Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Bosses [Ranked]

Learn the tactics of Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses and form the best approach to deal with them.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a great and successful sequel to Star Wars Fallen Order. The game includes thrilling, action-packed visuals and combat mechanics. Along with its engaging fight mechanism, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has made its bosses much more anticipated to fight. 

Major Takeaways

  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor has numerous bosses to entertain yourself with.
  • Apart from the main bosses, some Legendary bosses are considered optional bosses of the game.
  • As for the main bosses, these are essential to clear the game and unlock some important stuff. Explicitly, players can unlock various stances, such as defeating the Ninth Sister to unlock Dual Stance. Also, defeating Drya Thornne will unlock the Crossguard Stance. Both are essential as both have their unique benefits.
  • As for the optional bosses, these are the game’s side content, which is entertaining and fruitful to explore. For example, after killing all the bounty hunters, players can fight Caij Vanda and obtain her weapon after defeating her.
  • Some boss fights differ, so using the same strategy every time will not be helpful. Players must use various fighting tactics, such as equipping a different stance according to the situation. Or, using the right Jedi ability can change the battle’s outcome.

A boss fight is one of the most interesting aspects of action-adventure games. In Star Wars Jedi Survivors, a few basic mechanics must be in consideration while facing a boss. These include Dodging, Evading, and the Armor Bar of the enemy.

Dodging is simple as it allows players to block the incoming damage on most of the boss’s attacks. However, this trick will not always be effective, as a boss might deliver a charge attack that only evasion can counter.

Regarding an enemy’s armor, it depletes when you hit an enemy while he is blocking. Once the gauge runs out, the enemy will be staggered. Giving you a minor space to land a hit on it before the gauge fills again.




K-405 Coruscant


The Ninth Sister Coruscant


Zeik Kobo


Dagan Gera Kobo, Shattered Moon


Korej Lim Koboh


Tague Louesh Koboh


Reprogrammed Magnaguard Shattered Moon


Drya Thornne Shattered Moon


Urgost, Fist of Rayvis Koboh


Rayvis Shattered Moon


Rick The Door Technician Nova Garon


Bode Jedha, Nova Garon


Darth Vader Jedha



First boss fight in Star Wars Jedi
A Tutorial Boss fight With K-405

The first ever encounter of the boss fights in the game. Generally, it is a mini-boss fight whose purpose is to make the players aware of basic boss fight mechanics. This enables the players to deal with enemies’ armor and train their reflexes to evade the attacks.

Following this, evasion is the most vital part of the combat in fighting bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It is because every boss tends to perform a charge attack which pierces the guard and delivers an impactful blow. 

However, while fighting K-405, players can quickly become aware of these mechanics as the fight is not intensive. Moreover, Bode Akuna will also be your company in this fight. Because Bode will deal a fair amount of range damage to the K-405, there is no pressure to take in this boss fight. Although, relying on Bode damage will not be a recommendation here. 

Due to the simplicity of this mini-boss fight, players are given enough space to test their skills and practice some tricks to take down bosses much more efficiently.

The Ninth Sister

Masan Tide as boss of Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Fight The Ninth Sister (Masana Tide) to unlock Dual Stance

Unlike the K-405, the Ninth Sister boss fight requires good readability on the enemy’s movement. It is because simply blocking or striking the Ninth Sister Masana Tide head-on will not favor you in this fight. Also, if you find any difficulty with the first boss fight, this one might give you a tough time. 

But every tough time can be countered with a sturdy defense and a logical offense. Two factors must be in consideration while fighting Masana. These include Evasion and fast-paced attacks.

It is because Masana has a good defense which allows her to block most of the player’s attacks and might also dodge a few of them. On the contrary, her attacks are slow, which, when timely utilized, gives players a good opening to punish her back.

Moreover, players will unlock Dual Stance at the end phase of this boss fight. This stance enables the player to deal damage at high speed and block projectiles. Seemingly the best stance to use in most situations where speed is the core factor.


Zeik's boss fight
Zeik, a member of the Bedlam Raiders

The encounter with Zeik’s boss fight is also the players’ first encounter with Rayvis. However, Rayvis will not be part of this fight. Slaying Zeik will be the only requirement of this fight. Zeik is a part of the Bedlam Raiders group and capable enough to be a boss in the game.

Zeik can be troublesome as his functionality relies on speed. Consecutive attacks might not be helpful against him as he tends to counter such attacks by evading them. The most favorable strategy for dealing with Zeik is keeping your guard up.

Dodging and parrying Zeik will not trouble players a lot. Following this, his guard will drop time after time, allowing the player to land a straight hit on him. Supposedly killing him after repeating this strategy 3 – 4 times.

Also, maintaining distance from him might not be a good idea as he can easily catch up.

Dagan Gera

Dagan boss fight
Image of Dagan in his Second Encounter.

A boss fight filled with enthusiasm delivered the game’s most entertaining story-telling aspect. Players will face Dagan 3 times in the story. Each time his powers surprisingly surpass his previous form. Using the same approach to deal with him each time will not be viable.

The first encounter with Dagan is when he is most vulnerable and can be efficiently dealt with. His guard will not take much effort to put down. Also, fighting him face-to-face can be a lot more effective as his capability to dodge incoming attacks is no threat.

Moreover, players can stagger him easily, even if his armor gauge is full. This favors players to land consecutive hits on him most of the time. However, his evasiveness would still be admirable in that weak form.

The second encounter will introduce a complete change in the boss fight. Not only his looks but his combat will also be altered. Following this, players will find it difficult to stagger him. His improvement in evasion, striking, and dodging most incoming attacks will be commendable.

Dagan will be able to use Dual Stance with the help of his telekinesis ability. A balance in both offense and defense is a requirement for this fight.

The third encounter will enclose the chapter of Dagan. Because Dagan is now a more unpredictable enemy, Bode will tag along in this fight to assist you. This boss fight will have three minor phases. The first one will be almost similar to the second encounter with Dagan.

The second phase will allow Dagan to create a holographic arm that will impact his combat skills. Lastly, the third phase will be more threatening at the start because Dagan will create his clones to amplify his impact. But these clones are easy to deal with if the player is aggressive.

Despite being a challenge, the most enticing combat of the boss sharpens players’ skills.

Korej Lim

Korej Lim boss fight
Bounty Hunter Korej Lim

Once you reach Devastated Settlement, a bounty hunter will lunge at you mid-air. Namely, Korej Lim, who will attempt to take you down. However, this will be a mini-boss fight; not much hardship is required to win it. Although, Korej Lim can prove to be a lot more annoying than most of the bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivors. 

Regarding his annoying trait, Korej loves to hang high in the sky. This feature helps him to sustain quite well in the fight, but taking him down is still pretty straightforward. Korej does not have any armor gauge to help him block any of the incoming attacks.

In terms of attacking, Korej has access only to a ranged weapon. Following this, players can reflect the projectiles at them, which deals moderate damage. Moreover, players can use their ranged weapon to deliver a charge attack and bring Korej down on the ground. 

Once on the ground, players can easily finish him as Korej takes a lot of damage from lightsaber’s attacks.

Tague Louesh

Tague Louesh boss fight
A Finest Lightsaber Warrior from Dagan’s Army – Tague Louesh

Tague Louesh is also a mini-boss fight, but taking it lightly can be fatally wrong. This warrior is one of the finest soldiers of the Dagan’s army. However, this warrior does not have access to use the Force. Still, he can use a lightsaber efficiently and deliver impactful blows. 

Tague Louesh is good at cornering his enemies. He can handle the melee attacks rather well at the closer range by doing evasive side-steps and following up with a fast counter hit.

On the other hand, he can easily close the gap between players and him. Despite the fact he does not have Force to use, he uses a spear to hook players and drag them closer toward him. 

This might be tedious as evading Tague’s attacks is essential, which often requires the players to maintain their distance from him. This is one of the bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor who requires anticipation from the players.

Reprogrammed MagnaGuard

MagnaGuard boss fight Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Reprogrammed MagnaGuard to fight as a Boss

Undoubtedly, the most viscous-looking boss in the game. Although, it looks to have no role in compiling his skills, which means that this is much more likely to be a mini-boss fight. MagnaGuard can be tough for players who aim to keep their attack sturdy. It is because this robot can sustain itself quite well against agile attacks.

The only thing to observe in this fight is the behavior of MagnaGuard as the combat moves toward intense chaos. The reason is that as the armor gauge of MagnaGuard reaches its ends, it will be more aggressive in maintaining its guard. However, when the gauge is successfully terminated, MagnaGuard will likely fall as it takes a lot of damage from regular hits. 

It is the best suggestion to be more offensive at the start of the fight. Whereas being defensive by the end of it will be quite beneficial.

Drya Thornne

Drya Thornne boss fight
Fight Drya Thornne to Unlock Crossguard Stance

Yet another mini-boss fight but unlike others, this one yields a much more rewarding asset of the game. Drya is somehow the easiest yet, somehow, one of the most difficult bosses to understand in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

His movement is quite illusive as compared to his attacking. Drya tends to move at a good speed, but his attack speed does not relate well with his movement.

His stance favors him to deal massive and staggering damage to the player but at a slow pace. This adds one favorable feature to this boss: the fact that faltering him might prove challenging. Moreover, he is not completely a low agility enemy as he can pull out his ranged weapon to turn the tides to his advantage. 

Winning this boss will reward you with Crossguard Stance. A stance that allows you to deal massive damage with slow and charged attacks.

Urgost, Fist Of Rayvis

Urgost boss fight
The chosen warrior by Dagan – Urgost

One of the legendary bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, but its path is linked with the main storyline. Urgost will be present in the Observatory Understructure while making your way to the Dagan’s boss fight. Urgost can be a tough opponent as he wields a massive, sturdy hammer with an electric charge.

Regarding Urgost’s weapon, it can deal a little area damage due to the elemental power it contains. Urgost will deliver charged attacks mostly, which upon landing the player or the ground, will trigger its element effect.

Following this, the electrifying impact cannot be blocked and will push the player away from Urgost. To best deal with this situation, use the ability and maintain a proper distance to look for a better opening.


Rayvis boss fight
The 2-Phase Boss Fight – Rayvis

Once you have surpassed the second encounter with Dagan, Rayvis will stand in your way as the next boss fight. Rayvis is undoubtedly one of the tough bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Its resistance toward staggering is quite amazing. Moreover, Rayvis has 2 phases. So, putting him down requires a bit of time and effort.

The first phase will limit Rayvis to the use of short combos and play at a slow pace. For both phases, it is recommended that your parry skills are in practice and you do not miss a chance to retaliate after posing a counter hit.

Taking hits from Rayvis will put you in a troublesome situation where you will be vulnerable to taking further damage from him. So, it is best to timely parry his moves and deliver as many hit as possible in a specific time. Following this, Dual Stance will be a viable option here.

The second phase will remove the limit from Rayvis regarding his combos. His extension of moves will make it a bit confusing in prolonging your defense. The player might drop his guard before Rayvis is done with his move set.

However, dropping his armor gauge will be ever more efficient as facing his full move set with a successful evasion and parrying will result in a better opening to strike him back.

Rayvis can tank a lot of damage before he drops down. So, consistency is the key to dealing with this boss fight.

Rick The Door Technician

Rick boss fight
A pretty light-weight boss fight- Rick The Door Technician

The reason for this boss fight is rather questionable. This boss fight will not give any enticing or blood-boiling experience. It is mostly the case that this boss can be taken down in a single slash.

Somehow, Rick has managed to be worthy of a boss, but in general, there is no specific approach to consider in killing him. Players can run toward him and remove his soul, remove the very existence.

Rick’s boss fight is surely a commendable moment for him to be at least brave enough to face a Jedi with such a negligible ounce of hope.

Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna boss fight
Bode Akuna as the Final Boss Fight

Unwishful and unwilling, Bode Akuna will turn his back on his allies. For the sake of his daughter, he will befriend none and aim to keep his follow his motive. Players will encounter Bode Akuna 2 times. The first will be chasing him down, and the second will be the final boss of the game.

The first encounter will mostly be a long chase where Cal aims to catch and stop him. Before the fight commences, Bode reveals himself to be a Jedi. Meaning that he will have access to Lightsaber, gun, and Force.

Timely using the parry move to counter his hits will be crucial but be aware he can apply the same thing to you. Bode will not be fighting on his true potential, which will deplete his armor and health bar in less hardship.

The second encounter, as the final boss fight, will be demanding as players of skillful aggression and adaptive evasion are required to easily pass this boss fight. Bode will evade most attacks and deliver attacks that the player cannot withstand without faltering.

Moreover, Bode will also use explosives on the ground to disbalance Cal and seek his advantage in the fight. Merrin will also tag along in this fight to make it seem balanced.

He is one of the most thrilling bosses to fight in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
The undefeated boss in the story – Darth Vader

The most anticipated boss fight for most of the players is Darth Vader. Although, players will not be playing as Cal during this boss fight. Cere will take the leading role here and face Darth Vader. This boss fight might be a demanding one to achieve a flawless victory in it. This is because Darth Vader tends to use some grappling moves time after time which lands a guaranteed hit.

An important factor to remember is that Darth Vader uses a strong Force that can repel and attract players much more efficiently. Keeping your movement stable is vital to stand against Darth Vader.

However, Cere’s ability to gather force around her and launch it to repel enemies is admirable. Use it often to withstand Darth Vader’s attacks, as he can not stagger her while she channels this ability. 



Beetu Deetu Koboh
Caij Vanda Koboh
D-L1T Coruscant
E3-VE3 Koboh
Frenzied Jotaz Coruscant
Gorocco Matriarch Koboh
Rancor Koboh
Skriton Jedha
Spawn of Oggdo Koboh
Sutaban Alpha Jedha
The Mire Terror Koboh
Vile Balemaw Koboh

Beetu Deetu

Beetu Deetu boss fight
A Defenseless Robot – Beetu Deetu

This boss fights will take place in the Southern Reach. This is a fight against a robot, so maintaining your distance might not put you in a good situation. Beetu Deetu aims to use range attacks which include the use of guns and missiles.

Although most projectiles can be reflected, players should try to keep the fight at a closer range and stay aggressive throughout the whole fight. Beetu Deetu will not be given any defensive gauge for players to worry about. Almost every hit will land with success.

Caij Vanda

Vaij Vanda boss fight
Bounty Hunter – Caij Vanda

Once the player has defeated all the bounty hunters, Caij Vanda will invite Cal to meet at the location of their first encounter. When reached the location (Pyloon’s Saloon), players can interact with Caij Vanda, who will be waiting there for Cal. Doing so will enter a cutscene where Caij will try to shoot down Cal, and the boss fight will commence.

Caij Vanda will only use her guns for combat which will help her fight at a better range. Although those guns can perform fine in close combat, so cornering her will be a bit difficult. Defeating her will end the bounty hunter’s side activity, as Boba Fett will take her with him. 

Also, players will receive her weapon as a reward in the end.


D-L1T boss fight
A Legendary Boss Fight – D-L1T

Players can access this fight after acquiring the Electro Dart Ability for BD-1. At the Meditation Point in Hangar 2046-C, there will be an elevator at the backside. Use this elevator to go to the upper level.

On the left hand, there will be a Stormtrooper who will be guarding the gate of D-L1T. Kill the Stormtrooper and discharge the current holding the gate from opening. Electro Dart ability will help you in unlocking that door.

D-L1T will be a serious boss fight as his health bar is sufficient to keep let him hold his ground for a while. Following this, D-L1T is a sturdy machine that relies mostly on landing heavy attacks to deal massive damage at once.

Regarding this, players must keep a swift hand on their attacks and movement. A Dual Stance can work quite well, given that attacks need to land quickly in a short period. 


E3-VE3 boss fight
A Multiple Enemy Boss Fight with E3-VE3

In the Untamed Downs, you can find a cave with the Green Barrier inside. Use a Nekko to reach this destination. While inside this cave, many robots and wild creatures will get in the way. Moreover, the gate that must be open to enter the fight with E3-VE3 can only be opened with the help of the Lift and Slam ability.

This fight will differ from the majority of the boss fights. The legendary boss will not be alone; many other robots will assist it during this fight. However, these robots are no big deal to get through, and the E3-VE3 will also be a minor problem.

Due to its aggressive stance, it does not hold any specialty in acquiring a troublesome defense. So, any player with a good offense can easily nail this fight.

A room on the left will comprise the reward fitting for trying on this boss fight. Players will acquire Health Essence, which will boost their health capacity.

Frenzied Jotas

Frenzied Jotas boss fight
A Frenzy-looking boss – Frenzied Jotas

Much similar to the D-L1T’s boss fight, the Frenzied Jotas boss fight also requires the Electro Dart ability to access it. Players must proceed on the given path at the meditation point in the Undercity Meats.

Climb on the higher level with the help of a grappling hook and enter the door on the left hand. After that, look to the right, and you will find a giant door blocked by a gadget that can be unlocked with the help of BD-1. 

In terms of fighting, Frenzied Jotas is an enormous enemy that lands heavy attacks quite often. So again, fast-paced attacks will deal relatively great damage as staggering might not be possible for this boss fight. But due to Jotas’s charged attacks, plenty of time is available for the players to land multiple hits before Jotas’s actions can deliver any impact.

Gorocco Matriarch

Gorocco Matriarch boss fight
An Aggressive Beast – Gorocco Matriarch

The location of Derelict Dam will host this legendary boss fight. At the meditation point, players must turn right while facing the wall. Afterward, head straight to the yellow lift, which will take you to the upper level.

Right in front of you will be the Gorocco Matriarch, but the fight will not commence as you still won’t be in the rightful spot. Later, head toward the closed shutter and Lift and Slam ability to open it. Head forward, and eventually, you will greet this maniac beast.

One thing to watch out for during this boss fight is a straight punch to the face. This legendary boss can convey shockingly high damage, which can turn the tides in its favor. Usually, you can try out the Crossguard stance to apply the faltering effect on Gorocco Matriarch.

But be watchful, as the beast will not stay in that vulnerable position forever. So, try to dish out as many hits as possible, then retreat to counter-initiate its next attack sequence. Mostly, Gorocco will use charged attacks.


Rancor boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
The First Legendary Boss of the Game – Rancor

Among the Legendary bosses of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Rancor is likely the first to be encountered. This tough creature is quite destructive in terms of facing him head-on.

Rancor will be residing inside the cave of Sodden Grotto. Players might find this fight too sophisticated due to the limit on blocking.

Rancor attacks tend to pierce the blocking and deal high damage upon impact. It is because Rancor usually performs ground-breaking moves that send tremors on the ground, which is pretty vile for players who rely on blocking tactics.

Usually, jumping is the best option in terms of evading his attacks. After a successful jump, dash forward toward Rancor and deal as many hits as possible. Now you must maintain your distance and try to stay at mid-range as long as Rancor does not initiate another charge move.


Skriton boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Vicious-looking Enemy – Skriton

While exploring Jedha, players will encounter a deep pit hole where many dead Stormtroopers lie on the ground. The area is accessible, and upon reaching its depth, an optional boss fight will trigger, and players will face Skriton. Much to their ease, Merrin will be assisting in this fight.

Fighting Skriton requires fast thinking; this boss can react to a player’s movement. Following this, Skriton plans his next move regarding how far the player stands. Skriton’s move set can easily handle every range, so it’s best to think fast and act fast during this boss fight. 

  • A jump attack with a ground slam that covers a far distance.
  • Tail swipe for mid-range.
  • Left claw for short range

Spawn Of Oggdo

Oggdo boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Terrifying Enemy – Oggdo

This legendary boss will appear on the lowest level of Fort Kah’Lin. To enter the layer of Oggdo, players must reach the level where all droids are present. From there on, walk over the giant platform, and the ground will open. Take the fall, and the boss fights with Oggdo will commence.

The fight with Oggdo will not be simple, as a few factors must be considered. First off, players must stick to fast-paced attacks. Oggdo will not grant a wide opening to land hits on it, so there should be an immediate response in attacking.

Furthermore, your placement will genuinely matter how you plan to position yourself while keeping a sturdy defense. The best observation in the play is that the player should try to keep himself where the Oggdo’s head is pointing, which means standing right in front of the face. The usual attacks can be easily blocked but do not break your guard on them.

The thrashing attacks will give the best opening to land a few hits and attain the defensive position. Some Oggdo’s attacks, such as slamming the ground or grabbing with the tongue, are not blockable.

These attacks are best to be avoided either by jumping or by maintaining a long distance. Following this pattern will eventually lead to an easy but tiresome victory. It is because some time might be required to execute this tactic successfully.

Sutaban Alpha

Sutaban Alpha Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Hasty Beast – Sutaban Alpha

A legendary enemy located in the Crypt of Uhrama, Sutaban Alpha is an aggressive beast and will mostly use lunge attacks in a continuous order. Rushing back as the beast initiates his attack, patterns are best to counter it.

However, dodging is also a better option here, but dropping your guard between such situations might have some dreadful outcome in the end. Following this, Crossguard’s stance might prove vital as once Sutaban Alpha pauses; there will be plenty of time to hit him.

The Mire Terror

Mire Terror Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Duo Boss Fight – The Mire terror

The Viscod Bog will consist of a location known as Hazard. There will be a meditation point, and the Hazard will be right before it. With the help of the Lift and Slam ability, players need to lift the rocks and make their way to the Mogu Trolls layer. Be careful not to fall into the Hazard as the swamp will gradually devour you entirely, and you can die.

Once the boss fight starts, there will be two of the Mogu Trolls to face in this boss fight. Although these creatures are tough to fight at close range, there are ways to gain an advantage in this boss fight.

Players can intentionally get grabbed by a Mogu Troll. This way, players can follow the specific button to prompt them to counter the grab attack. If it succeeds, Mogu Troll will lose its arm, which, as a result, will reduce the damage dealing done by it.

Another effective technique is using one of these creatures against the other. To do so, the Mind Control Ability will come into play. For a brief time, one of the trolls will fight by your side. Whether the ally wins or the hostile one, it will still be effective as one of them will go down by dealing immense damage to the other one. 

As a reward, players will receive a Stim Upgrade.

Vile Bilemaw

Vile Bilemaw boss fight
A Vile Beast – Vile Bilemaw

This legendary enemy takes some real effort to knock it down. The location of this boss fight is in the Fogged Expanse. Reaching there might be tedious as lots of turns and going through tough enemies are the basic requirements. If you find any difficulty in reaching its location, then you can follow the guide of The Game Bar channel on YouTube.

Regarding the capability of this boss, it can take a lot of damage and dish out a lot of damage. This vile beast will majorly use charged attacks, but they can be easily evaded by sidestepping. Although there can be no limit on which stance is specified for the best damage result, dealing damage at a faster rate could be a lot more favorable. Following this, players can use the Dual Stance.

Closing Remarks

In conclusion, to all bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, there are surely ways defined in this guide to provide the best supportive tips to fight each boss. However, players should not keep themselves limited to these tips as there are plenty of techniques to equip in Star Wars Jedi Survivor to fend off even the mightiest bosses.

The game has the capability of providing its players with combat options to indulge themselves with a variety of fighting methods. This factor makes the game quite remarkable in terms of battling aspects. As well as the game’s optional bosses reflect its massive and explorable environment.

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