Starfield: Base Building [Resource Focused]

Relish your skills of base building to gain significant advantage in researching and resource gathering.

Starfield Base Building
Starfield Base Building

Due to the tremendous in-depth dynamics of base building, learning how to utilize your resources while constructing your base is necessary. Regarding this, it is also to be noted that while the construction work in Starfield is much more detailed, I believe that Bethesda did a great job of simplifying things. 

Key Takeaways

  • Firstly, enter the Scan Mode and place an Outpost to start building.
  • Each building is somehow connected to another. For the resource-gathering, you must plant an Extractor at a certain location on the surface.
  • You will have to power it up by building an energy generator. You will have options in the Power section where you will select according to your needs.
  • Build a collector under the Storage section according to your extracting element.

How To Set Up The Base

The main thing to start from is the Outpost. You will have the option to place an Outpost once you enter the Scan Mode. Now, adjust it to the location where it becomes available to be placed.

I would generally advise the players to keep the Outpost and the rest of the buildings at a close distance. Remember that placing a building requires several elements and materials, which will be shown at the top right corner of the screen.

I have strongly observed that building a base benefits many different aspects of the game. Bases can be designed to be:

  • Defensive
  • Research-based
  • Resource gathering
  • Storage purposes.

Among these, I have found resource gathering most beneficial, and I would advise the players to have at least one base focused on resources. Following this, it is mandatory to realize that you begin constructing the base on a planet with abundant resources. Otherwise, the planet should at least have the specific element that you are interested in harvesting.

You can suit yourself with the best options of planets through our guide on the Best Outpost Locations in Starfield.

Other than that, you do not need to construct every last building in the options menu to create a successful base. I set up my fully functioning base with the help of a few fundamental construction options.

  • Extractor
  • Power
  • Storage
  • Structures
  • Crafting
  • Miscellaneous
    • Scan Booster
    • Cargo Link
    • Crew Station


Resource extractors
Water and Copper Extractors | Image credits: Gamesual

For example, you must find a planet whose surface comprises copper elements to collect copper. From there on, you can plant the Extractor – Copper.

The extractors work on power so you will have to generate electricity. You can do that by going to the Power section and selecting a suitable power source that fulfills your needs.

Following the copper extractor, you will need to meet specific requirements:

Name Requirement Production Operating Cost
Extractor – Copper Aluminium (4)
Iron (5)
Tungsten (2)
Copper 5 Power

Note: these requirements are only for copper. Different resource extractors will require different elements to be built. 

To find a location, enter the Scan mode and search the area. A portion of the land and the element’s name will be highlighted. Now, you can build the Extractor – Copper anywhere on that land.


Power generation in base
Solar Arrays ready to energize Scan Booster | Image credits: Gameusal

If you want your extractors to function correctly or in any way, you must provide them with energy. Following this, you can switch to the Power tab and only build the structures that generate power. There might be some unique additional requirements for the power-providing structures other than building cost. 

Unlike Fallout 4, Starfield offers a much more convenient and basic method of power production for building your base. I find it less tedious that now players do not have to make any connections to the power source. Just build one, and the structures that require energy will start functioning.

The Power section consists of the following  structures:

  • Power generating structures
  • Switches
  • Lights
Name Requirement Production Operating Cost
Solar Array Aluminium (4)
Beryllium (2)
Copper (3)
Power (4)
Wind Turbine Aluminum (5)
Cobalt (2)
Nickel (3)
Power (3)
Fueled Generator Austenitic Manifold (1)
Isocentered Magnet (1)
Tau Grade Rheostat (1)
Tungsten (4)
Power (20) Helium-3 (1)

The Solar Array is suitable for planets that receive a fair amount of sunlight. The Wind Turbine will work effectively under a thick atmosphere. The Fueled Generator produces energy in abundance in comparison to others. 

Overall, I would recommend the Solar Array as it requires constructing basic elements.


Storage for Extractors
Extractors linked with Storages | Image credits: Gamesual

Now that you have covered the basics to set up a working resource-collector base, it’s time to move on.

All the resources your extractors dig in for must be stored somewhere. Following this, the storage components come into play. 

To connect an extractor to a storage, go to the extractor and click on Create Output Link. Drag the pointer to your storage container and link it.

An extractor can access multiple storages at the exact moment. You can choose from several storage structures according to your needs.

Name Requirement Limit
Transfer Container Iron (8)
Lubricant (4)
Tungsten (5)
1 per Outpost
Storage – Solid Adaptive Frame (3)
Aluminum (5)
Iron (6)
Storage – Liquid Adaptive Frame (3)
Aluminium (6)
Nickel (5)
Storage – Gas Adaptive Frame (3)
Copper (6)
Tungsten (5)

The Transfer Container will collect all kinds of resources. Therefore, you will face no restrictions while connecting an extractor with this structure.

Take note that we are currently working on a copper collecting base. Therefore, we need to figure out its type first. This will be logical working and help you select the proper storage structure. Copper, in its raw form, is a solid element. Therefore, you will need to create the Storage – Solid for it. 

Considering the previous factors, we can simultaneously attach the Extractor – Copper to the Storage – Solid and Transfer Container. However, I would recommend using the respective storage container rather than the Transfer container.


Starfield structures building
A Structure High in the Sky | Image credits: Gamesual

To simplify the Structures, you must know the types of buildings it offers:

  • Rooms
  • Gateways
  • A fancy-looking Watchtower
Name Requirement Variation Variant Requirement
Four Wall Hab Aluminium (6)
Lead (4)
Sealant (3)
2 Variant Aluminum (10)
Lead (6)
Sealant (5)
Hab Round Aluminium (8)
Lead (6)
Sealant (4)
2 Variant
Hallway Aluminium (2)
Lead (1)
Sealant (2)
4 Variant
Hydroponic Hab A Aluminium (6)
Iron (4)
Sealant (3)
2 Variant
Military hab Lead (4)
Sealant (3)
Titanium (6)
Outpost Airlock Aluminium (3)
Lead (2)
Sealant (3)
Science Hab Small Aluminium (6)
Lead (4)
Sealant (3)
2 Variant
Small Hex Hab Aluminium (8)
Lead (6)
Sealant (4)
2 Variant Aluminium (14)
Lead (10)
Sealant (8)
Watchtower Adaptive Frame (12)
Aluminum (10)
Argon (6)
Iron (16)

To start with the Structure building, you need first to select a room or tower-like structure to build. After that, it will ask you to adjust its height.

This means a new structure will auto-adjust its height according to the one to which it is connected, except for the Watchtower.

Note: I do not recommend setting up structures if you want your base to be quite elementary. Rather, I suggest saving resources and building multiple bases on various planets.


Now that your establishment is progressing rapidly, something is still missing. To be an expert base-building person, your base must be productive and have an eye-catching appearance.

Therefore, the Crafting section is your best choice to trigger the potential of your base to some extent. 

Name Requirement Function
Cooking Station Alkanes (3)
Copper (3)
Iron (4)
It allows you to cook various foods and drink
Industrial Workbench Aluminium (4)
Iron (3)
Enables you to create components used in crafting or building structures
Pharmaceutical Lab Aluminum (4)
Benzene (3)
Chlorine (4)
Iron (3)
Allows you to make medical items
Research Lab Aluminium (4)
Beryllium (2)
Copper (2)
It helps in unlocking various crafting recipe
Spacesuit Workbench Aluminium (4)
Cosmetic (4)
Fiber (3)
For the modification of your defensive gear
Weapon Workbench Adhesive (3)
Nickel (2)
Iron (4)
Sealant (3)
For the modification of your weapons


This section allows your base to have some outside features from the base building. In brief, you can bring many features of Starfield into your base, enabling you to save some time spent traveling. 

  • Scan Booster
  • Cargo Link
  • Crew Station

Scan Booster

Name Requirement Operating Cost Function
Scan Booster Aluminium (4)
Beryllium (2)
Copper (3)
Power 3 Scan range x2
Scan Booster – Advanced Aluminum (5)
Comm Relay (1)
Isocentered Magnet (1)
Zero Wire (3)
Power 6 Scan range x3
Scan Booster – Military Grade Aluminium (6)
Comm Relay (2)
Paramagnon Conductor (1)
Supercooled Magnet (1)
Power 12 Scan range x4

The Scan Booster allows you to scan for elements at a better range than your current level. The higher you go in its variation, the more considerable boost you will receive. 

Cargo Link

Name Requirement Limit
Cargo Link Aluminum (12)
Beryllium (2)
Iron (20)
Zero Wire (2)
3 per Outpost

The Cargo Link will allow you to transfer your resources from one Outpost to another. I recommend the Cargo Link because this will benefit the players who wish to set up multiple Outposts and maintain only one as their primary establishment. 

One will act as an importer, and the other will serve as an exporter. Moreover, your ship will have no fuel charges if the link is within the exact Solar System. Otherwise, fuel consumption will vary on the distance between the Cargo Links. 

Crew Station

Name Requirement Limit
Crew Station Aluminum (5)
Iron (2)
Nickel (3)
3 per Outpost

To have your base in a well-working state, assigning your crew to it is better. This feature allows you to make space for an individual NPC to work in your base according to the assignment you give them.

The crew is limited to 3 per Outpost. You can increase the number through Outpost Management Skill.

My Suggestion For Base Building

The fact that I focused on a resource-gathering base is because it holds the most value in my observation. Elements might not be easy to find, and each planet differs from others in a specific way. Although you can build a fully defensive base, it is not mandatory because killing is easier than collecting in Starfield, in my opinion.

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