Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How Many Planets [Answered]

Learn a complete description of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor how many planets along with important aspects of each one of them.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor How Many Planets
Star Wars Jedi Survivor How Many Planets

A hot topic following the game’s release is Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How many planets? As it introduces new and old characters, players are always looking for something new to explore in a new world.

Picture of all planets.
All planets.

Fortunately, the game allows players to explore a variety of planets. I was disappointed that the number is fewer than Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, I do feel that each world has much to explore regarding its unique features, including diverse species and distinct locations.

The unlocking time for each planet varies within the game. Some planets are accessible from the beginning; some become available as players progress through the main story.

Discovering new planets and exploring their rich lore was definitely one of the highlights of my playthrough. The game consists of a total of 6 planets, and a clear explanation of each planet follows below:

Key Takeaways

  • The game has six planets, including the shattered moon and the Nova Garon planet.
  • A respective planet becomes accessible at a different part of the game story.
  • Moreover, the game features legendary bosses on different planets, each with a long power bar and often very strong.
  • Meditation points are spread throughout each planet for players to discover.
  • Exploring each planet ultimately allows players to find rewards and collectibles.
  • Bounty hunters are featured on some planets, and when defeated, they reward players with a bounty puck.
  • Players can find meditation chambers on certain planets by thoroughly exploring them.
  • Koboh is the biggest, Nova Garon is the smallest, and Tanalorr is the most beautiful of all the planets in the game.


Koboh is the biggest planet in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor game and where I spend most of my time. It is a planet with so much to explore, having a rocky and cliffy environment. Moreover, this is a home to our main player as it has a breathable atmosphere, to which our player will return frequently as we transverse through the game. The planet has various activities and side quests that can be found by exploring.

The planet has its civilization, which can even be helped in development by our main character, Cal. You will not be able to do some activities until you have gained some abilities near the end of the game. Still, there will be much to explore, even if you have not finished the game. 

Players should first explore the planet to discover the various scattered meditation points. These points serve multiple functions, including fast travel between them, saving the game, accessing stances or perks, and upgrading the character’s skills.

I was quite amazed to see that the planet was evolving along with my character. At the beginning of the game, the planet’s civilization does not seem much developed, and most of it looks ruined. But at the end of the game, planet Koboh seems much more evolved, and Cal appears to be the main reason for it.

An essential aspect of the Koboh planet is the Pyloon’s Saloon. It is also known as Greez’s Bar. It is located in the Rambler’s Reach Koboh. The Saloon is opened as soon as our main character reaches the planet Koboh and has much to explore. There are chests, databanks, and one treasure side game to inspect and play. The Saloon portrays a kind of refreshing place for Cal in the game.

Koboh Pyloon's saloon
Pyloon’s Saloon, Koboh.

Players can explore a total of 7 chambers in the game, each featuring its minigames and skill points. Completing these chambers grants Cal a new skill point, allowing him to upgrade.

Koboh meditation chamber
A meditation chamber, Koboh.

Here, players can open several chests on the planet, each containing various collectibles necessary for upgrades. Additionally, exploring the planet reveals numerous scattered collectibles that can be found. One of these chests is shown below.

A chest, Koboh.
Chest on Koboh planet.

Moreover, my time here was also spent obtaining Bounty Pucks by defeating various bounty hunters located on different planets. Players must defeat these bounty hunters to achieve 100% completion of Koboh, a giant planet. Those seeking a genuine adventure should be on the lookout for them, as they are not easily defeated. One well-known bounty hunter on Koboh planet is “Meyen Corr.”

Bounty Hunter, Koboh.
Meyen Korr is a bounty hunter from the Koboh planet.

Besides the main story, planet Koboh has some more strong bosses that can be found by exploring. Players who are looking for a challenge should look out for these bosses. However, I do recommend that players fight these bosses to get some important loot.

Gorocco Matriarch, Koboh
Gorocco Matriarch, Koboh

Next, players can access a minigame at Pyloon’s Saloon right after doing some missions in the game. It is an exciting and strategic game that attracts the attention of many gamers seeking a new challenge.

Holotactic, Koboh

Shattered Moon

A picture of shattered moon
Shattered Moon.

This is a moon of the Koboh planet but is still referred to as a planet in the game. It was not shattered until an emergence slammed into the moon. Even though this is a small moon, I should warn you that the enemies and the environment will try to kill you at every possible chance.

The player must go to this planet to progress through the story and do the required missions. Although it is a moon of Koboh, it has a much different gameplay than Koboh. There are many things to explore, most of which are listed here.

Like Koboh, players can find multiple scattered meditation points throughout the Shattered Moon. These points serve various functions, such as saving the game, enabling fast travel, upgrading Cal’s skills, and accessing perks.

A point of meditation.
Meditation point, Shattered Moon.

You can explore the planet and discover numerous collectibles as you progress through the game. Moreover, I also discovered few chests in different locations that hand out valuable collectibles. 

You can look in the following places to get these chests:

  • Automated Forge
  • Assembly Staging
  • Array Channel
  • Republican Research Laboratory

To obtain a bounty puck from this planet, you must defeat a bounty hunter named “Mash.” It seems like a giant robot and is challenging to defeat, considering its big health bar and a guard with him. Therefore, defeating him rewards you.

Shattered moon bounty hunter.
Mash, Shattered Moon.


Coruscant is a planet that is the galactic capital of the empire and where my campaign began. Although not a big and open world like Koboh, it is a type of linear planet, one of the most important planets. You cannot return to Coruscant once the game transverses through the story until half of the game is finished.

However, you can always return anytime after the complete game. Cal arrives on Coruscant for a minimal number of missions, as it is a significant and impactful planet.

As for Coruscant, meditation points are located in various places on the planet and are mainly used to save the game, fast-travel to other meditation points, or upgrade the skills and perks of the character.

A point of meditation
Meditation Point, Coruscant.

As you progress through the main story and unlock the necessary abilities, you will discover numerous collectibles on this planet. You can explore the planet to locate these items. A total of two data banks, along with treasures and chests, await discovery and interaction on this planet.

Corsucant databank
A Databank, Coruscant.
Coruscant chest
A chest, Coruscant.

If explored correctly, CoruscantPlanets offers many surprises and grants you some formidable enemies to defeat. Again, I would recommend players to bring the fight to these enemies for their loot. A legendary boss on Coruscant planet is “D-L1T”. Taking him quickly could be a fatal mistake.

Legendary boss, Coruscant
D-L1T, Coruscant.

Another legendary boss found on Coruscant is “Frenzied Jotaz.” These legendary bosses are tough, and only those players who are adventurers and are seeking a real challenge can face them. 

Corruscant legendary boss
Frenzied Jotaz, Coruscant.


Importantly, in terms of exploration, players consider it the second-largest planet in the game. The Jedha planet is home to one of the first civilizations that discovered the nature of the Force. I consider myself a Star Wars geek, and being able to explore the sacred planet was one of my best experiences.

The gamers seeking a real challenge might have arrived just at the right place.  The planet is famous for its “Ancient Ruins” as it has the most discoverable collectibles, ranging from 37 items. Consequently, the planet has much to discover, and some essential aspects of it are discussed below:

In addition to the other planets, Jedha planets also feature meditation points with the same task of fast travel, upgrading skills, or saving the game.

Point of meditation.
Meditation point, Jedha.

Enriched with collectibles, Jedha planet is home to a plethora of secrets. Almost more than 40, these collectibles include chests, databanks, several treasures, essences, and many other collectibles.

Chest on Jedha planet
Chest, Jedha.
A treasure on Jedha
A treasure, Jedha.

I also collected a few Bounty Pucks here, although the fights were not easy. Bounty hunters pose a challenging threat, and players should not underestimate them. A strong bounty hunter located in the Sanctuary Temple of the Jedha planet is the “Kili Oso.

Kili Oso bounty hunter
A bounty hunter, Jedha.

The game features several legendary bosses, most located on planet Koboh, but Jedha planet also has its fair share. 

Sutaban Alpha, legendary boss.
A legendary boss, Jedha.

Nova Garon

A relatively small place to explore yet filled with many challenges, Nova Garon is a minor planet (exactly not a planet, but referred to as one in the game). Although this is a small planet, I discovered several collectibles here. The planet has so much to explore; players will find many strong enemies here.

On Nova Garon, players can find numerous collectibles. The planet is richly endowed with them despite being a small planet. Chests, treasures, and many other collectibles and rewards are located here.

You must defeat a mighty and difficult-to-beat bounty hunter to earn a bounty puck from Nova Garon. However, defeating him gives the player an excellent, challenging experience. Players can find a bounty hunter on the Hangar Bay location of this planet.

Fenn Finau, Masi Finau, Kle-o bounty hunters.
Bounty hunters, Nova Garon.


Planet picture
Tanalorr Planet.

Tanalorr planet is the “main point of the story.” However, I should tell you that you can’t visit this planet until you end your game. The players’ advantage in the game is to explore an ancient planet discovered before the fall of the Jedi. The planet stands out as the most beautiful among all the planets in the game.

There is not much to explore, but the Tanalorr has a range of collectibles and rewards. Mainly, the planet is fun to explore in terms of its beauty and atmosphere.

My Thoughts

The best part of my experience was discovering new planets and their offerings. However, I should warn you that these planets can only be accessed once you progress through certain story parts. As a result, you have to wait until you can visit these planets, but once unlocked I could visit them any number of times I wanted.

Therefore, I recommend you play through the story and discover all these planets yourself. If you have any recommendations or feedback, let us know in the comments below.

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