RON Alternates Wind Farm in GTA 5: Definitive Guide[2023]

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RON Alternates Wind Farms in GTA 5
RON Alternates Wind Farms

Our guide explains everything you want to know about RON Alternates Wind Farms in GTA 5. Make sure to read our guide until the end because we will answer all your questions. Grand Theft Auto V has been an interesting game since its release in 2013. It attracts millions of players with its neverending features and character hidden locations every year. One such location is its RON Alternates Wind Farm.

RON Alternates Wind Farms in GTA 5
RON Alternates Wind Farms

It was introduced into GTA 5 in December 2017, about five years ago. We will go into detail now to discuss everything about it in GTA 5. Let’s start now:

RON Alternates Wind Farm In GTA 5

RON Alternates Wind Farm is located in Blaine County of San Andreas in GTA 5. The power company RON owns these Wind farms with about 55 Wind turbines. Los Santos Department of Wind maintains these wind farms in GTA 5. These wind farms produce massive energy that powers the city of lights, Los Santos.

However, the Los Santos Department of Water and Power regards RON Alternates Wind Farm as a threat to the environment. They want to ban these farms permanently. It is because many birds die by colliding with the wings of these Windmills. Further details are discussed below:

What Is RON In GTA 5?

RON is a multinational Petroleum company in GTA 5. They are based in Alderney City. You can find their gas stations throughout the game. They are famous in GTA 5 for the following reasons:

  • They own the infamous RON Alternates Wind Farm in GTA 5. The Los Santos Department of Wind manages the farms.
  • They are accused of polluting the environment with their petrochemical products. Additionally, because of their drilling and refinery processes, RON is blamed for increasing the overall temperature of the area.
  • Furthermore, the Los Santos Department of Water and Power accuses the RON Alternates Wind Farms of causing severe and irreparable environmental damage, as the Windmills in Alternates Wind farms are killing several bird species.
  • In addition to this, several other Environmental Activists charge RON for their inhumane and anti-environmental businesses.
Aerial View of RON Alternates Wind Farms
An aerial view of RON Alternates Wind Farms

So now you know almost everything about RON. Now, let us move ahead and discuss the Wind Farm owned by RON:

Alternates Wind Farm In GTA 5 Missions:

In GTA 5, a few missions feature RON Alternates Wind Farms. However, there are separate missions in GTA 5 and GTA 5 online where these farms appear. Given below is the detail of those missions:

1. The Big Score Mission In GTA 5

It is the final and the largest heist of Trevor Philips, Franklin Clinton, and Michael de Santa together in GTA 5. They stole gold reserves worth $201,600,000 in this final heist. However, they had to do specific side missions to plan the Big Score finally.

While on the run, Trevor enters the RON Alternates Wind Farm. That is where the Merryweather vans lose him, and he runs away. During the mission, Trevor Philips is chased by Merryweather vans so his friends, Michael and Franklin, can escape with the stolen gold.

Trevor runs away in RON Wind Farms
Trevor running away in RON Alternates Wind Farm.

Trevor is the most famous protagonist in GTA 5. If you have not unlocked him, you can check our guide on unlocking Trevor Philips in GTA 5.

2. Turbine Carbine Mission In GTA Online

It is a mission of GTA Online that 4 players can team up and complete this mission in GTA Online. The players must go to the RON Alternates Wind Farm, where the Lost MC members are conducting a weapons deal.

Players will have to kill the Lost MC members and run away with a van full of weapons. The remaining Lost MC members will chase the players while on the run. Players must survive them and bring the stolen Van full of weapons to Trevor’s trailer. The Turbine Carbine mission will end here.

Killing MC members in GTA 5
Destroying Lost MC members with an armored tank to steal the Van

3. The Coveted Mission In GTA Online

Originally the Coveted mission became famous in GTA Online because it was an easy way to make money. However, further updates considerably changed the payout rules. Martin Madrazo orders players to do this mission for him. Primarily a heist, players are assigned to intercept an unknown shipment of their rivals and deliver it to Martin safely.

RON Alternates Wind Farm
The stolen shipment being delivered to Martin

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Features of RON Alternates Wind Farm

Following are some of the features of RON Alternates Wind Farm in Grand Theft Auto:

  • RON Alternates Wind Farm is quite a blessing for the players as these farms have many shield mechanisms for the players.
  • If the police are chasing a player, he can enter these farms and evade the police.
  • Moreover, the rotating windmills are harmful to the police, and the police helicopters are seemingly unable to detect the windmill’s blades—consequently, the helicopters crash by colliding with the edges of windmills.
  • Additionally, players can buy one of the facility properties in RON Alternates Wind Farms and use its underground base for personal benefits and unique missions in GTA Online. Given below is the detail of this facility property.
RON Alternates Wind Farm
Spacious garage in RON Alternates Wind Facility base

How to Buy Property In RON Alternates Wind Farm?

You cannot buy windmills in RON Alternates Wind Farms. However, you can purchase a facility property there. Our guide will explain how you can do that in GTA. Before that, do you know what a Facility property is in GTA 5? No? Don’t worry. We are here to explain.

Facility Properties In GTA 5

There are nine available facilities in GTA Online. These underground bases allow owners to store their supercars or even weaponized cars. Moreover, they can be utilized as meeting points during the Doomsday Heist.

RON Alternates Wind Farm
A car entering the underground base

Following are some of its features:

  • Players can buy a Facility property from the Maze Bank Foreclosures website.
  • You can accommodate 12 cars in a facility property. Seven regular cars and five weaponized/armored automobiles.
  • Additionally, a facility property comes equipped with a workshop where the owners can upgrade or customize their vehicles.
  • Players can store their latest Mammoth Avenger, a highly weaponized vehicle, on the Facility property.
  • You can even customize the whole facility according to your demand and taste.
  • Players can spend extra cash buying and expanding facilities within this property. Facilities include bedrooms, an assistance desk, security cameras, and security guards.
  • You can also get eatables through the vending machine on the base.
RON Alternates Wind Farm
Facilities provided in the underground base

RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility: Price And Where To Buy?

As mentioned above, you can buy RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility from the official website of Maze Bank Foreclosures. RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility will cost you about $1,855,000. Head to the website cited above and grab the deal if you have the required amount in your account. You would not want to miss this deal.

Buy RON Alternates Wind Farms Facility
Buying RON Alternates Wind Farm Facility

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That was all for our guide on RON Alternates Wind Farm in GTA. We have covered everything in our guide, and we hope you have found whatever you were looking for. However, If you still have any questions to ask or any suggestions to give, do not hesitate to comment down below.

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