Final Fantasy 16: Scarletite [Unlock & Craft Guide]

Recognize the use of Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16 and exploit the item with its crafting potential.

Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite
Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite

Scarletite is a rare and valuable material to obtain in Final Fantasy 16. It enables the players to craft the handiest defensive equipment for the mid-game scenario. Moreover, there are various and trickier ways to obtain Scarletite. These methods usually involve the completion of side quests. Majorly, such quests will only require the players to hunt down a monster.

Key Takeaways

  • In Final Fantasy 16, players can mostly obtain the Scarletite through hunt missions. However, a side quest is also available for such a purpose.
  • The hunting missions of Dozmare, A Hill to Die on, The Ten of Clubs, and The Man in Black grant Scarletite after you slay the monsters.
  • Only one side quest, “Hot Water,” rewards you with a Scarletite. Moreover, this side quest is the easiest way to obtain it.
  • Scarletite is used as material to craft:
    • Drakeslayer Belt
    • Drakeslayer Bracelet
    • Excalibur
  • All of this equipment offers unmatched stats for the mid-game scenario.

Where To Get Scarletite

Final Fantasy 16 Scarletite
Crafting material Scarletite

To obtain the Scarletite, players need to progress through the main storyline. Eventually, they will unlock side quests, leading them to the objectives that yield Scraletite as a reward. Indeed, this crafting material is limited to obtain, but it is still plentiful compared to its usage.

There are several places to look for Scarletite in Final Fantasy 16. Mostly, players will end up receiving the Scarletite through hunt missions.

  • Dozmare
  • A Hill to Die On
  • The Ten of Clubs
  • The Man in Black
  • Hot Water

Dozmare – Hunt

Dozmare hunt
Hunt Dozmare for Scarletite

One of the Notorious Mark monsters. Players will find Dozmare (A Griffin) in Caer Norvent River Gate. Players will be able to track down this quest during Chapter 28. The quest will become available during the Blacksmith’s Blues quest. August, who can be found in The Mess, will offer the quest

You can also check out our Final Fantasy 16 Griffin location guide. Slaying the Dozmare will reward you with a Scarletite. 

A Hill To Die On – Hunt

Fastitocalon hunt
Hunt Fastitocalon for two Scareltites

Upon reaching Rank 34, players will get to begin a hunting mission, “A Hill to Die On.” Players will need to travel fast to the Velkroy Desert. The quest will become available during the main quest line, “Riddle of the Sands.” While doing this quest, players will have to take down Fastitocalon. The location of Fastitocalon is quite simple to follow, along with the YouTube guide by Gamerpillar.

Furthermore, slaying this monster will grant two Scarletite, which are plentiful, to craft the useful equipment. 

The Ten Of Clubs – Hunt

Tens of club hunt
The Ten of Club hunt quest for Scarletite

The location of Dravozd will host a hunting mission that will grant you a Scarletite as the completion reward. Upon reaching Chapter 35, players can start this quest. However, the main quest, “Fire in the Sky,” must be completed to start this hunt. The Ten of Clubs quest will take place in the South direction of The Fields of Corava. For a more specific direction for the hunt, check out the Gamerpillar guide on the location.

The Man In Black – Hunt

Man in black hunt
Hunt Holy Trumpitour to obtain Scarletite

Chapter 36 will grant you an opportunity to take on a hunt and receive a Scarletite. The hunt requires fulfilling a main quest, “Clock and Dagger,” and the start of a side quest, Rekindled Flame. As for the location, players must progress through The Hanged Man area in Lostwing. From there, an under passage will lead the player through the Cellar Passage

The Cellar Passage will comprise a simple path leading to a dead end. So, players will not have to tally around long to slay Holy Trumpitour and eventually get that Sarletite. 

Hot Water – Side Quest

During Chapter 33, players can initiate an unlocked side quest by playing the main quest and completing Follow the Crystals. An NPC named Xaver will be at The Baths in The Dalimil Inn map. Talking to him will initiate the quest, where players must simply reach the area and slay monsters. 

The location of the monsters is above the Fangsdrip and on the left of Doeznov Terraces. After slaying them, returning to The Baths and talking to Xavier will end the quest, and you will receive a Scarletite reward. This is rather an easy way to obtain a Scarletite.

Essential Crafts Using Scarletite

Scarletite is a valuable material that is essential for crafting top-notch quality gear. Due to Scarletite being an exclusive material, limited equipment can be prepared using it. Still, the equipment can serve for a better amount of time regarding the mid-game scenario. 

The list of craftable gear using Scarletite:

  • Drakeslayer Belt
  • Drakeslayer Bracelet
  • Excalibur

Drakeslayer Belt

This defensive gear is fitting to make you endure any intense battle in a mid-game situation.

Type Health Defense Rarity Reinforcement
Belt 23 74 4 Not available

Crafting Ingredients:

  • Briar Clam Shell
  • Dragon Talon
  • Electrum
  • Scarletite

Drakeslayer Bracelet

Another best mid-game defensive equipment worth going through troubles for the crafting.

Type Health Defense Rarity Reinforcement
Vambraces 23 74 4 Not available

Crafting Ingredients:

  • Briar Clam Shell
  • Dragon Talon 
  • Gelatinous Mass
  • Scarletite


A weapon that surpasses every other in the mid-game scenario. You must complete the “Blacksmith’s Blues 2” quest to get the Excalibur.

Type Attack Stagger Rarity Reinforcement
Weapon 268 268 4 Not available

Crafting Ingredients:

  • Bomb Ember
  • Grimalkine Hide
  • Scarletite
  • Wyrrite (x300)

To conclude, Scarletite is an utmost priority to struggle for in mid-game. It is because players get to craft special equipment that stands astounding in its stats. Also, Excalibur is a powerful mid-game weapon players should focus on getting their hands on. 

Final Fantasy 16 offers a variety of content that players can exploit by wandering off from the main storyline. Following this, you can check out more of our guides on Final Fantasy 16.

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