Resident Evil 4 Remake: Wrench Location Puzzle

Here is where you can find the wrench and keycards to get through the facility in Chapter 13.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Wrench Location
Resident Evil 4 Remake Wrench Location
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Resident Evil 4 Remake is known to have some of the best puzzles in the franchise. These puzzles allow the players to really remember the environment around them to solve. Moreover, it is essential to solve these puzzles as they are required to progress further in the campaign. The location of the wrench in Resident Evil 4 Remake is one such puzzle that may seem obvious; however, it is easy to miss on the first try.

Key Takeaways

  • Finding the location of the wrench is a major part of Chapter 13 of the Resident Evil 4 Remake.
  • Here your objective is to get to Ashley and inject a cure. This requires you to locate a keycard and upgrade it to level 3.
  • Locating the keycard and all its upgrading machinery will take you around the facility, fighting countless enemies.
  • The card will be located inside the Dissection Lab, and by default, it will be a level 1 card.
  • To upgrade it to level 2, you must head inside the Freezer and fight off a Regenerator.
  • Moreover, to finally upgrade it to level 3, you would need to locate the Incubation Lab. Inside this lab is the machine that would take your card to level 3.
  • However, this machine is locked and requires a wrench to unlock. The wrench is located inside one of the Regenerators in the lab and can only be seen through the Biosensor Scope.
  • Once you have upgraded the card, you can head to Ashley to complete the chapter.
  • It is also recommended to run around the Regenerators instead of taking them in a fight. However, you are required to kill the Regenrator to acquire the wrench.

Keycard Puzzle

During Chapter 13 of Resident Evil 4 Remake, Leon Kennedy is tasked with locating Ashley Graham within the facility on the Island. However, this being a Resident Evil game, finding Ashley requires navigating the facility’s hallways and solving puzzles. You can locate Ashley early in the chapter, but getting to her becomes the real objective.

Ashley is in the room, although Leon will not be able to get inside as the gate is locked. Players must now collect a keycard and upgrade it to the max level to obtain entry. The final upgrade will require you to find the location of the wrench in Resident Evil 4 Remake. As your last objective is to get to Ashley, your time inside the facility will be spent looking for and upgrading the keycard.

Your first objective within the facility is to acquire the keycard. The keycard is hidden in one location, while you must visit two other locations to upgrade the card to the third level. You will need the location of the wrench here to upgrade the card to level 3.

dissection lab and freezer location resident evil 4 remake
Dissection Lab And Freezer Location – Image Credits: Gamesual

Location Of The Keycard

level 1 keycard facility resident evil 4 remake
Level 1 Keycard – Image Credits: Gamesual

You will pick up the file inside the facility that will update your objectives. These objectives can be viewed on the map, and will let you know the next locations to visit. Therefore, you should next head out to the Dissection Lab, where you will find your keycard. You would have also seen a Regenerator by now; however, you would not need to fight one yet.

Once at the gate of the Dissection Lab, you will be required to solve a puzzle at the gate. Moreover, it would be best if you solved a grid-like puzzle to where your goal is to get electricity.

disection lab entry code re4 remake resident evil
Puzzle Solution: Dissection Lab – Image Credits: Gamesual

Then enter the lab, and here you will see a Regenerator failed experiment lying on the bed. You will learn more about the Regenerators in this lab. However, the card will be in the back of the room; by default, this card is level 1.

Your current objective will update, and now you must head to the freezer for further upgrades. Although, beware, an undying threat of Regenerators awaits you at the door. 

Upgrading Cards

Next up, you will need to head to the Freezer section of the map. You will need your level 1 card to gain entry; also, turn on the power before getting to this section. After you open the Freezer door, you will see your card upgrade machine right before you. However, this machine requires a bit of time to complete the upgrade. So you have to wait for your card while you fight another Regenerator that spawns inside.

It is recommended here to run in the opposite direction and parry the attacks, as you will only waste your resources trying to kill the Regenerator. Next, you have to head to Incubation Lab finally. This is where you will find the machine to upgrade your card to Level 3 and the Biosensor Scope. You would need to head down the facility a few floors to get on the Incubation Lab floor.

incubation lab location re4 remake resident evil
Location of Incubation Lab – Image Credits: Gamesual

The incubation Lab will be very hard to miss as this is your next objective. The Lab will contain purple glowing vats that will contain Regenerators. Make sure to head out in the back of this lab, crossing all the vats with Regenerators inside. Therefore, in the back room, you will find a Biosensor Scope, a key card upgrading machine, and a file that details a missing tool. 

Location Of The Wrench

However, you cannot insert your card inside the machine as the machine has a grill in front. You are required to remove the grill; for that, you need to find a wrench to unscrew the bolt. The location of the wrench is not easy to find in Resident Evil 4 Remake. Moreover, the location is only hinted at in the file you see in the backroom. 

Therefore, first, attach the Biosensor Scope to your Rifle to find the wrench. Then use the scope to view the Regenerators that are hibernating within the purple vats. You have to look carefully, and from your room, you will be able to see the internal organs of the Regenerators. Moreover, you will see the wrench inside the Regenerator inside the purple vat on the left. 

wrench in the regenerator location resident evil 4 remake
Wrench Inside The Regenerator – Image Credits: Gamesual

So the wrench’s location is inside a Resident Evil 4 Remake Regenerator. You need to shoot the vat and shatter the glass that will throw out the Regenerator. Next up, use your Biosensor Scope to see the Plagas within the Regenerator and kill it. Therefore, once you have killed the Regenerator, you will find your wrench next to half disintegrated body. 

Now you can use this wrench to unlock the grill over the card machine. However, once you insert the card inside the machine for the level 3 upgrade, all hell will break loose. While your card is being upgraded, the militants protecting the facility will attack you.

So it would be best to stand your ground until the card is fully upgraded. Moreover, ensure you are careful while shooting, as a stray bullet could break a vat, and you would need to fight the Regenerator.

Finding Ashley

Your final goal of this mission is to get to Ashley and bring her the cure for the virus. So leave the Incubation Lab and head left; use your Level 3 card to exit this place.

You will come to a door you need to unlock, and the holding cell will be right in front of that door. Therefore, use your Level 3 card to get inside the Holding Cell and meet Ashley.

location Ashley and Incubation lab resident evil 4 remake
Ashley’s Location – Image Credits: Gamesual

This will trigger a cut scene where Leon gives the vaccine to Ashley, which stops the spread of the virus within her body. This also ends Chapter 13 in the game, and during Chapter 14, you would need to escape the facility.

Final Words

Chapter 13 in Resident Evil 4 is one of the most action-packed chapters of the game. You encounter many enemies and are even introduced to newer enemy types, such as the Regenerators. However, your main objective is to get to Ashley and inject the cure. Although, getting to Ashley is not an easy task. You will have to go around the entire facility, looking for a keycard and getting the necessary updates.

Meanwhile, you have to fight enemies and Regenerators within all this. Then to finally get the level three upgrade of the card, you would need to find the location of a wrench. This wrench may not be as easy to locate until you finally use the Biosensor Scope. You could see the wrench inside one of the Regenerators being kept in the Incubation Lab

Here you would need to kill the Regenerator to acquire your wrench and use it to unlock the card upgrading machine. Once upgraded to level 3, you can use the card to get Ashley out and progress on to the next chapter. The puzzle may seem tricky at first. However, once you have found the solution, it will be very satisfying.

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