Resident Evil 4 Remake: Grandfather Clock [Solved]

A comprehensive guide that details everything related to the grandfather clock puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock
Resident Evil 4 Remake Grandfather Clock

The Grandfather Clock is a puzzle required for the Resident Evil 4 Remake story progression. The puzzle is pretty much simple to deal with. However, its simplicity may cause the players to overthink, and they might miss the clearly stated hint of this puzzle.

Key Takeaways

  • During the Ashley gameplay, players will encounter the Grandfather Clock puzzle, which must be solved.
  • There will be 2 Grandfather Clocks, which are linked to the Library. However, the first one is at the start of the journey. Whereas the second one is on the upper level, solving the first one is mandatory to reach the second one.
  • Both clocks must be set at a specific time to unlock the path behind them. The time is 11:04 for both clocks.
  • After the clock puzzle, players must obtain the Salazar Family Insignia in the Mausoleum. 

How To Solve Grandfather Clock Puzzle

Resident Evil 4 grandfather clock
Grandfather Clock – Image captured by Gamesual

The Grandfather Clock will make its appearance in Chapter 9. The clock will move aside to reveal the path behind it once it is deciphered.

The clock puzzle will come into play when chapter 9 is halfway complete. Players will need to play with Ashley, and while doing so, there will be restrictions on using any weapon.

Once the gameplay with Ashley starts, the Grandfather Clock will appear immediately. To solve this clock puzzle is necessary to progress further in the story. Although hints are provided along the way to solve this puzzle, these hints are still pretty easy to miss.

Moreover, there are 2 Grandfather Clocks that need to be dealt with.

Solving the grandfather clock
Set The Clock at 11:04 – Image captured by Gamesual

If you pay much attention to the environment, you will realize that clues are present to solve this puzzle. Before reaching the Grandfather Clock, two small clocks will come into sight with a fixed time.

The details are important because the Grandfather clock needs time adjustment to solve this puzzle. The appropriate time, a requirement of this puzzle, is 11:04, which players need to set on the Grandfather Clock.

Surely these clues are quite easy to miss as these are part of a minor detail of the environment. A note will also be lying around the first Grandfather Clock, indicating to players that the clock must be set to a specific time. However, no details will be provided on what time to set it.

Clues for Grandfather clock puzzle
Note and Clocks Telling The Time – Image by Gamesual

But later on, when players reach the second Grandfather Clock, a “Hastily Written Note” will tell the players that the time is 11:04. This time is specified for both Grandfather Clocks.

As for the locations of both clocks:

  • The first one will be beside the Library; the first room players will enter during Ashley’s gameplay.
  • The second one will be on the right-hand side of the Grand Hall, where enemies have captured Leon. 

Obtaining The Salazar Family Insignia

Resident Evil 4 Salazar family insignia
Salazar Family Insignia – Image captured by Gamesual

The purpose of solving this puzzle is to obtain the Salazar Family Insignia. The artifact will be a necessity for unlocking the door and rescuing Leon. In the room where players will encounter the second Grandfather Clock, there will be a note on the table. The table note will deliver the message regarding the location of the Salazar Family Insignia.

It will state that the artifact is located inside the Mausoleum, which is on the lowest level of the castle. Resolving the second Grandfather Clock will lead you to the Mausoleum, where you can receive this family crest.

Salazar Family Insignia Puzzle 

Solving the Salazar puzzle
Puzzle Inside Mausoleum Room – Image captured by Gamesual

The Mausoleum room comprises a puzzle that will reward the Salazar Family Insignia upon solving it. The puzzle is quite straightforward to execute. The player needs to place three lamps around the shrine. Once the lamps are set correctly, the gate will open, and the player can receive the artifact.

The shrine will contain two lamps. As for the third, it is the one that Ashley holds from the beginning. Each lamp must be in order with their corresponding shapes designed on the shrine walls.

  • Leftmost side must compel with the lamp that holds the same shape. Namely the Half Moon lamp.
  • Backside must hold the lamp that carries the symbol of the Full Moon on it.
  • Rightmost side will need to have the lamp in place, which has the Star symbol on it.
Solving the Salazar shrine puzzle
Lamps Placed According to The Shapes – Image captured by Gamesual

Once you obtain the Salazar Family Insignia, the blue flames will go out, and you will no longer hold any lamp. This means the knights will come into action and begin the struggle to end your misery. In this case, you must return to the second Grandfather Clock and place the Salazar Family Insignia in its rightful place. The door will open, and the Chapter will reach its end.


In brief, the puzzle of Grandfather Clock in Resident Evil 4 Remake is pretty straightforward to handle if the player pays attention to his surroundings. Rather, every puzzle in the game is designed so that hints of its accessibility are spread around the player. Moreover, the Grandfather Clock is the main story, which has less complexity than most puzzles.

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