Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Best Settings [Configuration]

In this guide, familiarize yourself with the best Star Wars Jedi settings to enjoy the best gameplay.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Best Settings
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Default settings are an excellent start to the Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Your GPU drivers automatically choose the perfect settings according to VRAM and other performance factors. This automated response tends to focus on performance rather than quality. Therefore, if you are not getting good graphic quality even on high-end specs, here are some of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor best settings.

Key Takeaways

  • By default, Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s settings match your PC’s specs.
  • Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea to keep everything as close to the minimum as possible if you’re using a budget-friendly pc to achieve good performance settings. However, there’s no harm in keeping some settings at a high level as it doesn’t affect performance significantly.
  • By choosing low graphic settings, you are choosing performance over graphics.
  • You can only choose the best settings if you have a computer that can handle much heat with the recommended specs. Vram is the most load-bearing component of a computer, so you should have specs that can handle a lot of heat.
  • As of yet, choosing the best graphic settings means your pc has the specs to provide good graphics and performance.

The bare minimum requirement for Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a GeForce GTX 1070 if you’re using Nvidia or Radeon RX580 if you’re using AMD. Recommended requirements are Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 or Radeon RX 6700 XT. Considering this, any GPU bordering on performance to the minimum requirement will give a low graphical output.

Best Low Graphic Settings

Star Wars Jedi Survivor best low graphic settings
Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s best low graphic settings-Image captured by gamesual

If you have a budget PC, then keep the settings low. The display should be low for better framerates in exchange for inferior graphics. Turn off Ray tracing because it will only slow down your PC, and there’s not much to see. You should turn on FSR. It will run your game according to your resolution, making it look worse but smoother. Here are some recommended settings:

  • Set the resolution to 1920×1080.
  • Keep the graphics quality custom.
  • Windows mode should be fullscreen.
  • Graphic quality set at custom.
  • Keep foliage detail medium.
  • Turn off Vsync.
  • Keep camera shake at 75%.
  • Maintain Ambient camera sway at 0%.
  • Turn off the film grain.
  • Post-processing set on low.
  • Set field view on medium.
  • Keep the visual effects low.
  • Texture quality should be low.
  • Set brightness at 3.
  • Anti-aliasing should be medium.
  • Set the field of view to medium.
  • Turn off motion blur, film grain, and Hide HUD.

Switching to these settings won’t necessarily improve your game quality, but it will stop any frame drops you experience. Any settings overlooked here won’t have any significant impact on your VRAM. With the expected upcoming patches, you may be able to enhance your gaming experience. But, with the high requirements for Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there won’t be much change.

Best High Graphic Settings

Star Wars Jedi Survivor best high graphic settings
Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s best high graphic settings-Image captured by Gamesual

The best graphics preset for players to experience the visually stunning world of this game. Still, you need a good, high-quality PC to get the best pictures and performance. Below are some of the most commonly-used settings to get the best possible graphics experience:

  • Set the resolution to 3840×2160.
  • Keep post-processing high.
  • The foliage detail should be high.
  • AMD fidelity fx super-resolution 2 should be turned off.
  • Turn off Hide HUD, film grain, chromatic aberration, and motion blur.
  • Keep the view distance high.
  • Set ani aliasing at high.
  • Texture quality, visual effects, and shadow quality should be high.
  • Set the ambient camera to sway at 0%.
  • Change the field of view to the widest.
  • Set camera shake at 75%.
  • Brightness should be at 3.

The Star Wars Jedi Survivor provides players with a huge range of graphics options to make the most of their computer’s specs. This game is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the Star Wars universe on a high-end machine. Furthermore, this game also allows people on a budget to exchange graphics for framerates to guarantee they still enjoy the game as intended.

The immersive world of Star Wars looks very pleasing in the best graphic setting, but if you want a more performance experience with good framerates, setting it on low graphics would be the better option. We have told you about the best Star Wars: Jedi Survivor settings for your PC, depending on your specs. Let us know in the comments below if you think we missed anything.

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