Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Lightsaber Colors

Explore a range of lightsaber colors to utilize in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Colors
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Colors

Star Wars Jedi Survivor features fascinating actions, characters, and classy combats, which require weapons to excel in them. While relying on various ranged weapons like standard Blaster or Bowcaster or Jedi’s force abilities in long-ranged attack scenarios, most Jedi preferably use their lightsaber in a closed ranged combat. A range of lightsaber colors can be seen throughout the game, accessible at different locations. The game has about ten common lightsaber colors in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, each representing its unique properties and the qualities of its user. 

Key Takeaways

  • In Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, all Lightsaber colors have different traits and qualities. 
  • There are a total of ten Lightsaber colors included in the game.
  • The wielder of a respective Lightsaber explains his qualities by associating him with the light or dark side of the force.
  • The Boss in the game wields some colors of Lightsabers, which explain a lot about their power.
  • The game has workbenches through which the colors of Lightsaber can be altered.
  • The game has two locked colors (Red and Party color), which can be unlocked by ending the game.


Lightsaber of blue color
Blue Lightsaber.

Of all the Star Wars: Jedi Survivor lightsaber colors, blue is often considered the default color and is commonly seen throughout the game. It is known to represent not only values such as truth and loyalty but also justice and stability and is associated with the light side of the Force.

Jedi guardians, highly skilled frontline defenders, and experts in close combat are known for using blue lightsabers. It is also wielded by one of the game’s mini-bosses, ” Tague Louesh” who seems to have mastered the weapon, engaging you in a fight that can not be taken lightly.


Lightsaber of green color
Green Lightsaber.

The green color lightsaber represents safety, harmony, peacekeeping, and growth, so it is mainly wielded by Jedi who is more in tune with their cosmic force while being associated with the light side of the force and is considered one of the best at using force abilities in combat.

It is mainly wielded by Jedi, who focus on diplomacy and negotiation, and their lightsabers’ green color is meant to represent their calm and diplomatic approach to conflict resolution. However, it is not accessible at first but becomes available after you gain access to the workbench. One of these workbenches can be found in Mantis; some are scattered throughout the whole game environment on different planets.


Lightsaber of yellow color
Yellow Lightsaber.

These yellow lightsabers, uncommon in color, represent knowledge, goodness, and energy. These are commonly used by Jedi Sentinels, who were said to be some of the most powerful force users maintaining order in the galaxy, being good at handling tech, and are said to be the mixture of the two types explained in Green and Blue.

However, you need access to the first workbench in Mantis to wield it. It is seen to be wielded by one of the mini-bosses of the game “Drya Thornne.”


Lightsaber of purple color
Purple Lightsaber.

Representing wisdom and nobility, Purple lightsabers are used by the Jedi, who were primarily in the light side of force but were able and not afraid to use the dark side of it, maintaining a balance between the aspects.

So ultimately, Purple lightsabers are primarily wielded by flexible personality Jedi. It can be wielded using any workbench accessible around the game’s environment. A boss in the game uses, “Reprogrammed MagnaGuard,” which can prove fatal.


Lightsaber of red color.
Red Lightsaber.

One of the most interesting colors available for force users and wielded by one of the strongest bosses, such as “The Ninth Sinister,” the Red color of the lightsaber represents anger, hatred, and power; therefore, it is mostly used by dark side force users.

However,  to wield this color in the game, you need to progress through the story and then start a new game plus so that it becomes unlocked on any workbenches. It is also wielded by the main boss, “Darth Vader,” which is considered the most anticipated and difficult boss fight of the game.


Lightsaber of white color.
White Lightsaber.

One of the most important, rare, and influential, white lightsabers are somewhat quite the opposite of the red color, so it represents positivity, peace, and purity. It is wielded by the strongest and purest of the Jedi. It is available to be wielded on the workbenches.


Lightsaber of orange color
Orange Lightsaber.

The orange lightsaber is a mysterious color that represents ambition and creativity. It is wielded by Jedi who possesses wisdom and has the space to learn from others. This lightsaber can be easily accessed in the game by customizing your lightsaber using a workbench.

Furthermore, the orange lightsaber is a unique color not as commonly seen as some others. Its rarity makes it even more appealing to those who seek to stand out from the crowd. The orange lightsaber’s distinctive color allows the wielder to make a statement about their personality and values.


Lightsaber of indigo color
Indigo Lightsaber.

An indigo lightsaber is a variation of the blue color known to be wielded by Jedi who possesses wisdom. Usually, there are not many Jedi who wield this color. However, it is easily accessible through the workbench located on the Mantis ship.


Lightsaber of Magenta color
Magenta Lightsaber.

Not much of an important but included in the game, magenta is somewhat a variant of the purple lightsaber. Jedi are considered different and out of the box from the usual ones who mostly possess it. Again, it is easily accessible through any of the workbenches.


Lightsaber of Cyan color
Cyan Lightsaber.

Lightsabers (Cyan) that are similar in color to blue and are wielded by daring and loyal Jedi are known to be available in the game. However, they are not as commonly used as the blue lightsabers. These lightsabers are easily accessible throughout the game.


This lightsaber is the second color (after red) not initially accessible in the game. However, after starting a new game plus, players eventually gain the ability to wield it. Workbenches can be used to wield the lightsaber once they are unlocked.

Moreover, this lightsaber randomly changes color every time it is used in an attack. Therefore, it perfectly balances all the traits and colors, keeping complete harmony.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor, all lightsaber colors, is a topic that should be explained thoroughly. A lot of aesthetic and enthusiastic gamers around the world focus on the traits of each color. They equip the specific lightsaber color to depict their character’s traits and give him either a dark or light side of the force quality. 

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