will summarize the weapons class.

  • The handguns are always handy.
  • The shotguns will blast through crowds.
  • The assault rifles will pick enemies from a distance.

Try out different weapons, find the ones that fit your playstyle, and have fun playing the game.

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