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Here is how you can earn all of the 53 Achievements and Trophies in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

All Achievements star wars jedi survivor
Complete List Of Achievements

Star Wars Jedi Survivor has a trophy and achievement system like its predecessor Fallen Order. These achievements can be earned automatically by just playing the main campaign. However, sometimes you may need to go out of your way to unlock some achievements. Therefore, this guide will help you understand all the Achievements in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Key Takeaways

  • The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Achievement Systems help players collect achievements and trophies.
  • There are a total of 53 achievements in the game that can be earned throughout the campaign.
  • Some of these achievements will be granted automatically as part of the main campaign. Meanwhile, players might need to go out of their way to earn achievements.
  • These achievements can be broken down into five categories. The categories range from combat to customization to the game’s main story.
  •  The Combat Achievements are earned through combat. Meanwhile, the Story achievements are earned by playing the main story.
  • Moreover, some achievements require players to make cosmetic changes or upgrade their weapons.
  • You must play the entire game, sometimes even multiple times, to earn all the achievements. 

The Achievement system in Star Wars Jedi Survivor does not contain any game-altering rewards. You may only benefit from some cosmetic upgrades or perks. However, these achievements allow you to test your skill in the game. These achievements sometimes push the boundaries of a player and lead to some of the most creative gaming moments.

There are a total of 53 achievements and trophies in the game that players can unlock. Most of these achievements unlock if you play the game’s main campaign. However, some of these achievements do require players to perform some challenges. Moreover, we can further break down these achievements into sub-categories, making them easier to understand. 

Combat Achievements

The Combat Achievements, as the name suggests, are the achievements player earn through combat. Most of these achievements are earned by defeating or striking enemies with a special attack. There are a total of 13 achievements players can earn through combat.

The following are the 13 Combat Achievements in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Han Slowlo

The name is a reference to everyone’s favorite, Han Solo. However, players must defeat at least 50 enemies to earn this achievement. Moreover, the Slow should affect all of these enemies to complete the challenge.

So Uncivilized 

The So Uncivilized is another one of the Combat Achievements in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Players must first unlock the Point Blank Skill to earn this achievement. Moreover, this skill is easy to unlock in the game and only requires one Skill Point. Therefore, defeat ten enemies using your blaster while using the Point Blank Skill to earn this achievement. 

You’ve Got A Friend

The You’ve Got A Friend Achievement requires players to take advantage of the companions in the game. To earn this achievement, players are encouraged to direct their companions. Therefore, direct your companions so they can assist you in combat. However, you are required to do this ten times for each companion.


The Catch! Achievement requires you to use the single roller mines to your advantage. These roller mines will detect the player nearby and follow him until they make contact and explode.

However, players are required to use these single roller mines to hit at least three enemies. You can use your force to throw these roller mines toward your enemies.

They Never Saw It Coming

The They Never Saw It Coming achievement encourages players to take advantage of the stealth mechanic in the game. Moreover, the achievement is simple to unlock throughout your campaign. All you need to do is strike enemies without them realizing that you are using stealth. To unlock this achievement, you need to do this to 20 enemies.

This Is Canon

The ‘This is Canon’ achievement can only be earned at the Shattered Moon. Therefore, players should remember to earn this achievement on the Shattered Moon. You can unlock this achievement by pushing an enemy into the mining canon on the Shattered Moon.

I’m A Living Legend

The I am A Living Legend achievement is one of the toughest to unlock in the game. Moreover, this achievement would require players to work extra hard.

Therefore, you need to defeat all the Legendary adversaries to earn this achievement. The Legendary Adversaries are buffed-up versions of the common enemies from the game.

Get Down From There

The Get Down From There achievement takes advantage of the Force in the game. This achievement encourages players to lift enemies using the Force.

However, you need to attack at least 20 enemies lifted in the air to unlock this achievement. This can also help players build up combos and land some mean blows.

One With The Force

The One With the Force is another one of the Achievements that encourages players to use the Force during combat. Therefore, you must dodge at least 50 attacks to earn this achievement.

Players must avoid these attacks using the Focus Sight. However, you need to first unlock this skill in your skill tree, which would at least cost you three skill points.

Mirror Match

The Mirror Match achievement could be a little tricky to unlock. Sometimes players can even unlock this achievement by complete accident. To earn this achievement, you must make a confused enemy defeat another enemy of the same type. Therefore, you need to use one enemy to defeat another one.


The Pinpoint achievement can be unlocked using the Precision Release ability. However, players must use at least four skill points to unlock this skill for their Dual Wield Stance. You must execute the precision release at least ten times to earn this achievement. 

Slam Dunk

The Slam Dunk achievement requires players to have the Force Slam ability. To earn this achievement, you need Force Slam 5 enemies at one time using a single Slam. However, it is also recommended to have the Force Lift ability unlocked. This could enable players to use Force Lift to lift a group of enemies and bring them down with the Force Slam.


The Riposte achievement requires you to use your Force abilities on enemies that can resist the effects. Therefore, to earn this achievement, you need to parry an incoming enemy attack. However, this enemy must also have resisted the Force Pull ability used on them.

Exploration Achievements

The Exploration Achievements can be unlocked through exploring the vast open world of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. These achievements will take you through all the corners of the world of Jedi Survivor. Moreover, this achievement also encourages players to go out of their way to appreciate the majestic open world built around them.

The following are the 12 Exploration Achievements players can earn in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

King Of The World

The King of the World achievement encourages players to explore the Harvest Ridge on Koboh. Therefore, to earn this achievement, players should climb to the highest point at Harvest Ridge. You need to climb a tall metal tower that can be seen right at the edge of the Barn.

There Is No Try

The There Is No Try achievement encourages players to use their Force abilities for good. Therefore, to earn this achievement, the players must help a droid and lift a ship out of the Tar Pits. These tar pits are present on Koboh and can cause ships to get stuck. However, players can not do this until later once they have learned the Force Lift skill.


The Reconnaissance achievement encourages players to use their BD-1 droid. Like in the movies, these droids are capable of performing many tasks. One of these tasks is to investigate targets while players stay at a safe distance. Therefore, players can unlock this achievement by using their BD-1 droid to investigate a target from a distance.

Now, This Isn’t Podracing

The Now, This Isn’t Podracing achievement is very simple to unlock. All you need to do is travel a distance of 500m, and cover the distance while riding a creature. Moreover, plenty of creatures are available in the world of star wars. Therefore, unlocking this achievement would be an easy task.

Cleaning Up

The Cleaning Up is a fun little easter egg achievement in the game. It encourages you to explore the vast exterior world and pays attention to the details indoors. Therefore, to earn this achievement, you only need to head into the restroom of Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh. Then interact with the toilet to unlock this achievement.

They’re Probably Fine

The They Are Probably Fine achievement is also one of the trickier achievements to unlock. This achievement requires you to perform sort of a stunt to unlock. Therefore, first, you need to tame and ride a Nekko. Then you need to find a large kind of hole in the ground.

Once at the hole, you need to jump over it and, halfway through your stunt, jump to the other side of this giant hole while the Nekko falls into it.


The Skywalker achievement is named after the famous Luke Skywalker. You need to use your Force Abilities to execute this move. Therefore, to earn this achievement, you need to stay off the ground and walls for 60 seconds. So basically, you need to be flying in the air. 

It’s A Trap

STAR WARS Jedi Survivor ohonqi caverns
Phon’Qi Caverns

The It Is A Trap achievement is one of the simpler achievements to unlock. Therefore, to unlock this achievement, all you need to do is to explore the Phon’Qi Caverns. You can find the Cavern entrance at the Foothill Falls on Koboh, right under the Abandoned Shack.

Can You Pet The Boggling?

The Can You Pet The Boggling is another one of the fun and easy achievements to unlock. All you need to do is pet the Boggling to unlock this achievement. 

Caij Match

The Caij Match achievement requires you to put in more effort to earn this achievement. However, you must first wait for your Bounty Progression System to unlock. Once the system is unlocked you will get the Bounty locations sent by Caij. You would need to visit these locations and defeat all the Bounties.

This would help you get the attention of a mysterious stranger at Cantina and earn you this achievement. 

Who Gives a Puck?

The Who Gives A Puck achievement is also unlocked through the Bounty Progression System. Therefore, for this achievement, you must meet Caij on Koboh and get the Bounty Puck token. These tokens can later be used at Pyloon’s Saloon, and more can be earned through Bounties offered by Caij. Getting your first Bounty will unlock this achievement. 

Greezy Money

The Greezy Money is also one of the more straightforward achievements to unlock in the game. You would need to trade at least 25 items that have been collected, resulting in this achievement being unlocked.

Customization Achievements

The Customization Achievements encourage players to put on newer cosmetic items. This could range from new robes to some head hand. Moreover, these achievements also encourage players to customize the lightsaber and other weapons in the game.

The following are the five Customization Achievements players can earn in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Cobra Cal

The Cobra Cal is a fun little easter egg, as the name is based on the popular Cobra Kai from the Karate Kid. You must wear a headband and train with your weapons to unlock this achievement. Therefore, all you need is a headband in your inventory.

A Presence I’ve Not Felt Since…

This achievement also requires players to a specific type of clothing to unlock. Players would need to wear an old wardrobe to earn this achievement. Therefore, all players need is a Poncho you can find inside the Legendary Chest at Fort Kah’lin. However, you would need to defeat the Spawn of Ogdo at this location for the chest.

Hey, Luke At Us

The achievement’s name again references everyone’s favorite Jedi, Luke Skywalker. Moreover, the achievement is also very easy to unlock as you only need to equip a new cosmetic item in every Cal slot.

Kitted Out

The Kitted Out achievement encourages players to upgrade and customize their weapons and utilities in the game. Therefore, to unlock this achievement, you must customize your blaster, lightsaber, and your droid, BD-1, with new parts. 

Road House

The Road House achievement requires cosmetic modification and will not be automatically earned. All you need is to get a Mullet and dropkick an enemy. These two things will help you earn this achievement as well. 

Completionist Achievements

The Completionist Achievements require players to max out their stats and complete quests and missions. These achievements can be earned by players that want to complete every part of this game and max out all their equipment.

The following are the ten Completionist Achievements players can earn in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Max Capacity

The Max Capacity achievement requires players to bring all the NPCs to Cantina. Therefore, you must recruit all the NPCs in the game and bring them to Pyloon’s Saloon Cantina on Koboh.

STAR WARS JEDI SURVIVOR recruiting npcs pili
Recruiting Pili – Jedha

These are all the 12 NPCs in the game you can recruit:

  • Pili
  • Mosey 
  • Turgle
  • Toa
  • Skoova
  • Wini
  • Pit Droid
  • T-1N8
  • Tulli and Bhima
  • Ashe and DD-EC
  • Caij 
  • Jawa 

The Perk Of The Job

Perk Slots – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Perk Of The Job achievement requires players to max out their perk slots. Therefore, you need to unlock all seven additional Perk Slots and equip them with perks. This means you have 10 perk slots, all currently equipped with perks.

Skoova Diving

To earn the Skoova Diving achievement, you must fill up the Cantina aquarium. Therefore, for this achievement, you must first recruit Skoova on Koboh. Then you would need to find him in various places throughout your campaign and help him catch different types of fish.


STAR WARS JEDI SURVIVOR holotactics minigame pyloon saloon
Holotactic Minigame – Pyloon’s Saloon

The Gambler achievement is another one of the completionist achievements. To earn this achievement, you must win all Holotactics matches against various opponents. However, you must first recruit Tulli and Bhima; this will unlock the Holotactics minigame at the Pyloon’s Saloon.

Intergalactic Geographic

STAR WARS JEDI SURVIVOR scan enemies tactical guide
Scan Enemies – Tactical Guide

The Intergalactic Geographic achievement requires you to interact with every enemy type in the game. Therefore, to unlock this achievement, you need to scan every enemy of every type, which would add them to your Tactical Guide. There are 71 different types of enemy slots you need to fill in your Tactical Guide for this achievement.


The Splurge achievement is another completionist achievement. However, to complete this achievement, you must buy all of Doma’s available merchandise. Once you have bought everything, this achievement will be awarded.

The Jedi Path

The Jedi Path achievement would require players to spend significant time maxing out all their stats. Therefore, you must upgrade all 3 of your skill trees to the max to earn this achievement. Once all three skill trees are upgraded to the max, this achievement will be awarded.

Blood, Sweat, And Tears

The Blood, Sweat, and Tears achievement requires you to complete a side quest fully. For this achievement to unlock, players must complete all 15 of the Force Tear Challenges available in the game. Therefore, complete all of these challenges to earn your achievement. 

Star Tours

The Star Tours achievement can be earned by completing all Seven of the Jedi Chambers. Therefore, you must find all 7 of the Jedi Chambers and complete the puzzles to unlock this achievement. Moreover, all 7 of these chambers can be found on Koboh.

The Jedi Survivor

You must unlock all other trophies and achievements in Star Wars Jedi Survivor to earn this achievement.

Story Achievements

The Story Achievements are the achievements that unlock as you progress forward in the story. Most of these achievements will earn independently, requiring players to play the campaign. However, it is important to remember as these achievements are for the main story, there are spoilers below.

The following are the 13 Story Achievements players can earn in Star Wars Jedi Survivor:

Rooftop Duel

To unlock the Rooftop Duel achievement, players need to defeat an Inquisitor. Therefore, you will achieve this when you defeat an Inquisitor during your main campaign.

For Saw Gerrera

The name of this achievement is another easter egg based on the famous rebel, Saw Gerrera. You just need to break free once the Empire captures you. Therefore, once you break free, this achievement will be unlocked.

Grab Some Seat

The Grab Some Seat achievement will take you to the Pyloon’s Saloon Cantina. Therefore, to earn this achievement, you need to interact with the owner of Cantina, Greez. This interaction will unlock this achievement. 

The Past Made Present

The Past Made Present is another one of the story achievements that you will earn. Therefore, you must release the Jedi, Dagan Gera, from the Bacta Tank to earn this achievement. The Bacta Tank can be found at the Forest Array on Koboh.

Survivors, We Adapt

This achievement unlocks when you travel with the Nightsister. Therefore, all you need to do is meet Merrin on Jedha and travel with her to unlock this achievement. 

Among The Masters

This is another one of the story achievements that will unlock if you play the main campaign. The achievement unlocks when you meet Master Eno Cordova on Jedha. Moreover, this is also the section where you find Cere.

For The Path

drilling machine jedha star wars jedi survivor
Digging Machine – Jedha

This is another achievement that you can unlock on your time on Jedha. You need to take down the huge digging machine near the Sanctuary. Therefore, once you defend the Pilgrim’s Sanctuary with the help of Merrin, you will be awarded this achievement.

Out Of Bedlam

This achievement unlocks once you save Zee from the Bedlam Raiders. Moreover, this is also when you encounter Dagan Gera for the second time. 

Tanalorr Bound

The achievement, Tanalorr Bound, unlocks once you defeat Dagan Gera for the final time. Moreover, this is also when you complete the main story mission at the Mountain Observatory.


This main story achievement unlocks once you successfully defend the Archive as part of your main story objective.

At The Precipice

This is again earned during your main campaign of the game. Therefore, to achieve this, you must complete your mission on Nova Garon and get back safely to Mantis.

Into The Abyss

The Into The Abyss achievement unlocks once you get to the Control Center on Koboh as part of your main story. Moreover, this is also the place you discover the route to Tanalorr.

A Place You Could Call Home

You can earn this final achievement as part of your main campaign. Moreover, the achievement is gained once the main story is completed and the credits roll. Completing the main story campaign can take 15 to almost 30 hours.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is full of many exciting activities players can participate. Players are often encouraged to try these side activities and rewarded with achievements and trophies. Moreover, even playing the main campaign and trying out newer skills also help you collect achievements.

These achievements are often just for show. However, sometimes players can also be awarded items based on their achievements.

These achievements do help push players to create some amazing gaming moments. As a result, players are encouraged to showcase their achievements and create creative plays in the game.

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