Resident Evil 4 Remake: Pest Control [All Locations]

This guide will help you find the Rats for the Merchant Request, Pest Control.

Pest Control more resident evil 4 remake
Pest Control - Resident Evil 4 Remake

For those new to the game, Pest Control is a series of Merchant Requests presented to the players early. Like most Merchant Requests, your goal here is to hunt animals for the Merchant. Some requests will require you to kill vipers, while some may take you out on the lake to capture a Lunker Bass for the Merchant.

Key Takeaways

  • Pest Control is a series of three Merchant Requests in different Resident Evil 4 Remake chapters.
  • You aim to exterminate Rats for the Merchant and earn your Reward through 3 Spinels.
  • The first Pest Control request takes place in Chapter 2. Here, you are required to kill 3 Rats located within the Abandoned Factory.
  • During More Pest Control in Chapter 9, the second one in the series of Pest Control, you have to kill 3 Rats. These Rats can be found spread out throughout the Castle. However, the possible location of Rats is in the Grand Hall and Library.
  • Even More Pest Control is the game’s third and final Merchant Request about killing Rats. This Request comes in Chapter 14 and will take you around the Waste Disposal area hunting for 4 Rats.

These requests were a nice break from my high Adrenaline campaign. During Pest Control requests, players must hunt down Rats for the Merchant. These Rats may not be as easy to spot due to their small size and quick speed.

The Merchant does not want Rats, so you do not need to store them in your inventory. He simply wants you to kill them to earn your Reward, as he is also tired of these rodents filthy his place of business.

Pest Control – First One

pest control pamphlet resident evil 4 remake
Pest Control Request – Image Credits: Gamesual

The first Pest Control request came in very early during my playthrough. I found it during my first interaction with the Merchant during Chapter 2. You will find a pamphlet next to his shop for your Merchant Request.

The Merchant will require you to kill three rats inside the abandoned factory you just exited. 

abandoned factory location resident evil 4 remake
Abandoned Factory

Possible Location: Abandoned Factory

Finding these Rats may seem like a tedious task, but it is simpler than that. You need to be aware of your surroundings and have a good set of headphones.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having a good set of headphones in this area. It may be difficult to spot these tiny, quick pests, although you may be able to hear them if they are nearby.

Once found, you must kill the three Rats by shooting or stabbing them with your knife; you can head back to the Merchant and be rewarded with 3 Spinels. You can use these Spinels to trade various items from the Merchant, ranging from Yellow Herbs to Stocks for your handguns.

More Pest Control – Second One

more pest control pamphlet resident evil 4 remake
More Pest Control Request

This Request came in Chapter 9 of the game during my time in the castle section. You will find the pamphlet right at the end of the Grand Hall, on a wall next to the door.

The request pamphlet is right before the Headless Statue of a Lion, so you cannot miss the Request. The Request is almost the same as Pest Control. Here, you are required to kill 3 Rats inside the Grand Hall and Library area.

Possible Location: Grand Hall and Library

All three of these Rats can be found in three separate Locations. I found the first room in the room right next to the Request Pamphlet. Just head inside this small Red Room, and you will see the Rat on the floor. Shoot or stab to exterminate the vermin.

I recommend using your knife and saving up on the limited ammo. The Second Rat can be found in the hallway that leads to the Armory.

You would need to take the hallway that goes from the Grand Hall. If you are lucky enough, you will spot the Rat right as you enter the hallway that leads to the Armory.

The location of the third Rat comes in a bit later during Chapter 10. You would need to unlock the Library Area to finally be able to kill the third Rat. Just head inside the Library, which is located behind the Headless Statue.

Similar to the first Pest Control, the Reward here is also spinels. Moreover, as you are not selling anything to the Merchant, you will not earn any Pesetas. This side quest does not require collecting rats; just killing them.

So when you return to the Merchant, you will be rewarded with 3 Spinels. You can use these Spinels to trade for several items from the Merchant, including exclusive crafting recipes.

Even More Pest Control – Third One

even more pest control pamphlet resident evil 4 remake
Even More Pest Control Request

You can find this Request next to the Merchant during Chapter 14 after saving Ashley from the Holding Cell within the Facility.

The Merchant will be located right at the entrance of the Cargo Depot. The goal is the same as the previous pest control request; however, now you must exterminate 4 Rats to earn your Reward.

Possible Location: Waste Disposal

These rats are in the Waste Disposal area, so I had to backtrack. The first Rat would be pretty easy to spot as you will find it on the ground right as you enter the Waste Disposal. However, as this place contains piles of rubbish, it is better to listen to these rats, making it easier to spot them.

Moreover, for the second Rat, you would again require Ashley to bring up the small bridge by rotating the wheel. Cross the bridge, and the Rat would be on the ground, running around.

It would be best to backtrack even more to find the third and fourth Rat. Once you have crossed the bridge, head deeper into the Waste Disposal Area.

Although, be careful, as a Regenerator might be waiting for you right at the entrance. As this is later in Chapter 14, be cautious as this Regenerator can mutate into Iron Maiden.

Just kill the Regenerator using your Biosensor Scope. Now, you have to be alert and listen to the rats. The third and fourth rats will be on the ground fairly close to each other.

Once you have killed all four rats, head back to Ashley and continue your primary campaign.

You can now return to the Merchant at the Cargo Depot’s entrance. Just interact with the Merchant, and you will receive your Reward. The Reward is the same as the previous Pest Control Request, and you will earn 3 Spinels after exterminating 4 Rats

My Experience With Pest Control

I have never had this much fun looking for Rats in a video game. Pest Control and More Pest Control requests seemed annoying initially but soon became a fun part of my campaign. These small tasks allowed me to get my hands on some precious Spinels that I could use to trade with the Merchant.

Moreover, there are only three requests in the game, so my recommendation to all players would be to keep your eye open for them. From my experience, there isn’t a better way to earn the Spinels.

So keep your headphones turned up and your eyes peeled, and help the Merchant remove a few Rats.

If you have any feedback, drop it down in the comments below. 

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