Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How To Fight A Rancor

Here is where you can find the Rancor and how you can win a fight against it.

How To Win A Fight Against Rancor star wars jedi survivor
Fight A Rancor - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor contains some of the most diverse classes of enemies to fight. Some of these iconic enemies return from the original Star Wars lore. Meanwhile, some are created exclusively for the game. True Star Wars fans have seen a Rancor before, and this guide will help you beat Rancor in a fight in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Key Takeaways

  • The Rancor is an early-game boss in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Moreover, Rancor is an iconic foe in Star Wars movies.
  • You can find this Rancor on the planet Koboh. The Rancor can be found in the depths of the mining caves, Sodden Groto.
  • You can find a rumor, Find Missing Prospectors, on the Rambler’s Reach Outpost. Investigating this rumor will take you to the Rancor.
  • The Rancor can land many attacks. Most of these attacks will get one shot, kill the player or drain most health.
  • Moreover, some attacks can not be blocked, so players can jump around to evade.
  • The Rancor has an enormous health bar, so players must prepare for a long fight.
  • Players will be rewarded with an essence at the end of the fight. This will unlock the Shattered perk that will help Cal break enemy blocks.

Star Wars fans know Rancor as a monstrous creature living below Jabba the Hutt’s throne. In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, Rancor is the boss-level threat Cal Kestis can fight early in the game. However, going into this fight without preparation could prove deadly for many players. Therefore, below are a few things to remember if you take on a Rancor.

Location Of The Rancor

To fight a Rancor, finding the Rancor in Star Wars, Jedi Survivor is first necessary. Moreover, finding a Rancor is not very difficult in the game. Players must play the main campaign and a few side quests to find themselves fighting a Rancor. Like most of the exploration, you can discover Rancor on the planet, Koboh.

meditation point on Rambler Reach Star wars jedi survivor
Meditation Point -Rambler’s Reach Outpost

However, to get to Rancor, you must first reach Rambler’sReach Outpost as part of the main campaign. Once at the Outpost, you must find the workbench and the Meditation Point. Just past the workbench, you will see a woman that will give you the Find Missing Prospectors rumor.

The Find Missing Prospectors would require the players to investigate an extensive system of Caves. These caves are known as Sodden Groto and are the resting place of our Rancor. The entrance to the cave is also reasonably close to the Meditation Point on the Rambler’s Reach Outpost.

sodden groto star wars jedi survivor
Sodden Groto – Location

To find the entrance of Sodden Groto, you must head to the West of the Meditation point. Here you will see a climbable wall that will take you to the top of the ridge. Just in front of it, you will see an entrance to the cave. Once inside the caves, keep on investigating, and soon, the caves will take you down to your boss’s fight with the Rancor.

Boss Fight With The Rancor

You will arrive at an underground arena for your fight against the Rancor. However, if you are unprepared, the fight will only end in one way, with Rancor winning. Even though you can fight the Rancor very early on, it is best to be prepared with a good amount of stims and health.

Moreover, if you are unaware of the Rancor’s attack pattern, you will be killed by a single hit. Therefore, knowing what hits you can dodge and what strikes you can evade.

rancor ground slam star wars jedi survivor
Ground Slam – Rancor Attack

The Rancor has a few tricks up his sleeve, and learning about them before you get into the fight would help. Following are all of the attacks a Rancor can perform:

  • Stomp: This is one of the deadliest attacks that the Rancor performs. The players can not dodge this attack, nor can you block it. Therefore, you can only avoid the attack by simply jumping in the air long enough to escape the shockwaves. This attack can come with one stomp if you are far from the Rancor and two stomps if you get close enough.
  • Claw Attack: The Rancor will use his trusted long claws to land some hits. All claw attacks will come in pairs of two, and they will either come down on you or try to hit you from below. Therefore, be prepared to block or dodge both claws, one after the other. Once you avoid or block, the Rancor will be open for you to land a few hits.
  • Ground Slam: The Rancor also has another unblockable attack. Therefore, if the Rancor has both arms high in the air, he is about to hit the ground with all his strength. Again, This will create shockwaves that players can only avoid by jumping over. You are as good as dead if caught up in the Ground Slam.
  • Slow Grab: The Slow Grab is another very deadly attack. However, this is one of the simpler attacks to dodge and will give players plenty of time for a counter-attack. Therefore, if the Rancor tries to reach for you with his claws, jumping to one side and getting a few hits in is best.
  • Ground Sweep: The Ground Sweep is another unblockable attack. Moreover, it is almost impossible to land a hit while the Rancor performs this attack. The Rancor will spin around and use his arms to attack anything in range. As you can not block this attack, standing at a distance is best and waiting for other opportunities to attack.

Players must also remember a few things before fighting with the Rancor. Below are a few of the tips that raise your odds of winning this fight:

  • Be Prepared:  It is essential to come prepared for this fight. Packing enough stims and health would be best to get you through the fight. Moreover, learning new and powerful skills before you take on the Rancor will help your chances in the fight.
  • Be Patient: It is essential to remember that the Rancor hits harder than you ever could. This means that a single hit from the Rancor will instantly kill you. Therefore, it is essential to wait for your openings and only land a few hits at a time. It would be best if you timed your attacks. Otherwise, a single blow from the Rancor will send you to the beginning of the fight.
  • Using The Force: This may seem incredibly obvious to some, but using the Force abilities helps in tilting the balance in your favor. You should use the bones around you and throw them into Rancor’s mouth. This will stagger the beast for a few seconds giving you time to attack. 
  • Lightsaber StanceThe lightsaber stance is something unique to everyone. However, the stance that works the best in this fight is the Double Bladed Lightsaber Stance. The swift and robust attacks make this an ideal choice for the fight. 
essence star wars jedi survivor
Essence – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The Reward for this boss fight is worth the fight and alters your playstyle. At the end of this fight, you will find a blue, glowing orb, an essence. You can interact with the essence and pick up a new Perk. This Shatter perk can be equipped at any meditation point and help Cal break the enemy’s block.


The fight with the Rancor is a vital boss fight in The Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Rancor is an iconic Star Wars character who debuted in the original trilogy. You can fight the Rancor very early on in the game. However, waiting until you have a few skills and health to take on this challenge is recommended.

You can find Rancor in Sodden Groto, a system of caves, on the planet Koboh. However, fighting a Rancor is significantly more complex than locating a Rancor. The Rancor has a few attacks that can instantly kill a player. Moreover, a few of Rancor’s attacks are unblockable, so the player can only get out of the way.

The powerful attacks and a large health bar make this fight long and intense. Players must block or evade the attacks and land a couple of their attacks until they finish off the Rancor. The Rancor is a mighty foe to fight. However, the Reward makes the fight worth it.

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