Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Bosses [Ranked]

Learn the tactics of Star Wars Jedi Survivor bosses and form the best approach to deal with them.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses
Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bosses

Along with its engaging fight mechanism, Star Wars Jedi Survivor has made its bosses much more anticipated to fight. A boss fight is one of the most interesting aspects of action-adventure games. In Star Wars Jedi Survivors, a few basic mechanics must be considered while facing a boss.

Major Takeaways

  • Main bosses are essential for progressing through the game and unlocking important stances.
  • Defeating the Ninth Sister unlocks the Dual Stance, and defeating Drya Thornne unlocks the Crossguard Stance.
  • Players can face optional bosses like Caij Vanda after defeating all the bounty hunters to obtain her weapon.
  • Boss fights may require different strategies and adaptability, including using different stances and Jedi abilities based on the situation.




K-405 Coruscant


The Ninth Sister Coruscant


Zeik Kobo


Dagan Gera Kobo, Shattered Moon


Korej Lim Koboh


Tague Louesh Koboh


Reprogrammed Magnaguard Shattered Moon


Drya Thornne Shattered Moon


Urgost, Fist of Rayvis Koboh


Rayvis Shattered Moon


Rick The Door Technician Nova Garon


Bode Jedha, Nova Garon


Darth Vader Jedha



First boss fight in Star Wars Jedi
A Tutorial Boss fight With K-405
  • The first boss encounter in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a mini-boss fight designed to introduce players to basic boss fight mechanics.
  • This encounter helps players understand how to deal with enemies’ armor and train their reflexes to evade attacks.
  • Evasion plays a crucial role in boss fights because most bosses use charge attacks that can bypass the player’s guard and deal significant damage.
  • K-405 is the first boss encountered, and the fight is relatively straightforward, allowing players to become familiar with these mechanics.
  • Bode Akuna accompanies the player in this fight and provides ranged damage support, but I will not recommend solely depending on Bode’s damage.
  • This mini-boss fight’s simplicity allows players to practice their skills and learn tricks for more efficient boss takedowns.

The Ninth Sister

Masan Tide as boss of Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Fight The Ninth Sister (Masana Tide) to unlock Dual Stance
  • The Ninth Sister, Masana Tide boss fight in Star Wars Jedi Survivor requires careful observation of the enemy’s movements.
  • Simply blocking or striking head-on against the Ninth Sister will not be in your favor, and this fight can be challenging, especially if you have difficulty with the first boss.
  • For this battle, you must use a strong defense and a strategic offense to overcome this challenging fight. Focus on evasion and fast-paced attacks.
  • The Ninth Sister has a robust defense allows her to block most player attacks and even dodge some.
  • In the later phases of this boss fight, players will unlock the Dual Stance, which enables high-speed damage dealing and the ability to block projectiles. This stance is excellent for situations where speed is a critical factor.


Zeik's boss fight
Zeik, a member of the Bedlam Raiders
  • The Zeik boss is the players’ first encounter with Rayvis, but Rayvis will not participate in this fight. The primary objective of this encounter is to defeat Zeik, a member of the Bedlam Raiders group.
  • Zeik is a fast and agile boss, and dealing with him can be challenging. Consecutive attacks are less effective against him, as he can evade and counter them. The most effective strategy for handling Zeik is to maintain a defensive stance.
  • I strongly advise keeping a significant distance from Zeik, as he can quickly close the gap between you, making engaging with him directly in combat important. Repeating the guard and counter strategy 3-4 times can lead to Zeik’s defeat.

Dagan Gera

Dagan boss fight
Image of Dagan in his Second Encounter.
  • In the first encounter with Dagan, he is vulnerable, and players can efficiently engage him. His guard is relatively easy to break, and direct combat works well.
  • Players can stagger Dagan easily, even when his armor gauge is complete, allowing for consecutive hits. However, he retains some evasive abilities in this weak form.
  • The second encounter with Dagan brings a significant change. He alters his appearance and combat style. Staggering him becomes more challenging, and he demonstrates improved evasion, striking, and dodging skills.
  • Thanks to his telekinesis ability, Dagan can use a Dual Stance in this phase, requiring a balanced approach between offense and defense. I would not advise you to go directly with the offense because of the raging battle with the boss, but you also need to enhance your defenses.
  • The third and final encounter with Dagan marks the end of his chapter. This boss fight has three minor phases, showcasing Dagan’s improved combat skills.
  • Dagan creates a holographic arm in the second phase, enhancing his abilities. The final phase introduces more complexity as Dagan creates clones to amplify his impact.
  • While Dagan presents a challenge, the boss fights to provide an opportunity to sharpen players’ skills and provide an engaging combat experience.

Korej Lim

Korej Lim boss fight
Bounty Hunter Korej Lim
  • At Devastated Settlement, you’ll encounter Korej Lim, a mini-boss.
  • Korej prefers aerial combat, but he lacks an armor gauge.
  • He primarily uses ranged attacks that you can deflect for moderate damage.
  • Players must use a charged ranged attack to bring him down to the ground.
  • One major weak spot I found for Korej was the lightsaber attacks. You can efficiently utilize those to put him in the ground. 

Tague Louesh

Tague Louesh boss fight
A Finest Lightsaber Warrior from Dagan’s Army – Tague Louesh
  • Tague Louesh is a formidable mini-boss.
  • He excels in melee combat and wields a lightsaber skillfully.
  • His fast attacks are excruciating, and he was able to corner me with a total of five tries, in my experience. 
  • He can close the gap using a spear to hook and pull players.
  • Anticipation and maintaining distance are crucial when fighting him.

Reprogrammed MagnaGuard

MagnaGuard boss fight Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Reprogrammed MagnaGuard to fight as a Boss
  • MagnaGuard appears to be a mini-boss with a menacing appearance.
  • This robot excels at defending itself against solid attacks.
  • You must observe the fighting behavior as you do not want to repeat the fight with this mini-boss and halt the progress. 
  • When its armor gauge is depleted, it becomes more aggressive in maintaining its guard.
  • Being offensive at the start of the fight and defensive towards the end is a sound strategy.

Drya Thornne

Drya Thornne boss fight
Fight Drya Thornne to Unlock Crossguard Stance
  • Drya is a mini-boss in the game, offering a rewarding asset.
  • He has elusive movement but slow attack speed.
  • Drya can deal massive and staggering damage to the player.
  • Challenging to stagger, he can also use ranged weapons.
  • Defeating him grants the Crossguard Stance, which deals massive damage with slow, charged attacks.

Urgost, Fist Of Rayvis

Urgost boss fight
The Chosen Warrior by Dagan – Urgost
  • Urgost is a legendary boss linked to the main storyline in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • He wields a massive, sturdy hammer with an electric charge.
  • His attacks can deal with area damage due to the elemental power.
  • Urgost mainly delivers charged attacks that trigger electric effects upon landing.
  • These attacks cannot be blocked, so it’s best to use your abilities and maintain distance to find openings.


Rayvis boss fight
The 2-Phase Boss Fight – Rayvis
  • Rayvis is one of the tough bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • He has resistance to staggering and two phases.
  • In the first phase, he uses short combos and plays slowly.
  • Parry skills are crucial, and counter hits should be utilized.
  • Taking hits from Rayvis leaves you vulnerable, so dodge and strike back efficiently.
  • Dual Stance is recommended for this phase.
  • The second phase is the most brutal because of the combo limits
  • Lowering his armor gauge efficiently is critical, allowing for better openings.
  • Consistency is crucial to succeed in this boss fight.

Rick, The Door Technician

Rick boss fight
A pretty light-weight boss fight- Rick The Door Technician

Rick is an easily defeated boss with no challenging or exciting elements.

  • Players can defeat him with a single slash.
  • There is no specific strategy required to defeat Rick.

Rick’s boss fight is undoubtedly a commendable moment for him to be at least brave enough to face a Jedi with such a negligible ounce of hope.

Bode Akuna

Bode Akuna boss fight
Bode Akuna as the Final Boss Fight

Players will face Bode Akuna twice in the game, with the second encounter being the final boss fight.

  • The first encounter is a chase where players must stop Bode from escaping. Bode is revealed to be a Jedi, possessing a Lightsaber, gun, and Force abilities.
  • I highly advise the use of the parry move to counter his attacks, but players should also be prepared for him to use it.
  • As the final boss, the second encounter demands skillful aggression with lightsabers and adaptive evasion.
  • Bode is agile, evading most attacks and delivering powerful ones.
  • He uses explosives on the ground to disrupt players.
  • Merrin joins the fight in the final encounter.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
The undefeated boss in the story – Darth Vader

In the Darth Vader boss fight, players control Cere, not Cal.

  • Darth Vader frequently uses grappling moves that guarantee hits.
  • He wields a powerful Force that can repel and attract players.
  • Maintaining stable movement is crucial to withstand his attacks.
  • Cere’s ability to gather and launch Force to repel enemies is practical.
  • This ability can help players stand against Darth Vader’s attacks, as he can’t stagger her during its use.



Beetu Deetu Koboh
Caij Vanda Koboh
D-L1T Coruscant
E3-VE3 Koboh
Frenzied Jotaz Coruscant
Gorocco Matriarch Koboh
Rancor Koboh
Skriton Jedha
Spawn of Oggdo Koboh
Sutaban Alpha Jedha
The Mire Terror Koboh
Vile Balemaw Koboh

Beetu Deetu

Beetu Deetu boss fight
A Defenseless Robot – Beetu Deetu
  • Beetu Deetu is a robot boss encountered in the game.
  • He uses ranged attacks, including guns and missiles.
  • During my playthrough, I could deflect the projectiles, but you must time them accurately. 
  • Staying at a closer range and being aggressive is recommended.
  • Beetu Deetu has no defensive gauge, so most hits will land successfully.

Caij Vanda

Vaij Vanda boss fight
Bounty Hunter – Caij Vanda
  • Caij Vanda uses guns for combat, allowing her to fight at a better range.
  • Her guns are effective in close combat as well.
  • Defeating her ends the bounty hunter’s side activity and you will receive her weapon as a reward.


D-L1T boss fight
A Legendary Boss Fight – D-L1T
  • Acquire the Electro Dart Ability for BD-1 to access this fight.
  • Take the elevator at the Meditation Point in Hangar 2046-C to reach the upper level.
  • Defeat the Stormtrooper guarding the gate of D-L1T and use the Electro Dart ability to unlock the door.
  • I must add a fair word of warning, as D-L1T is a strong boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and comes with a substantial health bar.
  • He relies on heavy attacks to deal massive damage.
  • Players should focus on quick attacks and movement, and the Dual Stance can be practical.


E3-VE3 boss fight
A Multiple Enemy Boss Fight with E3-VE3
  • Reach the cave with the Green Barrier in the Untamed Downs using a Nekko.
  • Robots and wild creatures act as obstacles inside the cave, so steer clear.
  • To enter the boss fight, open the gate with the Lift and Slam ability.
  • E3-VE3 is not a solo boss; it will have robot allies during the fight.
  • Plus, these additional robots are not formidable opponents.
  • E3-VE3 is aggressive but lacks solid defensive abilities.
  • An offensive approach is practical in defeating this boss.
  • After the fight, the room on the left contains Health Essence to boost health capacity.

Frenzied Jotas

Frenzied Jotas boss fight
A Frenzy-looking boss – Frenzied Jotas
  • Access the boss fight using the Electro Dart ability.
  • Proceed from the meditation point in the Undercity Meats.
  • Use a grappling hook to reach the higher level and enter a door on the left.
  • Unlock the giant door on the right with BD-1’s assistance.
  • Frenzied Jotas is a massive boss who frequently delivers heavy attacks.
  • Fast-paced attacks are adequate, as staggering may not work well against this boss.
  • Take advantage of the time between Jotas’s charged attacks to land multiple hits.

Gorocco Matriarch

Gorocco Matriarch boss fight
An Aggressive Beast – Gorocco Matriarch
  • Access the boss fight from the meditation point in Derelict Dam.
  • Head to the yellow lift on the right side, taking you to the upper level.
  • The Gorocco Matriarch will be in front, but the fight has not started yet.
  • Proceed to the closed shutter and use Lift and Slam to open it.
  • Prepare for the boss fight.

During this boss fight:

  • Be cautious of the Gorocco Matriarch’s high-damage straight punch.
  • Utilize the Crossguard stance to stagger the boss.
  • Remember that the boss won’t remain vulnerable for long, so hit and retreat.
  • Expect charged attacks from the Gorocco Matriarch.


Rancor boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
The First Legendary Boss of the Game – Rancor
  • The Rancor boss fight is found inside the cave of Sodden Grotto.
  • Blocking is limited against the Rancor’s attacks, which can pierce through.
  • The Rancor uses ground-breaking moves that deal great damage and create tremors.
  • I will recommend jumping the evade the these attacks and keep a safe side. 
  • After a successful jump, dash forward to Rancor and deal multiple hits.
  • Maintain mid-range and keep your distance until the Rancor initiates another charge move.


Skriton boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Vicious-looking Enemy – Skriton
  • Players in Jedha will encounter a deep pit hole with dead Stormtroopers.
  • At the pit’s depth, players will engage in an optional boss fight against Skriton with assistance from Merrin.
  • Skriton is a reactive boss that adjusts its moves based on the player’s distance.
  • It can handle different ranges effectively, making fast thinking and action essential during the fight.
    • A jump attack with a ground slam that covers a far distance.
    • Tail swipe for mid-range.
    • Left claw for short-range

Spawn Of Oggdo

Oggdo boss Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Terrifying Enemy – Oggdo
  • Location: Fort Kah’Lin (lowest level)
  • To reach Oggdo, head to the level with droids, walk over the giant platform, and the ground will open to the boss fight.
  • The fight with Oggdo requires fast-paced attacks.
  • Positioning is crucial. Stand in front of Oggdo’s face to block its usual attacks.
  • Thrashing attacks provide the best openings for landing hits.
  • Unblockable attacks like ground slams or tongue grabs should be avoided by jumping or maintaining a distance.
  • This tactic might take some time but ensures an eventual victory.

Sutaban Alpha

Sutaban Alpha Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Hasty Beast – Sutaban Alpha
  • Location: Crypt of Uhrama
  • Sutaban Alpha is an aggressive enemy that primarily uses continuous lunge attacks.
  • Backing away as the beast lunges is an effective way to counter its attacks.
  • Dodging is another option, but be cautious about dropping your guard.
  • The Crossguard stance can be useful when Sutaban Alpha pauses, providing opportunities to strike.

The Mire Terror

Mire Terror Star Wars Jedi Survivor
A Duo Boss Fight – The Mire terror
  • Location: Hazard in Viscod Bog
  • To access the Mogu Trolls boss fight, players must reach the Mogu Trolls’ lair using the Lift and Slam ability.
  • Be cautious not to fall into the swamp, which can lead to death.
  • The boss fight involves two Mogu Trolls.
  • One of the best tips I can offer is that you can intentionally get grabbed by a Mogu Troll and then use a prompt to counter the grab attack, causing the Mogu Troll to lose an arm and reduce its damage-dealing ability.
  • Utilizing the Mind Control Ability can temporarily turn one of the trolls into an ally to assist in the fight.
  • Whether the ally or hostile troll wins, it will significantly damage the other.
  • A Stim Upgrade is the reward for defeating the Mogu Trolls.

Vile Bilemaw

Vile Bilemaw boss fight
A Vile Beast – Vile Bilemaw
  • Location: Fogged Expanse
  • Reaching this boss fight location can be challenging, involving navigating through a maze of turns and facing tough enemies.
  • The Vengeful Bograt is a formidable opponent that can withstand a significant amount of damage while dealing high damage as well.
  • It primarily uses charged attacks, but these can be evaded by sidestepping.
  • There’s no specific stance required to deal the best damage, but faster attacks are advantageous. The Dual Stance can be useful in this regard.

My Recommendations

All of these bosses are engaging and challenging in the game. However, after investing around 40+ hours in the game, the main trick to defeat them is by learning the fighting behavior and utilizing the breathtaking world around your character. 

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