GTA 5 Online: Schyster Fusilade Location & Stats

Learn about the location and capabilities of Schyster Fusilader in GTA 5.

Schyster Fusilade guide GTA 5

GTA 5 is a presenter for numerous sports cars. One, in particular, to talk about in this guide is Schyster Fusilade, a sports car in GTA 5. The car has made its appearance in both offline and online modes. Following this, everything related to the Schyster Fusilade, such as its location ( online and offline modes ) and performance in GTA 5, will be discussed thoroughly in this guide.

Key Takeaways

  • The sports car Schyster Fusilade is available for both offline and online modes of GTA 5.
  • In offline mode, the car has various locations on the city side to spawn. The easiest one to get is Martin Madarazo’s Ranch when you have started the Caida Libre mission.
  • In online mode, you can buy the car from Southern San Andreas Super Autos for about $36,000, which is surprisingly advantageous for a sports car.
  • Schyster Fusilade offers great performance in handling and acceleration. Its top speed is also incredible but can use some improvement.

Schyster Fusilade In GTA V

Schyster Fusilade in GTA 5
GTA 5 Schyster Fusilade

A 2-door sports car that has been a part of the game since the beginning. Due to this, the Fusilade sports car is very easy to obtain in both GTA 5 offline and online modes. The car is well made for the roadside and must be avoided crashing into any obstacle.

It is because its delicate engine can not sustain hard hits and will fail immediately. So off-roading should not be an option for driving this car.

Schyster Fusilade Location In GTA 5 Offline

Fusilade offline location
Map View Location For Fusilade

For GTA 5 story mode, you might see the car in its spawn location if you are lucky. There are a few locations on the city side of the map where this car has a chance to spawn.

Firstly, there is a prominent appearance of this car at Martin Madarazo’s Ranch. But the condition to spawn this car will only hit if you have started the mission “Caida Libre.” You will start the mission from this place and find the car there.

However, remember that this vehicle has no specific role in this mission. Moreover, you will be playing this mission with Michael and Trever, where Martin will instruct them to kill someone on his behalf.

Secondly, if you are driving on Buccaneer Way, you will reach the Terminal by the end. The Terminal is the port side of Los Santos. There, you might have a chance to encounter a Schyster Fusilade.

Lastly, you may see this vehicle in a few city-side locations on the map. Namely, these locations are Richman, Rockford Hills, and Vinewood.

Schyster Fusilade Location In GTA 5 Online

Schyster Fusilade GTA 5 online location
Buy The Fusilade in GTA Online

You can surely count your luck regarding the GTA 5 Online location for Schyster Fusilade. It is because the vehicle is far easier to get in online mode than offline mode. There are possibly two ways to get this sports car for online mode.

The first one is through simply purchasing the vehicle. This is truly a favorable method to get this car because it is set at a much lower price. You can visit the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website to obtain this sports car for $36,000.

This price is rather cooperative for starters. Also, do not forget that this price creates an opportunity to buy a sports car at an early level of the game. Moreover, the car has a resale price of $3600 ( 10% of the buying price ).

The second way depends on chances. It is due to the opportunity of request that Simeon Yetarian will appeal to the player regarding his exports business. Once a day ( 24 hours real-time ), Simeon will request the player to deliver a vehicle to the Terminal. If the requested vehicle is Schyter Fusilade, the car has an excellent chance to spawn on the map randomly.


The car can perform more than one could expect from a cheap car. The car is light weighted overall, making it perform quite well and sturdy in terms of speeding traits. Moreover, the light weight also helps the vehicle to make sharp turns much more effectively.

Additionally, when making a sharp turn, the car can attain an excellent speed without losing control, confirming that this sports car has a better endurance run and satisfying handling mechanics.

Furthermore, the Schyter Fusilade can reach a top speed of approximately 150 km/h. The car can hit the 96.5 km/h speed within 8 seconds. This makes this car astounding in its performance related to acceleration. Moreover, its brakes are well-performing even at the default stats.

Although the car performs quite astonishingly for a cheap vehicle, some room for adjustment can make it improve for the better.


  • Stock Brakes upgrade will cost $650.
  • Street Brakes upgrade will cost $13,000.
  • Sports Brakes upgrade will cost $17,550.
  • Race Brakes upgrade will cost $22,750.

50% price if you are plating in offline mode.


  • Level 1 of the EMS upgrade will cost $5850.
  • Level 2 of the EMS upgrade will cost $8125.
  • Level 3 of the EMS upgrade will cost $11,700.
  • Level 4 of the EMS upgrade will cost $21,775.

50% price if you are plating in offline mode.


  • Stock upgrade will cost $200.
  • Lowered upgrade will cost $1000.
  • Street upgrade will cost $2000.
  • Sports upgrade will cost $3400.
  • Competition upgrade will cost $4400.

50% price if you are plating in offline mode.


  • Stock Transmission upgrade will cost $650.
  • Street Transmission upgrade will cost $19,175.
  • Sports Transmission upgrade will cost $21,125.
  • Race Transmission upgrade will cost $26,000.

50% price if you are plating in offline mode.


The Turbo Tuning upgrade is worth $42,500, and removing the upgrade will cost $3250. However, in offline mode, it will cost $8125, and to nullify the upgrade, it will cost $1625.


In conclusion, the Schyter Fusilade is easier to get in GTA 5 due to its precise location in both offline and online modes. A slightly above-average sports car that can be obtained at a much cheaper cost can surely amaze the audience. Besides the starter players, the car is also a better choice for long-term players due to its stats that are superior to some of the other vehicles of its class.

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