Resident Evil 4 Remake: Hexagon Puzzle [Solved]

Figure out the Hexagon puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake with the help of this guide.

Hexagon Puzzle guide Resident Evil 4 remake
Hexagon Puzzle guide Resident Evil 4 remake

You will encounter the Hexagon Puzzle at the closing moments of the chapter 3. The complete puzzle can not be solved during the chapter 3 walkthrough. It will only mark the beginning of the puzzle as its completion is meant to be achieved during chapter 4.

Key Takeaways

  • The Hexagon Puzzle in Chapter 3 is completed by the end of Chapter 4, and it requires three pieces. 
  • The first piece is in the same location as the Merchant. In front of the Merchant, you’ll find a chest containing the first puzzle piece.
  • The second piece is on the ground level of the Fish Farm. You’ll need to reach one end of the Fish Farm area to obtain this piece but be prepared to deal with a swarm of zombies.
  • The last piece can be found in Chapter 4, right next to the Apostate’s Head.

Hexagon Puzzle in Resident Evil 4 remake
Hexagon Puzzle From Chapter 3 – Image captured by Gamesual

How To Solve The Hexagon Puzzle

Players need to collect the remaining puzzle pieces to solve the Hexagon Puzzle. The pieces are hexagon shapes that can be fitted into the puzzle to reveal its treasure. Following this, these pieces are easy to notice, even if the player focuses on the main story.

Solving Hexagon Puzzle in Resident Evil 4
Find The Pieces of Hexagon Puzzle- Image captured by Gamesual.

These pieces are scattered around the lake and are obtainable in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

  • Hexagon Piece A
  • Hexagon Piece B
  • Hexagon Piece C

Location Of Hexagon Piece A

The first piece, Hexagon Piece A, is the most effortless and convenient. I received this piece in the same place where the Merchant has camped.

Right in front of the Merchant, there will be a chest. Open the chest to obtain the Hexagon Piece A.

Location of hexagon piece A
Hexagon Piece A in Front Of Merchant- Image captured by Gamesual

Moreover, this piece is obtainable in Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

Location Of Hexagon Piece B

The most troublesome piece to find is the Hexagon Piece B. This piece can be obtained by reaching the other side of the Fish Farm village. The place will be swarming with a horde of zombies.

Although, I will advise you to try and sneak your way through. Still, it will only add more challenges to the already difficult task.

Follow the water, and eventually, you will find a chest by the end of the river stream, which passes under a wooden platform. The chest will contain the Hexagon Piece B.

Location of Hexagon Piece B
Hexagon Piece B in Fish Farm – Image captured by Gamesual

Indeed, the swarm of enemies will be a challenging situation to face. So check out our guide on the best Weapons in Resident Evil 4 remake to help you with this situation. Moreover, you can also loot the Hexagon Piece B in Chapter 3 or Chapter 4.

Location Of Hexagon Piece C

I found the Hexagon Piece when I was tasked to find the required components to get the Church’s key. It is almost impossible to miss since its location follows the Apostate’s Head.

The location of this last piece lies in the Small Cave Shrine. The area is accessible by boat only. The symbol puzzle must be solved to reach the Hexagon Piece C.

Location of hexagon piece C
Hexagon Piece C in Small Cave Shrine – Image captured by Gamesual

Regarding the symbol puzzle, you can refer to our guide on the Lake Symbol puzzle in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Once the door is unlocked, look at the right side when entering.

There will be a chest that will contain the hexagon piece. Unlike the previous pieces, players can only obtain this piece in Chapter 4.


Solving this puzzle will reward the player quite handsomely. The reward will bear fruits that will make this slight effort all worthwhile. Players will receive “Deprived Idol.” A gold statue that relishes its unique beauty.

Deprived idol as puzzle reward in Resident Evil 4 remake

This reward has only one usage itself. Players can sell this treasury to the Merchant for a hefty amount of 15,000 ptas.

As for an early-level puzzle, this price is kept much balanced. The new weapons and their upgrades are not very expensive compared to the end levels of the game.

Selling the reward
Sell The Reward to Merchant – Image captured by Gamesual.

Indeed, this amount will be enough to apply a few upgrades to your weapons. Check out our guide on the Best guns to upgrade first in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

My Experience With Puzzle Quest

The hexagon puzzle was a neat challenge that tests your ability to pay attention to details around you. At the same time, the Deprived Idol reward was worth 15,000 ptas, which is a good trade for a challenging quest. 

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