Resident Evil 4 Remake: Ranking System [Explained]

This guide will help you understand the Ranking System of Resident Evil 4 Remake.

ranking system resident evil 4 remake
Ranking System - Resident Evil 4 Remake
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Resident Evil games are known for having a Ranking System that tests a player’s gaming skills. At the end of each playthrough, every player is given a rank. These ranks are decided depending on several factors which are fairly obvious. Moreover, these Ranks are picked from four available ranks in the game. Therefore, this guide will help you better understand the Ranking System in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ranking System is a crucial part of the Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • There are four ranks in the game that players can get. These ranks are B, A, S, and S+, starting from lowest to highest.
  • You have to follow certain conditions to achieve higher ranks. Although, most of these ranks only require games to be completed in a certain time.
  • Only the S+ rank has special extra conditions, where players are required to start with a fresh new game file.
  • Moreover, the timing constraints vary with different difficulty settings
  • There are also four difficulties in games. These difficulties are, Assisted, Standard, Hardcore, and Professional. Here Assisted is the easiest game setting, while Professional is the hardest and needs to be unlocked.
  • You also receive different rewards for completing the game at different ranks. Some of these rewards are just cosmetic, while some improve your gameplay style for the next playthrough.

Players are given a Rank whenever they complete the game’s main campaign. The four Ranks in the game are S+, S, A, and B. Here Rank B is the lowest rank a player can achieve. Meanwhile, S+ is among the most challenging ranks to succeed in the game. Your playthrough time, how many times you saved, and how many times you died in the game contribute to your final rank. 

ranking system resident evil 4 remake
Leon Fighting Hardcore Boss – Image Captured by Gamesual

However, achieving the highest rank in the game is not impossible. You must follow time constraints and work extra to get the highest Rank. Moreover, these ranks come with unique rewards that encourage players to play the game more than once. So you can drop back in the game with extra help to play on a harder difficulty

These Ranks may seem insignificant at the end of the game. However, these ranks are extremely important in testing your skills. The ranking system in Resident Evil 4 Remake is set in place to tease the completionist players. This increases the game’s replayability, so you can always get back on the grind and get a better rank.

Moreover, these Rank systems also encourage speed runners to test their ability within the game. This results in some amazing gameplay moments that other players can learn from. This also creates some entertaining content that keeps the gaming community alive.

In Game Difficulty Settings

difficulty system resident evil 4 remake
Difficulty System – Resident Evil 4 Remake

The Rank requires the player to complete the game within set time constraints. However, these timing constraints vary if you are playing on a different difficulty. So it is better to understand how these difficulties work to know how your rank will vary. Moreover, you will only see three difficulty levels once you boot up the game. You must complete the game once to unlock the fourth difficulty level.

There are currently four difficulty levels in the game:

  • Assisted
  • Standard 
  • Hardcore
  • Professional

Assisted – For Players Unfamiliar With Action Games

This is the easiest difficulty in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. With this difficulty, players will be given Aim Assist to lock aim automatically on enemies. When crafting, you will get extra ammo, and the health regeneration will be automatic. Moreover, items will be cheaper at the Merchant’s shop.

Standard – For Players That Have Not Played The Original 

This difficulty is for people that have not played the original Resident Evil 4 Remake. So the game will drop you a few hints here and there, and the enemies will be slightly easier to kill. Moreover, this difficulty setting allows you to switch to Assisted in the middle of your playthrough.

Hardcore – For Players That Have Played The Original 

This difficulty is for players that know a little bit about the gameplay. Therefore, the game will not hold back and drop you right in the middle of the action. The enemies will be much harder to kill, and the ammo will be much more challenging to come by. Moreover, the items sold at the Merchant Shop will be sold at a slightly increased price.

Professional – The Hardest Difficulty

The Professional difficulty is also unlocked once you have cleared the game once. However, clearing the game once still does not make it easy for the players. This difficulty tests your skills as the enemies are much more difficult to kill. All enemy types are built like tanks now; on top of that, the ammo will be scarce, making things even more difficult.

B Rank – Lowest Rank

This is the lowest Rank in the game and one of the easiest to achieve. You just need to know the game’s basic mechanics to get this rank.  Therefore, you just need to know how to kill your enemies and how to solve puzzles to progress further in the game. Moreover, the only requirement for this rank is to complete the game, and zero timing constraints are required.

How To Get This Rank

These are the time requirements to get the B Rank in the game:

Difficulty Setting Timing Constraint
Assisted Difficulty n/a
Standard Difficulty n/a
Hardcore Difficulty  n/a
Professional Difficulty n/a


There are many rewards for even completing the game on a B rank, as this encourages players to play more of the game. Moreover, you can use the New Game+ feature to carry over the things you collected in your previous game playthrough.

These are the rewards for completing the game with a B rank:

  • Foam Mask
  • Eye patch
  • Surgical mask
  • Jacket
  • Glasses
  • Mafia outfit
  • Sunglasses
  • Flight cap
  • Hand cannon
  • Flight helmet
  • Face Guard
  • Skull Mask

A Rank – Average Rank

This is the average rank most players who know the game will be able to get. Moreover, players are not required to speed run or miss anything to achieve the A rank. Players can enjoy themselves and play the game casually to achieve this rank. The rewards are also great if you can achieve this rank.

Furthermore, the rewards you would earn if you get a rank B are also earned if you get Rank A. However, the requirement is to play the game on Standard or Professional Difficulty.

How To Get This Rank

These are the time requirements to get the A Rank in the game:

Difficulty Setting Timing Constraint
Assisted Difficulty 15 hours
Standard Difficulty 12 hours
Hardcore Difficulty  10 hours
Professional Difficulty 7 hours


Rank A offers players a huge set of rewards; some of these are cosmetic, while some add to the gameplay. Moreover, the rewards players earn from Rank B are also available if players get this rank.

These are the following items given as a reward if the game is completed with a Rank A:

  • Knitted Cap
  • Ashley’s Knight Armor outfit
  • Chicago Sweeper
  • Square Glasses
  • Iron Helmet

S Rank – Good Rank

This is the second-best rank you can get in the game, and it is not easy. However, the Ranking System in Resident Evil 4 Remake makes the player work hard to achieve this rank. You have to follow a very strict and tight timing constraint to get this rank. Therefore, players can bid farewell to casual playing. Players would need to grind and speedrun the game to complete the game in the given time.

How To Get This Rank

These are the time requirements to get the S Rank in the game:

Difficulty Setting Timing Constraint
Assisted Difficulty 4 hours
Standard Difficulty 5 hours
Hardcore Difficulty  5 hours 30 minutes
Professional Difficulty 5 hours 30 minutes


Players with the S rank will receive all the rewards available at ranks A and B.

S+ Rank – Best Rank

This is one of the hardest ranks to achieve in Resident Evil 4 Remake. The Ranking System in Resident Evil 4 Remake put on some stringent conditions for players to achieve the S+ Rank. Therefore, this is for the gamers that want to prove something and take on the challenge.

The timing constraints stay the same as the ones you need to achieve the S rank. However, there are a few additional conditions that players need to keep in mind to achieve the S+ Rank. You need to start a New Game file to reset your progress altogether. This means you can not use the New Game+ feature here and carry on items from your previous run.

It is recommended to try achieving this rank at a lower difficulty first and then increase the difficulty. This will help you learn enemy patterns and remember where the resources are.

How To Get This Rank

These are the time requirements to get the S+ Rank in the game:

Difficulty Setting Timing Constraint
Assisted Difficulty 4 hours
Standard Difficulty 5 hours
Hardcore Difficulty  5 hours 30 minutes
Professional Difficulty 5 hours 30 minutes


The S+ Rank comes with a good set of rewards. Some rewards are cosmetic, while others add to your gameplay and help you in the next playthrough. Moreover, some of these rewards may vary at different difficulties.

These are the rewards you win when you get the S+ Rank:

  • Chicken Hat
  • Cat Ears
  • Deer Antlers
  • Fox Tail

Final Words

Ranking System has been part of Resident Evil games from the franchise’s early days. This Ranking System is at its finest in the Resident Evil 4 Remake. Therefore, the game allows players to achieve four ranks and toggle between four difficulties. The ranks start from B, which is the lowest, and go up to the highest, the S+ rank. 

Certain conditions should be met to get certain ranks. For most of these ranks, you must complete the game in a fixed amount of time. Less time equals a higher rank; however, the time allowed also increases at higher ranks. Moreover, you are given rewards once you achieve these ranks. You can also carry these rewards to your next playthrough using the New Game+ feature.

The Ranking System in Resident Evil 4 Remake challenges the players. This enables players to invest even more hours in achieving different ranks and getting newer rewards. Moreover, the ranking system keeps the gaming community active in the game and provides spread runners an opportunity to showcase their skills.

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