Starfield: Best Powers [Top 10]

Let's embark on the epic journey of Starfield in which players can explore different Powers that will help in combat and exploring the vast universe of Starfield.

Powers in Starfield.
All Powers in Starfield (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Starfield offers you some unique and diverse powers to harness throughout your journey. For those unaware, Powers are magical abilities you will get from the Artifacts and their respective Temples. You can get your very first Power Anti-Gravity Field from the Artifacts by completing Into the Unknown main story quest. However, in this guide, I will be covering some of the Best Powers that you can harness to get extraordinary powers.

Key Takeaways

  • There are almost 24 Powers that players can harness to increase combat and strategic abilities, and they can also add mysterious elements to the gameplay.
  • With these Powers, you can control Gravity and time and get resistance from all kinds of damage by forming a Reactive Shield around themselves.
  • Gravity Wave, Supernova, and Anti-Gravity Field were some of the best powers I used for my build that are well-balanced for mid-end game playthrough.

As you progress through the campaign, you can receive more powers.

All PowersDescriptionCreditsArtifact/Temples
Alien ReanimationIt allows you to revive dead aliens to get support during battle.35Phi
Creator's PeaceDisarm enemies for a short period of time.25
Inner DemonAttack enemies weaknesses and make them confront their inner demons.35
Create VacuumReduce the supply of oxygen in enemies area for a short period of time.25
Anti-Gravity FieldCreate a low gravity field to reduce strength of the enemies.45 Eta
Eternal HarvestRegrow the flora around me.25
Gravity WellCreate a low gravity well that pulls in everyone near it and crushes them.45
Gravity WaveLaunch a gravity wave that can overturn enemies by loosing their balance.25Beta
Grav DashManipulate gravity to lean forward, and also it can increase output damage.15Zeta
Elemental PullBlast inorganic materials to attract enemies in them.25
Parallel SelfSummon your doppelganger in a battlefield from other dimension. 45Sigma
Life ForcedDrain life force from your enemies and transfer them into yourself.25
Personal AtmosphereCreate an atmosphere with unlimited oxygen and without hazardous carbon dioxide. 45Alpha
Moon FormGet resistance form all kind of damages by increasing their strength and becoming like a stone.35
Particle BeamRelease particle energy beam around myself for a short time15
PrecognitionSee a glimpse of future actions and events.35Lota
Sense Star StuffBind yourself with the particles of creation and determine all forms of life around them.15Chi
Void FormAllows you to Wrap a light around your body for a short period of time to make yourself invisible.45
Sunless SpaceLaunch a ball of ice in a specific area to freeze enemies.35
Phased TimeIt can slow down the time progress of the universe.45
Reactive ShieldCeate a Shield around my body that can provide resistance to incoming attacks.35Tau
Solar FlareLaunch a beam of solar energy to damage enemies.25Theta
SupernovaExplode everything with the use of Supernova and provide excessive amount of damage to the enemies.45
EarthboundAdjust Space gravity to Earths level for a short period of time.15

Alien Reanimation

Alien Reanimation.
Revive dead aliens (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Alien Reanimation provides you with a gift of Life. It was one of the essential powers that I harnessed during my journey.

However, if enemies have outnumbered you during the battle, you can use this Power to revive aliens who have been defeated in the battle and order them to fight for you. Therefore, it will give you a second chance to continue your fight even when your teammates are dead. 

Moreover, players can unlock this Power for 35 Credits in the game. 

Create Vacum

In Starfield, you can harness this Power for only 25 Credits, significantly impacting enemies’ health and mobility as we know that Oxygen is the fuel for human survival. It will allow you to reduce the supply of Oxygen around themselves for a short period. But it is recommended that you wait for the right moment to use this effect.

Create Vacuum in Starfield.
Creating a Vacuum can reduce Oxygen (Image Credits: Gamesual)

Anti-Gravity Field

To receive the Anti-Gravity Field, you must complete The Old Neighbourhood’s main story mission to unlock this Power. Therefore, after completing that mission, you will be able to unlock three additional missions, one of which would be Into the Unkown

This Power is only for serious players looking for true low-gravity space to use in battle. I can not emphasize enough how beneficial it can be to use it during the battle, but with it, you can confuse the opponents by lifting them in the air and exposing them to your attacks. 

Anti-Gravity Field
Very First Power to be Unlocked (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Gravity Wave

Power Gravity Wave
Players can create a zero gravity field (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Gravity Wave is another fatal Power that you can yield for 25 Energy Units or Credits. It is so powerful that it can create a gravitational pull to launch enemies in the air, which can overwhelm them and make them lose their balance and fall over. 

You can use this Power to set up neat traps for the enemies, and it gives significant leverage during combat. Other than lifting enemies in the air, it can also be used to hit enemies’ weak points like their Heads.

Grav Dash

Players can harness this Power for 15 Credits. You can unlock it by completing a mission called Power from the Beyond

Players can manipulate Gravity to move faster (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Grav Dash allows you to dash a short distance in any direction quickly. Using this ability, you can manipulate Gravity to move quickly across the battlefield, allowing you to avoid enemy attacks and perform combos more quickly. Also, it requires very little energy, making it a convenient choice for players.


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Supernova requires 45 energy units and allows you to deal massive damage. However, upon execution, Supernova yields a powerful explosion around your character, dealing a massive pool of damage to opponents around you. Think of it as a crowd control, where things go out of hand; Supernova can aid you with a quick retreat.


Precognition Power.
It will give you a glimpse of Future events (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Precongination allows you to glimpse the consequences of different dialogue options before you select them. However, this gives you time to prepare responses and tailor your dialogue to be more persuasive and intimidating. I strongly recommend you give this Power a try, as there are various situations where you want things to go smoothly without breaking into a battle. 

Reactive Shield

As the name implies, this Power will allow you to form a Shield to provide resistance against enemy attacks. This Shield allows players to absorb damaged projectiles and fire them back at enemies in a much more powerful way. Also, it gives you a limited amount of immunity from energy attacks.

Reactive Shield
This Power can provide resistance against attacks (Image Credits: Gamesual).

However, you can harness it for 35 energy units, allowing you to defend against incoming damage from bullets and laser weapons.

Void Form

Void Form Power in Starfield.
Players can become invisible by this Power (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players can harness Void Form for 45 credits. It has no associated Temple or Artifact, but you can unlock it by completing missions. In my experience, you can use Void Form to bend light around, which makes it invisible.

Solar Flare

You can unlock Solar Flare for 25 Energy units from the Temple of Theta. It is an offensive Power because while using this, you will release a Plasma orb composed of high-energy particles that can quickly burn through anything in its path. 

My Recommendation For Powers

Powers purely depend on the type of playthrough you are pursuing in Starfield. Whether on the offensive or defensive side, these powers can greatly assist players and pave the way for an ideal playthrough experience. 

Still, if you prioritize the offensive side, Supernova, Solar Flare, and Gravity Wave are my prime recommendations to get going in the gameplay. 

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