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Certain choices may appear straightforward to some, but the majority are likely to present a more complex dilemma in Starfield. One of the most intriguing aspects of games like Starfield lies in the unpredictability of these choices. To truly grasp the impact of your decisions, you must be willing to embrace the unknown and take that leap into the vast expanse of possibilities in missions like Starfield Alternating Currents.

Key Takeaways

  • You can find the mission by eavesdropping on grumpy citizens in New Atlantis.
  • Talk to Louisa Reyez in The Well to start Starfield Alternating Currents.
  • Now, players must complete all of the objectives of the Mission to find the evidence of the GalBank hacker.
  • Decide to give the evidence to either Louisa or Zoe for the same rewards.

Starfield prompting to talk to Louisa Reyes at the start of the Mission
Talk to Louisa Reyez to make progress in the Mission. [Image Credit: Gamesual]
In the vast Starfield universe, players face a significant early decision in a side-quest called Alternating Currents. This mission is easy to miss, stumbled upon by listening to people talk in New Atlantis, a bustling city. The problem here is frequent power shortages, and all clues point to an electrical issue in The Well, an underground area where less fortunate people in the United Colonies reside. 

Finding The Mission

To begin this quest, consider the conversations around you in the city. These casual talks lead you to the heart of Starfield Alternating Currents. The stark contrast between the bright and affluent parts of New Atlantis and the dimly lit, less fortunate area of The Well adds depth to the story.

As you dive deeper into this mysterious quest, you’ll face choices beyond fixing electrical problems. Alternating Currents challenges you to think about the bigger picture, making decisions that can impact New Atlantis and the entire Starfield galaxy. Your choices in this quest will shape your journey and the world around you.

In simple terms, Alternating Currents isn’t just about fixing power issues; it’s about making tough decisions, showing empathy, and dealing with society’s problems in a universe filled with complicated moral challenges. As you explore The Well, remember that your choices will leave a lasting mark on your Starfield adventure.

As previously mentioned, you will embark on the Alternating Currents mission after inadvertently overhearing concerned NPCs in the bustling metropolis of New Atlantis discussing perplexing issues related to the city’s power grid. This casual eavesdropping will trigger this engaging quest, automatically adding it to your list of active activities in the Mission menu.

Your first interaction with Louisa
Starfield Alternating Currents starts after talking to Louisa Reyez here. [Image Shot by: Gamesual]
Quest markers will guide your way to a location known as The Well. This particular area stands out as one of the few in Starfield where the luxury of fast travel is not an option. Instead, reaching The Well requires using elevators within the Spaceport or navigating through the MAST New Atlantis Transit (NAT) stations.

Once you’ve successfully arrived at The Well, your next objective is to seek out a character named Louisa Reyez. You’ll find her situated directly across from the MedBay location. Conversation with Louisa Reyez will uncover vital information about the city’s power dilemma. She will shed light on a singular power source within The Well that is alarmingly siphoning a significant amount of energy.

This initial encounter with Louisa Reyez marks the beginning of your quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding Alternating Currents.

The Objectives

Starfield Alternating Currents is a relatively straightforward and short quest that takes you through the following Mission Objectives:

  1. Follow Louisa Reyez.
  2. Talk to Louisa Reyez.
  3. Wait for Lousia Reyez.
  4. Locate the Junction Box: Louisa’s instructions will guide you through a sequence of junction boxes, each conveniently highlighted with an unmistakable mission icon.
  5. Locate Junction Box 45A or 47B: You can locate either one of these boxes to progress your Mission. Initially, it would look like the power drain was coming from the Trade Authority. But on closer scrutiny, the power drain seems to be coming from somewhere else on the surface.
  6. Locate the Power Drain’s Source: You need to make it to the residential district of New Atlantis. Here, you will find out that the power was being drained in the upper floors of Athena Tower.
  7. Access the Apartment: You must use Digipicks to unlock the door’s lock.
  8. Find Evidence: In the Apartment, you will come across a computer that can be hacked. Upon hacking, you will find evidence of an elaborate hack stealing every transaction made from GalBank.
  9. Deliver Evidence to Louisa Reyez or Zoe Kaminski.

Downloading evidence data from the hacker's computer
The evidence data is being downloaded from the hacker’s computer. [Image by: Gamesual]
Zoe and Louisa, key characters in the quest, desire and earnestly expect you to retrieve this crucial evidence. The decision on what to do with this cache of digital proof becomes a profound moral and strategic dilemma. You must carefully consider these characters’ potential consequences and competing interests while navigating the intricate narrative web of Alternating Currents.

The dilemma of deciding to whom the evidence should be handed over might initially appear to carry significant implications for your journey. On one hand, there’s the option of entrusting Zoe with this sensitive information. Zoe boasts ties to one of the game’s most dependable income streams and possibly ranks as the most prominent merchant within the game’s expansive universe. Alternatively, you can give the evidence to Louisa, a modest public servant diligently fulfilling her duties.

Louisa’s Reasoning

Louisa is clear about why she wants that evidence. First, she needs it to prove to her bosses that she’s been doing her job and not wasting time. It’s like showing her report card to get a good grade at work. Second, she wants to catch the person who’s been stealing power. She’s serious about ensuring that a person faces the consequences of their actions.

To do that, she wants to look at all the information in the evidence, like detective work in a mystery story. Louisa’s multifaceted perspective adds complexity to the mission, as her motivations span personal and professional spheres. In her eyes, the evidence represents a chance to clear her name and rectify the wrongdoing that has plunged New Atlantis into turmoil.

Zoe’s Reasoning

Zoe’s reasons for wanting the data are complicated and secretive, contrasting with Louisa’s straightforward approach. Hence, Zoe’s stance adds a layer of mystery to the quest. First, Zoe won’t give Louisa all the data to catch the person behind the power drain.

Her reluctance raises questions about her true intentions. She wants to deal with the issue within her organization, keeping it low-key and avoiding outside interference from the United Colonies.

This difference in how Zoe and Louisa handle the situation makes the quest more complex. It makes you wonder about Zoe’s real agenda and think about the consequences of their choices in a world where hidden motives are common. The mission’s narrative becomes more intricate as you navigate this uncertainty in the vast world of Starfield.

Aftermath Of The Choice

Missions Menu showing the two choices
The choice between Zoe and Louisa is in the Mission menu. [Image procured by: Gamesual]
When faced with these two choices, figuring out which is better is simple: neither has a significant advantage. In this case, picking either option won’t yield any explicit or long-lasting results.

When confronted with the decision between these two choices, discerning which is the superior option becomes a task of utmost simplicity: neither option boasts a clear advantage. In this context, selecting either of these alternatives leads to an outcome devoid of evident or enduring consequences.

This circumstance underscores a unique facet of the Starfield Alternating Currents mission within Starfield, where far-reaching implications or moral quandaries do not weigh down your choices. Instead, this juncture represents a rare instance where the game provides a respite from the complex web of consequences that often characterize RPGs.

Siding With Zoe

The conversation with Zoe if you decide to side with her
You have decided to give the evidence to Zoe. [Image credits: Gamesual]
When you hand over the evidence to Zoe, she keeps it for herself, not share it with anyone else. In return for the evidence, Zoe rewards you with a substantial sum of several thousand credits. After this exchange, she resumed her duties, overseeing the operations of the Trade Authority branch in New Atlantis, effectively maintaining her role without any significant disruption.

Siding With Louisa

The conversation with Louisa if you decide to side with her
The conversation if you decide to give the evidence to Louisa. [Image credits: Gamesual]
If you give the evidence to Louisa, she assures them that the necessary authorities will be promptly notified. Louisa expresses confidence that her proactive approach in reporting the matter will reflect positively on her performance and dedication to her role, earning her accolades from her superiors.

Interestingly, what sets this choice apart is that, regardless of whether you select this option or not, the consequences in terms of rewards remain identical. Both options yield the same outcomes regarding the credits (2000 credits) and experience points (82 XP) awarded to you, highlighting the equilibrium in terms of in-game benefits.

This unique aspect of the mission showcases that, in this particular scenario, the decision rests more on your role-playing preference or personal inclination rather than tangible in-game rewards, offering flexibility and freedom in shaping the narrative.

In Starfield Alternating Currents, the contrast between the forthright Louisa and enigmatic Zoe, along with the absence of discernible consequences for particular decisions, underscores the depth and versatility of storytelling within Starfield.

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