Resident Evil 4 Remake: 20 Secrets And Easter Eggs

Discover the most engaging secrets of the Resident Evil 4 Remake along with some of their benefits.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Secrets
Resident Evil 4 Remake Secrets

The Resident Evil 4 remake is enriching with the most mind-boggling secrets. Apart from puzzle solving, the game also introduces some secrets that add fun to exploration. Some of these secrets will lead to interesting lore, while some will highlight the references from the old and original series that veteran players will find amusing. Other than that, some of these secrets will reward the players once they have discovered them.


  • Players can shoot at the Church bell in Chapter 1 to skip the long fight. This can be quite beneficial as bullets are limited at the start of the game.
  • During Chapter 3, you can save a wolf from a trap. Doing this will make the wolf appear later in the boss fight to assist you.
  • You can throw a grenade at the balcony to annihilate the enemy before he pulls the bridge lever in Chapter 9. This way, you can easily obtain the Goat head without wasting time.
  • During Chapter 10, players can find a massive reward giving treasure in the Depths. The Elegant Crown has the potential to reach the worth of 100,000 ptas.
  • Salazar is weak to Golden Eggs. Throw at him in the boss fight to stagger and deplete his health faster with knife attacks.
  • Most of the secrets in the Resident Evil 4 remake are from the game’s original version. Mostly, these are iconic lines now present as unlockable achievements. 

Shoot The Church Bell (Chapter 1)

The Church bell secret
Shoot The Church Bell – Image captured by Gamesual

During the Chapter 1 gameplay, players must survive the horde of zombies in the small village. The fight takes a while, and eventually, a Church bell can be heard, directing the attention of every zombie villager. Suddenly, everyone will ignore Leon’s presence and head toward the Church.

However, an incredible secret of the Resident Evil 4 remake is that you can skip the whole fight. To do so, players must rush toward the house, the third one on the left side. When the player reaches the stairs, there will be a W-870 shotgun on the left hand for the loot. On the right-hand, the player can break the window to escape the house.

Once the player has made his out, right in front of him will be the Church bell he can shoot. This way, the fight will skip to the cutscene, where everyone will head toward the Church. This is quite a beneficial secret in the Resident Evil 4 remake, as it saves a lot of time.

Save The Wolf (Chapter 3)

Save Wolf in Resident Evil 4 remake
Save The Wolf – Image captured by Gamesual

At the beginning of Chapter 3, the player needs to exit the abandoned house. Upon exiting through the main entrance, look to the right side. A pitiful howling of a wolf can be heard. It is because its leg will be caught in a snare trap.

Upon reaching it, an interaction will be available, which will cause the player to free the wolf. Once rescued, the wolf will disappear into the woods.

Saving the wolf will give you an advantage later in Chapter 4. While returning to the Church, you will encounter a boss fight. This boss fight will require you to kill a Giant. Surely, these boss fights will be tough, as you will not have a variety of weapons to fight during your first walkthrough.

Following this, the wolf will come to assist you with this boss fight if you have helped him previously. Therefore, this secret of the Resident Evil 4 remake is worth exploring.

Shooting The Lake (Chapter 3)

Shooting at the lake
Shooting The Lake will trigger Del Lago – Image captured by Gamesual

There is one of the famous secrets of the Resident Evil 4 remake regarding the lake monster, Del Lago. When the player is heading towards the Fish Farm, there will come a spot to observe the activity of zombies in the lake. While observing them, Del Lago will appear shortly after the zombies are out of sight. 

Later, the player can reach the lake and bring out the monster. To do so, the player needs to shoot the fishes that appear on the water’s surface. Upon killing two fishes, the lake monster will lunge at the player, swipe cleaning him from his very existence.

This secret is just for the sake of adding detail to the game. However, players can kill as many fishes as they want without awakening Del Lago. This can be done using a weapon that creates less noise, such as Bolt Thrower.

The Girl On The Altar (Chapter 4)

Find the opening girl
The Girl from Opening Cinematic – Image captured by Gamesual

Quite peculiarly, players can find the girl who made her appearance in the opening cinematics of the Resident Evil 4 remake. The necromancers were shown sacrificing the girl for an unknown cause. Later on, in chapter 4, players can find the girl lying on the altar, along with a ritual that is either completed or abandoned.

The area is accessible during Chapter 4 because a boat is a requirement to reach there. While exploring the lakeside, search for the area name “Lakeside Settlement.” Once you have reached the Lakeside Settlement, go straight toward a door that will get you inside a cave. From there, take the ladder and climb to the upper level. You can find the girl lying dead on the altar before you.

Players can spot an abandoned cart holding a Small Key as loot beside her. Moreover, when players unlock the door on the left side, a side quest post will ask players to find a big fish in the Fish Farm. 

Shooting Speakers (Chapter 7)

Shoot speakers in Resident Evil 4 remake
Shoot the Speakers for Unique Dialogues – Image captured by Gamesual

While playing Chapter 7, players will encounter places where Salazar will communicate through speakers. He will taunt them for wasting time saving the girl or degrading the players’ skills. Much to his talking, players can shoot the speakers to receive a different reaction from Salazar. He will begin to laugh relentlessly, as this will not affect Salazar.

Obtaining The Goat Head (Chapter 9)

During the Chapter 9 gameplay, players will encounter a Headless statue. The player must collect 3 of its missing heads to solve the statue puzzle. Obtaining each headpiece will give a tough time and is necessary to collect. The Goat and Lion head will require you to fight many enemies, whereas the Snake’s head is a reward for solving a puzzle.

When you enter the room for the Goat head, you will need to walk past a bridge-like structure. This structure is controllable by a lever that raises or brings it down to the ground level. While walking on it, an enemy will appear to bring it to the lower level. Leaving you in a situation where you must fight a horde of zombies. 

However, you can avoid this situation entirely. First, throw a grenade on the balcony where the enemy will appear. Then, rush toward the Goat’s head before the grenade explodes. This will force the enemy to come and pull the lever, but the grenade explosion will kill him eventually.

This way, you can obtain the Goat head without interference and wasting time or ammo in fighting enemies. This is one of the secrets to consider exploiting in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Elegant Crown (Chapter 10)

Elegant crown as a secret treasure
Elegant Crown – Image captured by Gamesual

There is a treasure that players can find in Chapter 10. This treasure is located in the “Depths” when the player is about to leave this area and reach the Merchant. Before climbing the ladder, a corpse will be lying by the wall.

The Elegant Crown can be found near this corpse. Do look out for your surroundings well, as this Treasure is easy to miss due to the dark location in which it resides.

The reason why this treasure is a big deal is because of its potential in selling price. The Elegant Crown can hold up to 5 gems, boosting its selling price to 100,000 ptas. You need to fit 2 round gems and 3 square gems into this crown.

Try to make every gem differ from the previously inserted one. This will boost the price due to the variety of jewels added to the crown. 

Throne Room (Chapter 12)

The infamous Throne Room holds some secrets in the Resident Evil 4 remake. At the start of Chapter 12, players can begin a side quest that will take them to the Throne Room. This quest will require you to spoil the painting of Salazar hanging there. To complete this quest, throw an egg at Salazar’s painting.

Throne room side quest
Spoiling Salazar Painting – Image captured by Gamesual

Upon completion, the Merchant will reward you with 4 Spinels. There will be two chickens inside the Throne room which will ease off the task of finding the eggs. Moreover, if you have the Cubic Device, you can open a Treasure in that room which will reward you with a Golden Egg

Players can also sit on the Throne, which intentionally has no purpose. Sitting on the Throne for a while will display a message reminding you there is no time to waste. 

Salazar’s Weakness (Chapter 12)

Fighting Salazar can be a little easier if you know his weakness. When his mouth is open, players can throw Golden Egg in his mouth area. He will eventually fall to the ground, enabling the players to perform the knife interaction. This will deal a massive amount of damage to Salazar in a limited time.

This can be ideal for the boss fight as it will save a lot of ammo. But keep your knife fit to endure the boss fight well. 

Jetski Stunts (Chapter 16)

At the end of the story, a secret can benefit players a little in the second walkthrough. Leon and Ashley travel through the water’s surface on a Jetski to escape the collapsing island. While doing so, players will encounter a numerous ramps, which will send the raft flying in the air for a short while. In the meantime, players can perform stunts by using the interaction button.

Following this, each stunt will reward a few ptas. This can give you a head start regarding spending on upgrades for your second walkthrough. 

Hitting NPCs With Eggs

Throw eggs on others
Throwing Eggs At NPCs – Image captured by Gamesual

In many of the amusing secrets of the Resident Evil 4 remake, one, in particular, can catch your attention to the detail. Players can aim at the NPCs while holding eggs in hand. Even though aiming is impossible with weapons when pointed toward the NPC, eggs are taken as an exception in this matter.

Players can target Ashley, Luis, and the Merchant with eggs to throw at them. Nothing special about it but each of these NPCs will give a unique reaction toward this ridiculous behavior of the player. Although, do keep in mind that eggs can be beneficial in combat as they can replenish health upon consumption.

Sentimental Weapons

Weapons from the lore
Weapons of Sentimental Worth – Image captured by Gamesual

The handgun and knife Leon is carrying at the beginning of the Resident Evil 4 remake are of much worth, as per the lore. The people who entrusted Leon gave these weapons to Leon in the previous game series. 

  • The SG-09 R handgun has a signature of Kendo on it, about Robert Kendo, a gunsmith in Resident Evil 2.
  • The Combat Knife was a gift from Marvin Branagh, also from Resident Evil 2. The lieutenant gave this weapon to Leon, along with his advice not to be hesitant when using this knife.

Sunglasses Save From Flash

Sunglasses in Resident Evil 4 remake
Sunglasses Nullify Stun Effect – Image captured by Gamesual

Upon completing the game for the first time, you will unlock a few apparels for Leon and Ashley. One of them will be sunglasses for Leon. Surprisingly, these sunglasses carry an effect of their own which can benefit the players.

The enemy units will take a stunning effect whenever a player throws a Flash Grenade. However, this effect can also have a similar reaction on the player. 

But the stun effect on players can be neglected if sunglasses are equipped. The player can stun enemies from close range without worrying about stunning himself. Players can take down more enemies in a single blast without wasting time on finding a cover or passing the stun effect. This is one of the best secrets to exploit in the Resident Evil 4 remake.

Older References And Easter Eggs

Some of the content in the Resident Evil 4 remake is completely altered from the original Resident Evil 4. Mainly, this focus was on the dialogues between Leon and his enemies, which removed some of the iconic lines from the game. However, few of these will appear in the game as a Trophy reward upon performing a certain feat.

Shooting Range Music

Various chapters in the game hold a Shooting Range Room. The Merchant sets up this room to test your shooting skills and earn rewards. However, there is something quite familiar about the music of this room. The music used in the Shooting Range Room is similar to the opening of the original Resident Evil 4. Being a veteran of this game series, I know this detail is hard to miss.

Master Of Unlocking

At the start of Chapter 14, you will b required to send Ashley to the other side of the wall to open the gate. Once the gate is open, Ashley will comment on her skills, claiming she is a master of unlocking. This title references Resident Evil’s protagonist Jill Valentine, which was given to her by Barry Burton.

Grilled Big Cheese (Chapter 6)

An achievement upon killing Mendez by the end of Chapter 6. The Big Cheese is a nickname given to Mendez by Luis in the original Resident Evil 4. In the remake version of this game, this voice line was not a part of any conversation. Rather, it is now a reward that reveals the nickname of this horrific character upon killing him. 

Wave Goodbye, Right Hand (Chapter 10)

A reference from the original Resident Evil 4. The right hand refers to Verdugo, who Salazar sets upon Leon to stop him from rescuing Ashley. In the game’s original version, Leon taunted Salazar to wave goodbye to his right hand. However, the remake did not host this iconic line anywhere.

Although, players can view it in the form of an achievement after killing Verdugo. But do keep in mind that killing Verdugo is both optional and time-consuming. However, if you still wish to face him head-on, pack a bunch of Flash Grenades and a considerable amount of ammo as a backup.

No Thanks, Bro (Chapter 12)

Yet another reference from the original version that is not a part of the remake. During the first encounter between Leon and Salazar, the evil face offers him a treaty which Leon rejects on his face with some bitter words. These words are the achievement obtained after defeating Salazar in the Resident Evil 4 remake. 

You Talk Too Much (Chapter 12)

This achievement is part of a few of the secrets in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Players can obtain this achievement while fighting Salazar in Chapter 12. Right before Salazar’s boss fight begins, Leon taunts him for being too talkative. This achievement refers to that specific dialogue. Throwing a grenade into Salazar’s mouth would be best to unlock this achievement. Eggs will not count here.

You’re Small Time (Chapter 16)

Players will unlock this achievement upon defeating Saddler, a reference from the original Resident Evil 4. It refers to the dialogue in which Leon taunts Saddler that he will not be much of a challenge, just like Salazar. Like most dialogues, this one is not included in the remake version. 


To sum up, a few of the secrets in the Resident Evil 4 remake are worth exploiting. These can either be beneficial during the gameplay or can be handsomely rewarding. At the same time, some of these secrets are just for amusement purposes. Moreover, some of the secrets are added as details that refer to the original Resident Evil 4.

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