Diablo 4: Solve The Notes Riddle [Quest Guide]

A Side Quest called Secret of the Spring in Diablo 4, which has a rather tricky solution!

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Completion of the Secret of the Spring Side Quest.

Solve the Notes Riddle Diablo 4 is a side quest called “Secret of the Spring.” Diablo 4 has a lot of Side quests alongside its main storyline quests. Players are constantly grinding these side quests to level up faster, get better gear, and defeat harder enemies. Let’s learn where and how to solve this rather tricky side quest!

Key Takeaways

  • Solving the notes riddle is part of the side quest called “Secret of the Spring.”
  • You can find a discarded note just North of Kyovashad City, the capital of the Fractured Peaks Region.
  • You need to interact with the note to start the side quest “Secret of the Spring.”
  • The side quest is not challenging, and you will not have to fight many enemies.
  • You can access and complete this side quest early on in the game as it is in the starting region.
  • Find the hot spring nearby and react with the “Wait” emote to reveal a buried chest.
  • Remember to defeat all enemies around you first.
  • Opening the buried chest will complete the side quest and reward you with XP, Renown for Fractured Peaks, etc.

“Secret Of The Spring” Side Quest Location

You need to head over to the exact location of the crumpled note. You cannot start the quest without reading it so it is important. To find the note head over just North of the Cathedral of Light. For those uninitiated, it is the main landmark of the Kyovashad. Kyovashad is the capital city of the Fractured Peaks region as well so you can find it easily.

Since this side quest is of beginner level, you can complete this quest early on in the game. Here is a visual mark on the player’s map to help you find the exact location without much hassle:

Map location of Secret of the Spring Side Quest.
Map the location of Secret of the Spring Side Quest.

Now that you have reached the location, you will need to search for the crumpled note on the ground to start the side quest. Once you find the note, interact with it by clicking on it. It will read the following: “Beacon of warmth in winter’s embrace, patience rewarded by nature’s grace.” 

Discarded note message to start Secre of the Spring Side Quest.
Discarded note message.

This note marks the start of the quest and guides us as to what we need to do to solve it. First, it says to find “Warmth” in the mountains and second, it tells us to show “patience”. These 2 are the key to solving the riddle itself. You will also notice a blue circle on your map, which helps us know our next location. 

Solve The Notes Riddle Solution

Now let’s see how to solve the riddle itself. Once you have read the note, a blue circle will appear on your map. You will need to head over to the location but don’t worry as it is not too far off, and you will just have to defeat a few enemies that come your way.

You need to find a Hot Spring in the mountains as foreshadowed by the quest’s name itself  “Secret of the Spring” and the note telling us to find “Warmth” in the mountains. This spring is just a little northeast of the actual note itself.

Spring to solve notes riddle.
Spring location to solve the notes riddle.

Now to the second part of the riddle, showing “Patience.” You might be disappointed if you try to show patience by waiting around the spring, as that will not do the trick. Solving the riddle is actually really simple. You must use the “Wait” emote while standing near the spring itself. Be sure to defeat all enemies around you first!

Using Wait Emote at the Spring
Using the Wait emote to complete the Secret of the Spring Side Quest.

If you don’t have the emote in your wheel, you will need to add it. Once you have your emote wheel open, click on customize. Next, add the “Wait” emote to the wheel and use it. A buried chest will reveal itself from the ground nearby.

You need to open this chest to get your reward and complete the side quest “Secret of the Spring.” The rewards can include some XP, other items, and most importantly Renown for Fractured Peaks

Buried chest completing Notes Riddle.
Buried chest completing Notes Riddle.

This concludes our guide on how to solve the notes riddle in Diablo 4. The side quest’s actual name is “Secrets of the Spring,” And is not a hard quest, but it is instead a tricky one, from finding a crumpled note to trying to understand the meaning behind its text.

It sure has left many of us confused at first. The rewards themselves for the side quest are good enough since it is an entry-level quest. You may encounter some enemies on the way, but they are relatively easy to take care of.

Remember that each side quest has different levels of difficulty and rewards as well, so keep on exploring and grinding those devils up! If you are looking for more guides, such as how to solve the “Travelers Prayer” Side quest, we got you covered:

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