GTA 5: Best Ways To Earn RP [2024]

Learn how to earn RP or Reputation points, which are necessary to rank up in GTA 5.

How to get RP in GTA 5
How to get RP in GTA 5

RP or Reputation Points are necessary to rank your character in GTA Online. I earned these points by engaging all game modes, but completing the mission is central to this game. I also had to participate in activities to level up in GTA Online.

We have gathered some tips to earn more RP in GTA 5. So you can hold up those logging on since the registered day.

Key Takeaways

  • RP or Reputation Points are obtained by completing missions or jobs while playing the game.
  • Always take part in daily online activities to increase your ranks.
  • To rank up faster, you can Rob the houses or banks, build up your crew, set up and join missions, participate in Racing, collect cargo, and accomplish different tasks.

Playing In Free Mode To Boost Your RP

The free-mode event is the best idea for those who don’t want to spend much time completing more elongated missions or tasks. Be attentive and check when you need specific instruments and vehicles in your game because these instruments are necessary for the occasion. 

As I always try to earn the first position in the event, I earned more RP. In the second position, a little RP is enough. If you want some RP, you will approach the third stage. 


Robbery or Heists are great sources of earning in-game money. But I should tell you, these are also a great booster for earning RPs. Ensure you pull a good heist or robbery session in the game, and you will notice the RP points increasing. 

Setting And Joining Missions

For people who are not interested in competition and want to get a bit more RP, it is the best suggestion to join and set your mission. If any job is open, requests are sent around via in-game messages.

I also set up numerous missions and invited the session players or friends to farm RPs. In my experience, playing with friends was the most beneficial as you are working toward a goal, plus the whole process becomes a lot easier. 

You can learn about high-paying missions in our extensive best missions GTA 5 Online to earn money guide.

Pivoting The Lucky Wheel In Diamond Casino

Spin the Lucky Wheel in Diamond Casino
Spinning the wheel

Turning the Lucky Wheel in the Diamond Casino is another best way of getting RP. Inside the Diamond Casino, I interacted with the Lucky Wheel, which gave me a better chance of winning at least one of twenty prizes by spinning.

Among these, 5 RP gives the best opportunity to get a commission. When I finished the winning chance, I hit a similar Podium Vehicle slot before the coming weekly update. With the help of this chance, I accumulated 20,000 RP. 

Among the RP, players can also get a chance to win a mystery prize. Here is the guide detailing how to claim a mystery prize in GTA 5.

Concentrate On Adversary Modes

Adversary Mode is one of the modes in GTA Online that allows two teams to engage in combat. Not only that, but modes also feature various aspects that can turn the tide of the battle to your side. 

Adversary Mode hands out more RP. One major downside for these is the length of the match.

Start An Organization

play in a team to obtain RP in GTA 5
Make a team to earn more points.

Engaging with an organization is the fastest way to obtain RP. You can overcome complex tasks when playing in a team that you cannot do in solo missions

I purchased a business from Maze Bank Foreclosure and registered as CEO or VIP to get started. You can use the warehouse to buy, store, and sell vehicles and weapons—all these activities trophies a husky chip of RP and earn some quick GTA $.

Check out our complete guide to get a clear idea about these businesses’ best ways to businesses in GTA 5 Online.

Remember to hire other players to assist you in your organization and assign them tasks that will help you earn RP much faster. 

Get Ahead In Racing

Go fast in the race to earn RP in GTA 5
Go fast in the race to win.

I earned 500 points after completing the race, and it does not even sound difficult. If you want to double the Reputation Points, only participate in any race and try to get ahead in the top 3 positions. 

Lose The Cops

I earned up to a hundred points for each cop chase invaded. Plus, it is entirely random, and you won’t even notice that you are collecting RP as you venture around Los Santos.

I will recommend you not hesitate to hijack a car or start a gang war in Groove Street. 

My Experience

In my experience, GTA Online uses reputation points (RP) to rank player characters and unlock new items. I think the best ways I have found to earn RP fast include:

  • Playing free-mode events.
  • Doing heists and missions.
  • Racing.
  • Evading Cops


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