Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Crypt of Uhrma [Solved]

Unravel the puzzle of crypt of Uhrma in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and gain benefit from the rewards it yields you.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor crypt of Uhrma
Star Wars Jedi Survivor crypt of Uhrma

The crypt of Uhrma is one of the optional areas to explore in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. It is not a vast area to explore but offers various loot. Due to this reason, the crypt is surely one of the areas to exploit in the game. However, some action is surely in the crypt to entertain visitors.

Key Takeaways

  • The crypt of Uhrma in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is located on Jedha and accessible from 2 meditation points—one from Timeworn Bridge and the other from Trailhead Pantheon.
  • The puzzle in the crypt is quite simple to solve. It requires interaction with the First and Last block of the first row. At the same time, the Second and Third blocks from the second row need to be interacted with.
  • Inside the crypt, there will be five collectibles to obtain. These include a Chest, a Treasure, an Essence, and two Databanks.
  • At the very end side of this location, there will be a Legendary boss fight with Sutaban Alpha. However, this boss fight is optional.

Location Of The Crypt Of Uhrma

Crypt of Uhrma location
Crypt of Uhrma is accessible from Trailhead Pantheon or Timeworn Bridge

The crypt of Uhrma is a place in Jedha. There are two ways to venture into the crypt. Players can enter this area from either Timeworn Bridge or Trailhead Pantheon. Either of the meditation points will not take much longer to reach the crypt area. However, the Timeworn Bridge can prove to be much shorter than Trailhead Pantheon in comparison.

The Timeworn Bridge will have an opening in front of the meditation point. Players have to jump through the point and land on the ground. Following this, there will be another platform on a higher level in front of the player.

Reach that spot but be aware that a few of the Stormtroopers will guard that area. Take them out and head over to the lift. Activate the life, and eventually, you will be inside the crypt of Uhrma.

As for the Trailhead Pantheon, players need to get past the entrance on the right side of the meditation point when facing away from the hill. Once inside the room, a staircase on the right side will lead to a higher level.

When you have stepped outside, look to the right side. A gap between the two edges can be seen, which the player must traverse to get to the other side. Then, move forward and keep your eye on the right side. A tunnel will be there leading straight into the crypt of Uhrma.

Collectibles Inside The Crypt Of Uhrma

Rewards inside the crypt
A Stim Upgrade Inside a Chest

Many useful obtainable items of Star Wars Jedi Survivor are present inside the crypt of Uhrma. This small area comprises 5 collectibles from which players can benefit greatly. Although this portion of the map is optional to explore, its benefits still hold worthwhile to explore it. But be aware that the crypt hosts enemies in numerous amounts. 

These collectibles include:

  • 1 Chest
  • 2 Databank
  • 1 Treasure
  • 1 Essence


The most favorable loot inside the crypt of Uhrma is the chest loot. The chest contains a Stim Upgrade, which benefits every player regarding the combat scenario. To reach the chest, players must solve the puzzle, which will open the gate and give access to a new area. 


The first databank is located at the far left corner of the crypt. While facing the puzzle gate, turn to the left side and keep walking till you reach the end. There, all you need to do is to scan a wall which will count as obtaining one of the collectibles inside the crypt of Uhrma.

The second Databank is right next to the chest. Interact with the object on the right side of the chest, and the second Databank entry will be fulfilled.


Same location as the first Databank. The dead end at the left-most corner of the crypt will hold a treasure along with the Databank.


After solving the puzzle and the gate is opened, there will be a stream of water passing through a gate on the left side. Following this, players can interact with the gate and break it using Force.

After that, keep heading straight and dash through the Green Wall. By the end, there will be a gap in the wall behind the waterfall to interact with. Enter through that gap, and a boss fight will commence as you face the Legendary boss: Sutaban Alpha

After winning the boss fight, players can easily obtain the Essence, one of the most advantageous components of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, found inside the crypt of Uhrma. It is because Essence is vital in upgrading the skills, health, Force, and perks that enhance the player’s combat output for the better.

How To Solve The Crypt Of Uhrma Puzzle

Crypt of Uhrma puzzle
Four blocks need adjustment to unlock the gate

Given the fact that solving the puzzle and opening the gate will be quite beneficial as there will be valuable loot as a reward behind the door. However, the puzzle does not contain any complexity in it. Rather, it is the inconvenient surroundings that make it seems much more complex. This is because there is no hint or carvings on the walls that would help you solve the puzzle.

Regardless of the unfriendly situation, the crypt puzzle is rather simple to deal with. Players need to Force Pull some certain blocks on the wall. The pattern follows as follows:

  • First block from the first row
  • Second block from the second row
  • Third block from the second row
  • Forth block from the first row

Final Words

To conclude, there are other optional areas in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, like the crypt of Uhrma, that are worth exploring. Such areas offer generous rewards, and some also offer legendary boss fights. This factor makes the game much more entertaining other than its base storyline.

Moreover, these reward-giving side activities, at some point, are also essential for the better scaling of the player’s combat perspective. One of the factors is that players can rival themselves up to the rising challenges and face them on a fair term.

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