Starfield: Best Companions [Top 8]

Uncover the secrets and cosmos of Starfield as you embark on epic adventures with the Best Companions in the game.

Starfield Best Companions
List of Best Companions (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Starfield provides players with an immersive and expansive experience and allows them to explore the vast universe in space. However, one of the critical aspects that can significantly enhance the enjoyment of Starfield is the presence of a well-developed and diverse range of Best Companions. Therefore, these Companions have unique skills and abilities that can provide additional firepower and assistance during gameplay.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield possesses a diverse range of Companions that provide players with unique abilities and prove themselves valuable assets in the game. 
  • Players can build meaningful relationships with their Companions, and by choosing the best dialogue options, they can connect deeply with them and learn about their past.
  • In addition, Companion choices can greatly impact gameplay, so players should choose wisely based on the situation they find themselves in.

Moreover, these Companions can add depth and emotional connection to the game’s narrative. So, in this guide, we will explore some of the Best Companions that are part of the cosmic universe of Starfield.

In Starfield, there are almost Twenty Companions with which players can enjoy their game. However, all these Companions have diverse personalities, allowing players to create emotional and romantic relationships. Besides their role as Companions, they also have some quests that players can complete to unlock additional abilities and equipment.

However, they have been divided into two types to understand them better.

  • Main Story Companions OR Recruitable Companions
  • Hirable Companions
Here is a list of Best Story Companions that players can choose to explore the cosmic universe of Starfield.
Sam CoeGeologist
Rifle Certificate
Piloting Skills
Players can recruit Sam Coe as a Companion by starting the main story mission, The Empty Nest.
Sarah MorganBotanist
Leadership Qualities
Can Use Laser Weapons
At the beginning of the main story mission, The Old Neighborhood players can recruit her as a companion.
Barret Robotics
Particle Beam Weapon Systems
Starship Engineering
During the main story mission, Back to Vectra, Barret becomes available as a companion.
VascoEM Weapons Systems
Aneutronic Fusion
Shield Systems
Players have to complete first main story mission, One Small Step, to get Vasco.
Outpost Engineering
To recruit Heller players have to complete the Empty Nest mission.
LinCan do Outpost Management
Players can recruit Lin by returning to Vectera by completing Empty Nest mission.
Adoring FanBodybuilder Weight Lifting
Scavenging Skills
Upon reaching New Atlantis Adoring Fan will ask you to join your team.
Particle Beams
Energy Weapons System
Best Stealth Skills
Players can recruit Andreja during the Into The Known main story mission.

Sam Coe

Players can find Sam Coe in New Atlantis Jemison, and he is a member of the Constellation group. However, Sam has unique skills that make him useful in several categories.

Also, he is an expert ranged fighter because of his rifle expertise and has three points in Rifle Certification skills. Moreover, he is also a skilled pilot who can increase your ship’s capabilities.

Sam Coe in Starfield
Best Companion in Starfield with Rifle Expertise (Image Credits: Gamesual).

In Starfield, Ships play a vital role in combat fighting, so Sam can be very impactful in managing ships. Moreover, he has some expertise in Geology, which will help players collect inorganic resources from the surface. However, players can recruit Sam Coe by completing The Empty Nest Quest. But to do so, players must retrieve a missing piece of a Map that belongs to Sam’s ancestors.

Therefore, players must move to Akila City to clear a hostage situation in a Bank by killing the robbers. And finally, by completing the task, players can ask Sam Coe to join the crew.

Sarah Morgan

In Starfield, there is a group named Constellation, and Sarah Morgan is the leader of that group. However, when you agree to work with Constellation Group, she will join you as your permanent member. Moreover, the primary purpose of making her a Companion is that she has extraordinary fighting skills and has three points in LASERS.

Sarah Morgan in Starfield.
Leader of Constellation group Sarah Morgan (Image Credits: Gamesual).

However, she has exceptional leadership skills, which will be very helpful while tackling difficult combat situations. Also, she is very eager to protect humanity and wants to resolve issues without bloodshed. Moreover, she has a romantic element in her personality, so if players help her in Constellation, she might develop an emotional connection with you.

The location of Sarah Morgan is Jemison in New Atlantis, and players can make her a Companion by starting the main story mission, The Old Neighborhood.


Best Companion in Starfield.
Barrett is a skillful starship engineer (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players will meet Barret at the start of the game when they reach the Lodge to sell an object to Barret. However, upon meeting him, players will get to know that he is annoying and often tells dad jokes.

Also, his arrival at the station will bring some pirates, so unintentionally, players have to defeat them to save their lives. Moreover, in Starfield, he is one of the Best Characters and a Constellation group member. 

Also, he has some mysterious past that haunts him, but he can be a valuable asset by providing supporting roles to the team. However, Barret is a Starship Engineer and can repair ships quickly.

Barret is also skillful in Robotics and can provide extra knowledge about robots and how players can deal more damage to them. Moreover, he has skills in Gastronomy, with which he can make unique foods and drinks.

Despite this, players can unlock Barret as their Companion by rescuing him from the Crimson Fleet by starting the main story mission Back to Vectera. However, if players show positivity to Barret by doing the right things and obeying laws, they can develop a strong relationship with him.


In Starfield, Vasco is a fully modified Robot with thinking abilities and emotions. However, we believe Vasco is the Best Companion because his character is not so humorous; he is like an introvert and does not get friendly quickly.

Also, he is not annoying like Barret and other Companions. However, he is the first Companion that players will get when they reach Frontier, and he will assist players through their First mission to the New Atlantis.

Vasco in Starfield.
A fully modified Robot (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Further, Vasco is modified by the Constellation group so that he can provide support and aid to the players through their missions in space. However, he also has Sheils systems that can protect players from various types of damage. Also, he is very skillful in using EM Weapon Systems. Players will first meet him when they reach Lodge to trade with Barret.

Therefore, players can ask him to join the crew by starting the main story mission, One Small Stem on the Lodge.

In Starfield, players will also find Hirable Companions. However, players can hire them from bars and popular areas. Moreover, to Hire those Companionsons, players must give them a certain amount of in-game cash or credit. Hiring credits for every Companion are different from each other, but the price would be between 5000x to 16000x Credits.

Here is a list of some Hireable Companions players will find in the following locations.

Hireable Companions LocationsCompanions
New Atlantis Companions Marika Boros
Gideon Aker
Simon Bankowski
Cydonia CompanionsAndromeda Kepler
The Key(Kryx System) CompanionsJessamine Griffin
Neon CompanionsMickey Caviar
Sophie Grace
Dani Gracia
Akila Companions Omari Hassan
Rosie Tannehill

Marika Boros

Marika Boros is part of the Constellation group in Starfield, but players cannot recruit her without cost. She is a Hirable Companion, and players must hire her by giving her the requested price. However, players must travel to the Viewport of New Atlantis to hire Marika as a Companion. She will charge you 18000 Credits, but players can persuade her to join your crew for half the price.

Best Hirable Companion in Starfield.
Marika Boros has best Ballistic skills (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Although she is less skillful than the other Companions in the game, she has access to various weapons, armor, and gadgets to use in combat. Additionally, she can modify ship systems that provide players with an edge in ship-to-ship combat. However, Marika also has a Rank 1 Shotgun Certification, which will increase the damage of shotguns by 10x.

Aside from this, she had skills in Ballistic Weapons and could deal an additional 20 points of damage to enemies. 

Andromeda Kepler

Andromeda Kepler in Starfield.
She is best known for her skills in writing and exploring (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Andromeda Kepler is a Hirable Companion in Starfield. Players must visit The Broken Spear in Cydonia in the Sol Star System to hire her as a Companion. Upon reaching there, players must persuade Andromeda to join their crew for low credits. However, she is best known for her writing and exploring skills in Starfield. 

Moreover, she is a very skilled pilot and can help players in ship combat by dodging enemy attacks. Therefore, she will be hired as a part of the ship crew because she has nothing to offer in hand-to-hand combat. 

Jessamine Griffin

Jessamine Griffin is a Companion that players can hire in Starfield. However, she can be very potent for problem-solving situations and can sneak from anywhere without getting noticed. Jessamine is a member of Crimson Fleet and is looking for work in Last Nova, which is an established on The Key in the Kryx Star System.

Jessamine Griffin
Best Known for Hand-to-Hand Combat (Image Credits: Gamesual).

However, when players reach the Kryx Star System, they will be pushed into a fight between Kryx and Crimson Fleet, so after winning the fight, players have to find Jessamine and persuade her that she would join your team by giving her the price she asked for. Further, she has extensive experience in piloting and engineering, so you can hire her in any field you like.

Moreover, she has a decent set of skills related to Stealth activities, like she is very experienced in stealing valuable things without getting detected. Also, she is very skillful in the Ballistic Weapons System and can provide enemies with an extra 20 percent damage by using Ballistic weapons.

Rosie Tannehill

Rosie Tannehill is one of the best Hirable Companions in Starfield. Because she is knowledgeable in various fields of medicine, nutrition, exercise, and mental health. Moreover, Rosie is also a certified wilderness first responder and certified lifeguard with a background in physical education. However, her expertise in health and wellness makes her an invaluable asset in difficult situations. 

Best Hirable Companion in Starfield.
Rosie is a certified lifeguard (Image Credits: Gamesual).

So, to hire her and utilize her skills to achieve success, players must find a Hitching post at Cheyenne System in Akila. But everything comes at a price, and Rosie also has a price. But if players try to negotiate with her and persuade her to lower the price, and if you choose the right dialogue options, she will be glad to become your crew member.

That is all from our side on Best Companions in Starfield. I hope this guide will help get the most out of Starfield. However, the Companions can greatly impact your gameplay, and if you choose the right option, you can win against your opponents.

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