Starfield: 6 Best Builds [Backgrounds & Skill Set]

A detailed guide on Top 6 builds to try in Starfield.

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Starfield Best Builds

When it comes to options for building your character, you have a generous list to choose from. I enjoyed the in-depth Character Builder and was surprised by the customization freedom I was given. 

Key Takeaways

  • Space Ranger focuses on fighting with exploration.
  • Hitman build is a stealth build option.
  • Brawler is a close-ranged melee option with high damage output. 
  • Sniper is a long-ranged, high-damage alternative option. 
  • Negotiator and Expert Craftsman are non-combat-related builds. 

Author’s Trust

To cater to various playstyles, I’ve compiled a list of my preferred builds along with detailed breakdowns. This ensures that players with different playing styles can fully experience the campaign for themselves.

– Shahzar Khalique

Builds Comparison Table:

Space RangerSoldier
Bounty Hunter
Spaced/Terra Firma
Combat and Exploration orieneted.
HitmanCyber Runner
Combat Medic
IntrovertBe stealthy with high damage.
BrawlerBoucerAlien DNA
Unwanted Hero
Close-ranged with high damage potential.
SniperCombat Medic
Space Scoundrel
Alien DNA
Long-ranged with high damage potential.
Kid Stuff
More of a middle-man than a fighter.
Expert CraftsmanProfessorDream Home
Kid Stuff
Work in research related projects.

Space Ranger

Best Exploration Build in Starfield

Two things that I think about when I hear the name Starfield are combats and exploration. This build can offer you both from its unique specialty: Boost pack. Boost packs let you transverse and move in the air and give you an upper hand in combat.

Whether you want to explore the map faster and more efficiently, or you want to fight your enemies by closing distance on them. This build will work just perfectly for the situation. Ideally, these are the options to choose for in the character development. 

Starfield: Best Builds space ranger build
Soldier Background | Credits: Gamesual

Build Overview Table:

BackgroundBounty Hunter
Spaced/Terra Firma
Combat SkillsBallistics
Shotgun Certification
Rifle Certification
Physical SkillsWellness
Science SkillsMedicine
Social SkillsIsolation
Tech SkillsBoost Pack Training
Boost Assault Training
Ballistic Weapon Systems

Bounty Hunter and Soldier backgrounds offer the Boost Pack Training skills to break down this build. We recommend opting for the Soldier background since you get more combat advantages with Fitness and Ballistics skills. 

All combat, physical, and tech skills synergize well with this build. Using shotgun certification, you can close the distance with your enemies and deal more significant damage to them.

This will also make up for close-combat fights. The Medicine Skill combined with these will increase your survivability by providing better health regeneration. 

Boost Assualt Training is a crucial skill to max out immediately. Once maxed, it offers a chance to knock down enemies while hovering and slows the World movements by 70%.

  • Versatile combat and exploration.
  • Boost Pack for strategic advantage.
  • Synergy with Soldier background.

  • Limited specialization.
  • Skillful Boost Pack usage is required.
  • Less stealthy than Hitman.


Best Stealth Build in Starfield

The Hitman build is based on Stealth and sneakiness. Although I would not consider Stealth to be my strong suit, some fights, from my experience, are better to be avoided. I am approaching the enemy undetected while breaching all the security and getting the job done. 

Combat Medic
Combat Medic Background | Credits: Gamesual

Build Overview Table:

Character Options
BackgroundCyber Runner
Combat Medic
Combat SkillsDueling
Pistol Certification
Physical SkillsStealth
Science SkillsMedicine
Social SkillsScavenging
Tech SkillsSecruity

While Cyber Runner and Ronin offer Stealth as the primary skill, Combat Medic offers Pistol certification that can be crucial in this build.

Your primary goal is to stay undetected while wiping out a complete enemy base. For this, focus on maxing out the Stealth skill. Once maxed, you cannot be detected, while sneaking and suppressed weapons deal more significant damage. 

To synergize this with your build, you must opt for Pistol certification. Your primary weapon of choice should be suppressed pistols that damage enemies heavily. 

Another beneficial skill is Concealment, which will further add to your secrecy and also damage your opponents more significantly. 

The last set of skills to combine are Scavenging and Theft, which will help you loot more and faster from your targets. This build is excellent if you prefer to be a ghost while exploring the map and stealing items you need. 

  • Excellent for stealth and covert ops.
  • High damage with suppressed pistols.
  • Facilitates undetected infiltration.

  • Limited in direct combat.
  • Heavy reliance on stealth.
  • Challenges in open confrontations.


Best Melee Combat Build in Starfield

Are you looking for a Melee ranged power unit? Look no further since this build is the best for Melee combats. Even though my character was an expert in shooting enemies, I did enjoy occasionally pulling out my Legendary Rescue Axe and decimating the enemy. Speaking of Legendary weapons, you can go through our extensive guide for a list of the best legendary weapons in Starfield

Starfield: Best Builds bouncer build
Bouncer Background | Credits: Gamesual

Build Overview Table:

TraitsAlien DNA
Unwanted Hero
Combat SkillsDueling
Armor Penetration
Physical SkillsBoxing
Martial Arts
Science SkillsMedicine
Weapon Engineering
Social SkillsIntimidation
Tech SkillsAny

Bouncer offers Boxing and Fitness skills, which are beneficial to start with. Alien DNA can help boost your initial health and oxygen for fights. 

Start investing in Boxing and Wellness. Boxing skill, when maxed, allows you to deal more significant damage and a chance to knock down your opponent. Combined with wellness and medicine, this will improve your survivability and make you more resilient. 

Gymnastics helps you be more mobile while in fights. It also allows you to run faster and engage with your enemy more quickly while being more challenging to target if sliding.

Martial Arts skills will provide a chance to deal with crit hits while punching, and once maxed, damage dealt to you will be reflected. This allows you to pack a more potent punch in a fight. 

Pro Tip: Focus on consumables along the way. Several items can provide instant healing, as some can increase damage resistance. Make sure to pile up on these.

The best strategy, from my experience, would be to try to take cover while being fired at and rush the enemy as they are about to reload. While in cover, the rejuvenation skill can boost your health faster. Keep picking the right timing to fight to make the best of this fantastic build. 

  • Powerful for melee combat.
  • High close-range damage.
  • Robust survivability.

  • Limited long-range effectiveness.
  • Vulnerable to ranged attacks.
  • Success depends on timing.


Best Long-Range Combat Build in Starfield

If you prefer Solo hunting while dealing ranged damage, this is the build for you. I recommend this to players who enjoy sitting in one corner while they wipe out the enemies. The sniper character development is: 

Build Overview Table:

Character Options
BackgroundCombat Medic
Space Scoundrel
TraitsAlien DNA
Combat SkillsPistol Certification
Sniper Certification
Rapid Reloading
Armor Penetration
Physical SkillsStealth
Science SkillsMedicine
Social SkillsPersuasion
Tech SkillsAny

Both backgrounds offer Pistol certification, and the latter gives Persuasion skills. These conveniently fit your build, as you can build a high-damaging stealth pistol with suppression and scope to offer an extended range. 

Sniper Certification Skill ranking
Sniper Certification Skill | Credits: Gamesual

All listed combat skills offer the best weaponry stats for a sniper. Marksmanship increases crit chance and increased damage if using a pistol with a scope. Sniper certification offers higher damage while scoped in, synergized with Sharpshooter to grant ranged crit damage on headshots. 

Stealth and Concealment skills work well to keep you hidden and place yourself in the optimum spot to target. Rejuvenation will provide extra healing in the hidden phase. If caught, the persuasion skill can help you get out of trouble and re-position accordingly. 

I suggest using Sniper rifles as your primary weapons, but also having a Rifle in case you get detected and have to fight in close range. 

  • Ideal for solo hunting.
  • Sniper Certification for range.
  • Tactical advantages with stealth.

  • Vulnerable in close combat.
  • Precision and patience are required.
  • Less versatile in dynamic encounters.


Best Persuasion Build Build in Starfield

Not a fan of always taking part in combats? I mean, I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is not fun to shoot enemies in the face, but talking your way out of sticky situations is always a good option.

Diplomat build
Diplomat Background | Credits: Gamesual

Build Overview Table:

Kid Stuff
Combat SkillsAny
Physical SkillsFitness
Science SkillsAny
Social SkillsPersuasion
Tech SkillsAny

With a Diplomat background, you are offered Persuasion and Commerce. Both these skills set you up for an ambassador. Empath and Extrovert traits make you a people person. This will benefit you while surrounded by crews or in group explorations.

Combat skills are not as critical as others, so you may choose according to your needs. Fitness and Wellness physical skills offer health benefits generally. You may also select any science skills depending on your play style.

Your primary set of skills relies on Social Skills. Commerce is one of my favorite skills, allowing me to get more credit for everything I sold during my campaign. In addition to this, Persuasion and Negotiation work well with each other to get your point across and also offer free bribery. 

Intimidation, Diplomacy, Manipulation, and Instigation are all NPC-related skills that allow you to make them run away from fights, control their actions for some time, or command them to target their allies. All four of these skills evolve you to stand higher than the NPCs around you. 

  • Non-combat, diplomatic focus.
  • Persuasion and diplomacy skills.
  • Peaceful resolutions and NPC control.

  • Limited combat capabilities.
  • Alternative reward avenues needed.
  • Less engaging in combat scenarios.

Expert Craftsman

Best Resource Efficient Build in Starfield

This next build from Starfield: Best Builds helps you stay in touch with the best weaponry and items and have knowledge of everything.

Starfield: Best Builds Craftsman build
Professor Background | Credits: Gamesual

Build Overview Table:

TraitsDream Home
Kid Stuff
Combat SkillsAny
Physical SkillsFitness
Environmental Conditioning
Science SkillsAstrodynamics
Research Methods
Weapon Engineering
Spacesuit Design
Outpost Engineering
Special Projects
Social SkillsCommerce
Outpost Management
Tech SkillsSecuity

Here is another non-combat build where you must choose the Professor’s background since it offers the best set of skills for development and research. Traits do not matter much, so you may choose any other. 

Combat skills are also a free option to choose from. Physical skills such as fitness offer better health regeneration, whereas Conditional Contamination and Decontamination keep your survival rate higher in space. 

Your primary set of skills lies in Science. As the list suggests, you have multiple options for your desired sub-build. Geology, Zoology, and Chemistry help you understand the World from a closer perspective. You can harvest much rarer items quicker than usual. 

Moreover, another research-oriented build will focus on Research methods, Weapon Engineering, Outpost Engineering, and Special Projects. These synergize well, allowing you to develop unique and sharper equipment. They will cost less when the skills are maxed and produce additional outpost resources. 

  • Research for advanced equipment.
  • Variety of science skills.
  • Cost-efficient equipment development.

  • Lacks combat effectiveness.
  • Limited in confrontations.
  • Focus on resource gathering.

My Pick For The Best Build

I would consider Space Range Build to be the Best in Starfield

During my 30-plus hours in the campaign, I was able to evolve my character from one class to another. In the early part of the campaign, my character was designed to do the most damage, but it evolved into a smooth-talker, avoiding most combat situations.

However, if I were to pick one, the “Space Ranger” build would stand out. Its unique Boost Pack specialty offers versatility in both combat and exploration, providing a strategic advantage. 

Starfield Gameplay time
Starfield – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

Nevertheless, if you are still confused about what build you want to start as in the beginning, I suggest you use any of the given builds as your template. I mean, the game would never restrict your build, so you can always change your character according to your playstyle.

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