Starfield: Best Armor [Top 5]

Your thorough guide to durable and stylish Starfield Best Armor just so you are well prepared for dangerous adventures!

Starfield Best Armor
Starfield Best Armor

Starfield provides armor sets for various playstyles, from slick, high-tech exosuits to tough, extraterrestrial-inspired designs. These armor sets offer distinctive traits and visual appeal, allowing players to personalize their character’s style and powers, whether they favor stealthy infiltration, powerful weaponry, or adaptable exploration. This article will discuss the Starfield Best Armor to let you travel the universe in luxury and always be prepared for war.

Key Points

  • In Starfield, armor is available in various forms, each offering a distinct level of protection, such as helmets, spacesuits, packs, and clothing. In Starfield, the PHYS (physical), ENGY (energetic), and EM (electromagnetic) primary damage resistance stats work to reduce various types of damage.
  • Thermal, corrosive, radiative, and airborne secondary resistance stats offer defense against outside threats and hostile attacks. Armor stats that determine inventory weight and market value are mass and value.
  • Starfield armor comes in the rarity categories of white, blue, purple, and legendary, with increasing rarity bringing more benefits and improvements. Advantages such as decreased damage from particular enemy kinds and improved skills can be found with legendary armor perks.
  • With a weight of 8.3 pounds and a credit value of 8455, the Constellation Spacesuit in Starfield is an important piece of safety equipment. Base resistances to different sources of damage are markedly improved by donning the Constellation Spacesuit, notably against direct and environmental assaults.
  • Players who successfully finish the “The Old Neighborhood” mission will get access to the Constellation Spacesuit, which is an outstanding defensive suit. The PHYS rating of 78 for the Constellation Spacesuit’s physical damage protection is one of its amazing statistics. It offers outstanding electromagnetic protection with a rating of 62, solid resistivity to corrosion with a rating of 20, and superior energy protection with a rating of 46.

Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet2.2900In the Alpha Centauri System
Ground Crew Space Helmet1.8735You can find this helment in Volli Alpha Planet in the Volli System, Venus Planet in the Sol System, and Jemison Planet in the Alpha Centauri System.
Constellation Spacesuit8.38455The Old Neighborhood." quest
Mantis Spacesuit Set16.231755By reading the Secret Outpost Slate obtained during "The Old Neighborhood" quest.
Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris Set17.457425Through Unity.

Your character’s survivability and appearance in the eagerly anticipated sci-fi role-playing game Starfield depend on the armor they are wearing. The game includes a variety of armor sets, including ones with alien-inspired patterns and space exosuits. A successful space voyage requires understanding Starfield armor’s details, from its varied attributes to the best choices.

A vendor in Starfield
A vendor in Starfield

The four basic categories of Starfield armor are helmets, spacesuits, packs, and clothing. In Starfield, armor is essential for keeping you safe from hostile NPCs, hostile monsters, and hostile planetary settings. Damage reduction and resistance are two benefits of armor. PHYS, ENGY, and EM, the three main damage resistance stats, are essential for minimizing the effects of different opponents and weaponry.

These attributes are essential for survival since they enable you to face up against strong opponents, especially lethal bosses.

  • Thermal: Improves heat resistance.
  • Corrosive: Enhances protection against corrosion.
  • Radiation: Strengthens resilience against radiation.
  • Airborne: Boosts immunity against airborne contaminants.
  • PHYS (Physical Damage Resistance): Provides defense against ballistic weaponry.
  • ENGY (Energy Damage Resistance): Offers protection from energy-based arms.
  • EM (Electromagnetic Damage Resistance): Increases resistance to electromagnetic weapons.

These secondary resistance stats are crucial for surviving various environmental difficulties and adversary attacks. Mass and value are two other critical stats for armor. Your inventory weight limit is influenced by mass; going over it may cause movement restrictions and slow down fast travel. Value establishes an armor piece’s worth when sold to a supplier, providing a possibility to get credits by offloading undesired or subpar gear.

Starfield armor’s four rarity levels are white, blue, purple, and legendary (yellow). The perks or qualities that come with greater rarity armor components offer extra advantages and enhancements. For example, a “Beast Hunter” perk decreases damage from alien opponents by 15%. For the best performance and resource management, it is advised to concentrate on blue or higher rarity armor because these improvements can have a big impact on your character’s skills.

Crafting in Starfield
Crafting in Starfield

In Starfield, companions can also put on armor. Engage them in conversation, choose “let’s trade,” and acquire the required item from their collection. You can enhance your companion’s aesthetic and athletic ability by personalizing their clothing and equipment. To modify armor in Starfield, you’ll need the actual armor, the required materials, unlocked research, and access to a Spacesuit Workbench.

A companion in Starfield
A Companion in Starfield

If you have the necessary resources and research, you can change specific armor components once you’re at the workbench, quickly upgrading them. Throughout the game, improving your armor will depend on your ability to gather resources, control storage, and allocate funds to research.

In conclusion, armor is essential to the Starfield gameplay, offering defense in battle and against environmental dangers. Your ability to successfully navigate the vast Starfield cosmos will depend on your ability to learn the intricacies of armor stats, rarity, and modification possibilities. Many armor options suit your tastes and playstyle, whether you value style or practicality more.

With all of this out of the way, these are, in my opinion, the best armor in Starfield.

Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet

TraitsBeast Hunter
Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet
Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet

For daring explorers trekking into the uncharted territories of Starfield and facing waves of alien life forms, the Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet is a vital piece of equipment. This amazing helmet increases your ability to attack targeted targets and reduces the damage caused by these alien monsters.

The Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet has impressive stats in terms of armor and resistance. It provides a strong defense against several sorts of damage. It has a robust energy protection rating of 55 and a remarkable physical damage protection rating of 47. Additionally, with a score of 51, it offers exceptional electromagnetic protection.

While it offers solid corrosion resistance at 20 and moderate heat protection at 5, it has only minor radiation resistance at five and no special protection from airborne pollutants. This adaptable helmet improves your protection, making it indispensable for negotiating the perilous terrain of Starfield.

The Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet’s fundamental characteristics are a mass of 2.20, which makes it quite light for practical wear, and a value of 900, which reflects its value in the game’s market. Additionally, this outstanding helmet has several helpful extras to make your voyage through Starfield easier.

  • Beast Hunter: When battling otherworldly threats, the Beast Hunter perk decreases damage from alien opponents by 15%, improving survivability.
  • Reactive: You have an operational edge in battle because of the helmet’s remarkable ability to stun nearby enemies.
  • Analyzer: It increases your ability to do greater damage to targets by a significant 10% to foes that have been scanned.

Ground Crew Space Helmet

TraitsBurns enemies nearby.
Ground Crew Space Helmet
Ground Crew Space Helmet

In Starfield, the Incendiary Advanced Space Helmet is effective against powerful factions, lowering incoming force damage and possibly burning adversaries nearby. However, the exact mechanisms underlying this are still unknown. Helmets are essential safety equipment in Starfield, protecting the main character’s head and face.

They have special stats that affect the degree of protection they offer, making them crucial for navigating dangerous areas with extreme temperatures, radiation, or low oxygen levels. You can find the Ground Crew Space Helmet on planets like Volli Alpha Planet in the Volli System, Venus Planet in the Sol System, and Jemison Planet in the Alpha Centauri System.

Alternatively, you can acquire it from merchants like Dietrich Sieghart at Sieghart’s Outfitters in Neon or Antonio Bianchi at the UC Surplus in New Atlantis. Additionally, it’s available in locations such as the abandoned Muybridge Pharmaceuticals Lab on Venus Planet. The different quality tiers of the Ground Crew Space Helmet in Starfield impact different protection aspects.

It provides 26 in EM (electromagnetic protection), 30 in ENGY (energetic protection), and 22 in PHYS (physical protection) in its Common condition. When improved, the helmet’s ENGY protection increases to 46 and its EM protection to 42, while its PHYS protection remains unclear. It offers 30 in PHYS, 38 in ENGY, and 34 in EM in the calibrated state.

Finally, at the advanced level, it increases its PHYS, ENGY, and EM protection to 46, 54, and 50, respectively. These quality levels determine the level of defense the Ground Crew Space Helmet provides against physical, energy, and electromagnetic damage. The Ground Crew Space Helmet’s further specifications include a mass of 1.80 and a value of 735.

Constellation Spacesuit

TraitsAn indispensable asset for navigating Starfield's hazardous environments.
Constellation Spacesuit
Constellation Spacesuit

The Constellation Spacesuit in Starfield is a remarkable protective gear weighing 8.3 and a credit value of 8455. Equipping the Constellation Spacesuit significantly bolsters your base resistances against various direct and environmental damage forms. It’s worth noting that among the different armor components in the game, spacesuits offer the most substantial increase in damage resistance, while helmets and packs provide comparatively smaller bonuses.

To obtain the Constellation Spacesuit, you must embark on the quest known as “The Old Neighborhood.” Completing this quest successfully will grant you access to this exceptional spacesuit, enhancing your survivability in the unforgiving cosmos of Starfield.

These remarkable protective attributes make the Constellation Spacesuit an indispensable asset for traversing Starfield’s hazardous environments and confronting various threats.

Mantis Spacesuit Set

Resource Hauler
Mantis Spacesuit Set
Mantis Spacesuit Set

The Mantis Spacesuit Set is an important asset that benefits brave explorers. The Mantis Quest, unlocked by reading the Secret Outpost Slate obtained during “The Old Neighborhood” quest, is an easy way to get this coveted ensemble. The Mantis Spacesuit Set’s whereabouts in Starfield and the ways to obtain it are described in this guide.

Obtain the “Secret Outpost!” tablet from a Spacer in the Nova Galactic Staryard Medical Unit. That will start the Mantis Mission. This Staryard was previously explored as part of the “The Old Neighborhood” assignment and is conveniently situated close to Luna in the Solar System. Travel to Denebola I-b: Equipped with the Mantis Mission, visit this moon just begging to be explored. Get rid of the dangerous, aggressive Spacers.

You’ll find a mystery within the moon’s core that needs to be solved. Step on each letter of the word “TYRANNIS” correctly to open the door and move further. Learn about the Mantis Base. Proceed until you approach the central hub of the Mantis organization.

The Mantis Spacesuit Set consists of three components.

  • Mantis Space Helmet
  • Mantis Pack
  • Mantis Spacesuit

These three parts of the Mantis Spacesuit Set are all located inside a display case.

The Incendiary Mantis Spacesuit is renowned for its remarkable protective features and distinctive benefits.

Among the Legendary benefits of the Incendiary Mantis Spacesuit are the following:

  • Technician: 15% reduction in the damage caused by robot foes.
  • Resource Hauler: 25% reduction in your resource load.
  • It contains a 10% chance of setting adjacent enemies ablaze.

Mantis Space Helmet and Mantis Pack:

The Repulsing Mantis Pack and Incendiary Mantis Space Helmet, two legendary items with unique benefits, are included in the Mantis Spacesuit Set. To sum up, the Mantis Spacesuit Set is a cherished possession for Starfield explorers. Your character’s powers are greatly improved by obtaining them during the Mantis Quest, making them an effective weapon in the cosmic adventure.

The combined mass of these legendary parts is 16.20, indicating substantial protection, while they are valued at 31755 credits, highlighting their significance in Starfield’s economic landscape.

Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris Set

Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris Set
Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris Set

Acquiring the desired Starborn armor in the huge Starfield is no easy task. The mysterious Unity holds the secret to getting this unique set. The Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris is a legendary piece of armor that greatly improves your character’s defensive powers. This article will explain the difficulties in obtaining it.

It would help if you took a remarkable journey through Unity to unlock the Starborn armor collection. These remarkable armors may only be acquired legitimately through Unity, and it’s not as random as it may seem. The kind of Starborn armor you get can, at first, seem to be a matter of chance. However, it becomes clear that this transaction has a strategy upon closer examination.

For instance, the Tempus set usually requires six or seven Unity entries. But what might surprise you is that you can get an armor set similar to Tempus after just four Unity entries; some contend it looks even better. Although I can’t recall its precise name, another set requires the same thinking.

It’s also important to remember that even if fate isn’t in your favor during Unity entry, you still have a chance to obtain a non-legendary Venator suit following a brutal combat. The outcome of the dice and the loot drops determines this occurrence. The topmost piece of this armor series is the renowned Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris. 

With all of its protective layers in place, this legendary armor set has a mass of 17.40, ensuring the safety of your character.
Value: The Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris is extremely valuable and has a high value of 57425 credits, which reflects its enormous value in the game’s economy.

In conclusion, obtaining the fabled Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris and other Starborn armor variations is a laborious process that spans several Unity entries. The benefits, however, are clear because these armors significantly improve your character’s capacity to survive and perform well in the wide Starfield.

Hopefully, this helped you in your search for Starfield Best Armor. Below are some more Starfield-related guides.

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