Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Spawn Of Oggdo [Boss Guide]

Here is how you can win the fight against the Legendary Boss, Spawn of Oggdo.

How To Defeat The Spawn Of Oggdo Star wars jedi survivor
Spawn of Oggdo - Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Spawn of Oggdo is a familiar boss in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor and poses a significant threat to players progressing the gameplay. You can find the boss in Koboh planet, while defeating it may require a proper strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • The Spawn of Oggdo is an early-game boss. 
  • You can find the Spawn of Oggdo on the planet Koboh. 
  • This beast can be found in an underground arena at the center of Fort Kah’Lin.
  • The Spawn of Oggdo can produce some of the quickest and deadliest attacks.
  • Moreover, new attacks are added depending on the overall health of the Spawn.

Location Of The Spawn Of Oggdo

Spawn of Oggdo Bogdo Location Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Fort Kahlin – Location

I believe the Spawn of Oggdo is one of the trickiest bosses to fight in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. However, I did figure out methods and tips that would help you in beating the Spawn with a bit more ease.

  • The Spawn of Oggdo, again being an early game boss like the Rancor, can be found on the Planet Koboh. This boss is hidden inside an underground arena on the Fort Kah’Lin.
  • This is also near the Meditation Point on Fort Kah’Lin, so rest before you take on this monster.
  • Once on Fort Kah’Lin, head on deeper and to the center of the forest, where you will see round doors in the ground with B1-Droids on top.
  • I highly urge players to clear out these droids before they drop down and start their fight with the Spawn of Oggdo. I made the mistake of not clearing out the Droids, which doomed me later.

Oggdo’s Attack Pattern

The Spawn of Oggdo is based on frogs with a deadly tongue. As a result, the Spawn can jump around and land some quick hits, which can result in defeat very early on. However, learning the pattern of these attacks made the fight quite easy and depended on my reflexes. 

Below are all of the attacks that I encountered during my fight with Spawn of Oggdo at Max Health:

  • Bite Attack: The Bite Attack comes in a pair of two, so you can always expect one bite after another. After dodging the attack, you can land a single hit to chip away the Spawn’s health.
  • Dash In: This is another one of the most frequently used attacks. The Spawn of Oggdo will glow red and lunge toward the player to land the blow. However, this attack can not be blocked, so all players can do is jump over the Spawn to avoid taking damage.
  • Belly Flop: The Belly Flop is another deadly attack that the Spawn will perform. The Spawn of Oggdo will glow red, jump in the air, and land back on its stomach. This will send down shockwaves you can only avoid by jumping over or being at a reasonable distance from the attack.
  • Strong Bite: This is one of the most dangerous and quickest attacks performed by the Spawn of Oggdo. This attack is again unblockable and only gives players a few moments to dodge.  The best strategy to avoid this attack is to sidestep so you have time to land a few hits.
Dash In attack spawn of oggdo
Dash In Attack – Spawn of Oggdo

There are even more attacks; the Spawn has a few tricks. Once you have drained 25 percent of the Spawn’s entire health bar, it will add two new moves to its attacks. 

This addition of attacks and more speed is why I consider the Spawn a formidable foe.

Below are the two new moves the Spawn of Oggdo can perform once at 75 percent health:

  • Tongue Attack: The Spawn of Oggdo has a mighty and deadly tongue. Therefore, once the Spawn jumps away and readies his tongue, that’s your cue to dodge. If you touch any part of the tongue, you will instantly die, resetting the entire fight.
  • Acid Vomit: The Spawn of Oggdo can also produce acidic vomit. If you come in contact, this toxic vomit takes away most of the player’s health. This is also the best chance to land more hits, as the Spawn will not move while performing this attack.

The Spawn of Oggdo is capable of surprising players even more. This powerful foe can produce even newer moves once the health decreases by 50 percent. I was surprised that the Spawn of Oggdo had one more trick, which made the fight entertaining.

Below is the attack the Spawn of Oggdo can perform once the health drops under 50 percent:

  • Ground Slam: The Spawn can produce a powerful Ground Slam that makes shockwaves. Therefore, if the Spawn jumps high in the air, it is about to come down with even more force. The only way players can survive this attack is to jump over the shockwaves. However, make sure to jump close enough to land a few hits.

All of these attacks are incredibly powerful. Still, they provide players the opportunity to attack. Therefore, I must emphasize that the player lands one or two blows after every successful parry. Keep doing this, and you will not even realize when you have defeated the Spawn of Oggdo.

Tips For The Fight

You can fight the Spawn of Oggdo very early on in the game. This is because the boss fight is set up on Koboh, and players are not required to complete any main quests before taking on the boss.

I would not recommend taking on this boss early on. As this boss is tough and tricky, I was obliterated when I first fought without any preparation.

It would be best if you had gone around the galaxy and learned some new skills before heading into this fight. Moreover, I would consider bringing enough stims and an upgraded overall health. This is because the Spawn of Oggdo hits hard; if you are unprepared, it could kill you with a single hit.

  • By this point in the campaign, my lightsaber had a few new upgrades so that I could hit back harder. For that instance, I will recommend the same.
  • One of the most essential tips for this fight is patience. It would be best to wait for your turn to land attacks and only hit a few attacks simultaneously.
  • The Spawn of Oggdo only needs one or two hits to take you out and start the fight again, so you must be extra careful.
dual wield stance star wars jedi survivor
Dual Wield Stance – Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
  • I would also recommend using the Dual Wield Stance in this fight. As the Dual Wielding offers an incredible amount of speed and damage. This is also important because the Spawn of Oggdo can mix up its attack, and you must have the agility to survive.

My Few Bits On Oggdo Boss

I encountered numerous tricky boss fights during my playthrough of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. However, I still consider the Spawn of Oggdo one of the most vigorous Star Wars Jedi Survivor opponents. This beast is swift and lands some potent attacks. The boss fight tested my skills, allowing for some inspiring gameplay moments.

Even though you can encounter this boss early in the game, I must tell you that it is best to come here later when you have a few more skills. Also, bringing a few stims for this fight can prove helpful.

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