Starfield: Akila City Puddle Glitch

Gain the most out of the Puddle glitch which lets you take valuable goods for free in Starfield.

Puddle in Akila City Starfield
Starfield Akila City Puddle glitch

Akila City comprises a most valuable puddle glitch in the version of Starfield. This major setback in the game will give you a tremendous advantage. This is because it provides the opportunity to loot various items that might be hard to find in the game.


  • The puddle glitch lets you take a lot of valuable stuff without paying for anything.
  • Enter Akila City and look for a puddle before Sheperd’s General Store.
  • Gazing at it will allow you to look at Emerson Sheperd’s inventory.
  • Taking items from there will not be considered stealing, and no NPC will be offended.

Location Of The Puddle Glitch

Puddle Glitch location Starfield
Locate the Puddle in front of Sheperd’s General Store | Image credits: Gamesual

In the Cheyenne System, there will be a planet named Akila. It is a major city in Starfield. So, you will have quite the facility, resources, and quests to take on. Moreover, the city acts as the main headquarters for the Freestar Collective.

The puddle glitch lies in the city’s center after you pass through its entrance. Once you enter the city, there will be two shops to look out for. However, these shops will be hard to miss as they will be the first to come into sight.

  • Sheperd’s General Store
  • The Hitching Post

Right in the middle of the path, where these two shops face each other, you will find the puddle. However, there will be more than one puddle. To easily recognize the correct one, locate the closest to the Sheperd’s General Store. Also, its size will be less in comparison with others. 

Advantage Of Puddle Glitch

Starfield Puddel Glitch
Access all Emerson Sheperd items for free | Image credits: Gamesual

The Akila city puddle glitch is bound to be in your favor in every possible way in Starfield. When you face the puddle, you can scroll through the Emerson Sheperd inventory. He is the NPC inside the Sheperd’s General store. He deals with weapons and any equipment.

Now, I took the most advantage of the Credits and Ammos. However, there are some Misc and Resources that you may find beneficial as they are rare. The best part of this whole scenario is that taking from that puddle does not count as stealing. Therefore, you can loot as much as you want without alerting the security forces. 

In addition to the facts mentioned above, reaching Akila City in the game’s early stages will be pretty beneficial. Indeed, it will give you an advantage by collecting some expensive gear and items for free. Also, Emerson will still have those items if you interact with him individually. Therefore, you can claim a single item twice from there if you are in such circumstances. 

My Thoughts

Although these bugs are eventually fixed, there might be more to observe in the vast world of Starfield. I would suggest that players should be observant while exploring the major cities. This is because the possibility of a game-breaking bug is higher in places where numerous events take place.

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