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alternating starfield currents

Alternating Currents is easy to miss, as I stumbled upon it by listening to people talk in New Atlantis about a bustling city. The problem here is frequent power shortages, and all clues point to an electrical issue in The Well, an underground area where less fortunate people in the United Colonies reside. 

Key Takeaways

  • You can find the Mission by eavesdropping on grumpy citizens in New Atlantis.
  • Talk to Louisa Reyez in The Well to start Alternating Currents.
  • Now, players must complete all of the objectives of the Mission to find the evidence of the GalBank hacker.
  • Decide to give the evidence to either Louisa or Zoe for the same rewards.

Starfield prompting to talk to Louisa Reyes at the start of the Mission
Talk to Louisa Reyez to make progress in the Mission. [Image Credit: Gamesual]

Finding The Mission

  • To begin this quest, consider the conversations around you in the city. These casual talks lead you to the heart of Alternating Currents
  • Alternating Currents challenges you to think about the bigger picture, making decisions that can impact New Atlantis and the entire Starfield galaxy. Your choices in this quest will shape your journey and the world around you.
  • However, I also recommend checking your activity logs before you head out to find the NPCs. As for me, the quest was already present in my activity log, and it’s entirely possible I accidentally triggered the right conditions.
Your first interaction with Louisa
Quest starts after talking to Louisa Reyez here. [Image Shot by: Gamesual]
  • I considered StarMap to help navigate most of the locations. However, this particular area stands out as one of the few in Starfield where the luxury of fast travel is not an option. Instead, reaching The Well requires using elevators within the Spaceport or navigating through the MAST New Atlantis Transit (NAT) stations.
  • Once you’ve arrived at The Well, seek out a character named Louisa Reyez. You’ll find her situated directly across from the MedBay location.
  • Conversation with Louisa Reyez will uncover vital information about the city’s power dilemma. She will shed light on a singular power source within The Well that is alarmingly siphoning a significant amount of energy.

The Objectives

Alternating Currents is a relatively straightforward and short quest that takes you through the following Mission Objectives:

  1. Follow Louisa Reyez.
  2. Talk to Louisa Reyez.
  3. Wait for Lousia Reyez.
  4. Locate the Junction Box: Louisa’s instructions will guide you through a sequence of junction boxes, each conveniently highlighted with an unmistakable mission icon.
  5. Locate Junction Box 45A or 47B: You can locate either one of these boxes to progress your Mission. Initially, it would look like the power drain was coming from the Trade Authority
  6. Locate the Power Drain’s Source: You need to make it to the residential district of New Atlantis. Here, you will find out that the power was being drained in the upper floors of Athena Tower.
  7. Access the Apartment: You must use Digipicks to unlock the door’s lock.
  8. Find Evidence: In the Apartment, you will come across a computer that can be hacked. Upon hacking, you will find evidence of an elaborate hack stealing every transaction made from GalBank.
  9. Deliver Evidence to Louisa Reyez or Zoe Kaminski.
Downloading evidence data from the hacker's computer
The evidence data is being downloaded from the hacker’s computer. [Image by: Gamesual]

Louisa’s Reasoning

  • Louisa is clear about why she wants that evidence.
  • First, she needs it to prove to her bosses that she’s been doing her job and not wasting time. 
  • Second, she wants to catch the person who’s been stealing power. She’s serious about ensuring that a person faces the consequences of their actions.
  • To do that, she wants to look at all the information in the evidence, like detective work in a mystery story.

Zoe’s Reasoning

  • Her reluctance raises questions about her true intentions. She wants to deal with the issue within her organization, keeping it low-key and avoiding outside interference from the United Colonies.
  • This difference in how Zoe and Louisa handle the situation makes the quest more complex. It makes you wonder about Zoe’s real agenda and think about the consequences of their choices in a world where hidden motives are common.

Both options yield the same outcomes regarding the credits (2000 credits) and experience points (82 XP) awarded to you, highlighting the equilibrium in terms of in-game benefits.

My Thoughts

During my 30-plus hours of gameplay in Starfield, the highlight was taking on these sidequests. From what I experienced, after completing the Alternating Currents mission and uncovering evidence of the Galbank hacker, you’re confronted with a choice between Louisa and Zoe, each driven by their unique motivations.

Opting for either doesn’t significantly alter in-game rewards, offering flexibility in decision-making.

Starfield Gameplay time
Starfield – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

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