Starfield: Best Factions [Ranked]

Take a look at some of the best factions in Starfield and their features!

Starfield Best Factions
Starfield Best Factions

The factions control many things for the player, including the combat reaction of all creatures and NPCs. Depending on which one you choose, these factions will help you collect more information about the main story.

Constellation is one of the central factions and is one of the first factions I joined during the playthrough. However, I consider the UC Vanguard one of the best factions to join. 

Key Highlights 

  • The major Faction important in the main questline is called “Constellation,” and you can join it automatically. 
  • One of the best Factions that the player should join first in Starfield are the “Constellation and UC Vanguard.” 
  • The best minor Factions the player should play first are the “Spacer and The Trade Authority.” 
  • You can also join multiple Factions and experience them by playing and completing the missions. 

Constellation MissionsUC Vanguard MissionsRyujin Industries MissionsFreestar Rangers MissionsCrimson Fleet Missions
One Small StepSupra Et UltraBack to the GrindJob Gone WrongDeep Cover
The Old NeighbourhoodGrunt WorkOne Step AheadWhere Hope is BuiltRook Meets King
The Empty NestDelivering DevilsA New NarrativeShadows In NeonBurden of Proof
Back to VecteraEyewitnessAccess is KeySurgical StrikeEchoes of the Past
Into the UnknownFriends Like TheseSowing DiscordOn the RunBreaking the Bank
All That Money Can BuyThe Devils You KnowAccidents HappenFirst to Fight, First to DieThe Best There Is
Star BornWar RelicsMaintaining the EdgeThe Hammer FallsAbsolute Power
Further into the UnknownHostile IntelligenceTop Secrets-Eye of the Storm
Short SightedA Legacy ForgedBackground Checks-Legacy's End
No Sudden Moves-Guilty Parties--
High Price to Pay-The Key Ingredient--
In Their Footsteps-Executive Level--
Final Glimpses----
Missed Beyond Measure----
One Giant Leap----

The Constellation 

The constellation is a significant part of the main story, and I was able to join it automatically during my campaign. After joining this Faction, you will reach the place that is called “Vectera.” 

Starfield: Best Factions
Constellation faction [Image Capture Credits – Gamesual]
After leaving Vectera, you must travel to the Lodge in New Atlantis‘ MAST District and talk with Sarah Morgan. The conversation between you and Sarah will be about artifacts, and she will introduce you as a new member.

Sarah Morgan will also join you briefly for your best experience and the mysterious object you will get in Factions. 

Constellation Missions 

Below are the names of the missions you will get in the Constellation Faction: 

  • One Small Step 
  • The Old Neighbourhood 
  • The Empty Nest 
  • Back to Vectera 
  • Into the Unknown 
  • Star Born 
  • Further into the Unknown 
  • Short Sighted 
  • No Sudden Moves 
  • High Price to Pay 
  • Unity 
  • In Their Footsteps 
  • Unearthed 
  • Final Glimpses 
  • Missed Beyond Measure 
  • Revelation 
  • One Giant Leap 
  • Entangled 
  • All That Money Can Buy 

The UC Vanguard 

Head to the MAST Headquarters on New Atlantis to join the UC Vanguard.  When you successfully enter the building, turn to the left, where you will find Commander John Tuala.

UC Faction
UC Vanguard [Image Capture Credits – Gamesual]
You must talk to the Commander and tell him about your interest in joining the Marines. Commander Tuala will send you to the Training Hall, where you must register for the exam. However, I recommend taking this test as soon as possible to get the most out of this Faction.

UC Vanguard Missions 

Below are all of the missions I encountered during my time with the UC Vanguard:

  • Supra Et Ultra 
  • Grunt Work 
  • Delivering Devils 
  • Friends Like These 
  • The Devils You Know 
  • War Relics 
  • Hostile Intelligence 
  • A Legacy Forged 
  • Eyewitness 

The Ryujin Industries 

Joining and unlocking the Ryujin Industries is way more accessible and straightforward, and you can do this at the start of Starfield’s main quest. You can start by travelling to the New Atlantis Commercial District and the Galbank.

Starfield: Best Factions
Ryujin Industries [Image Capture Credits – Gamesual]
When you reach the front area of the bank, that is, the Red Kiosk, you have to interact with it and access the Ryujin Industries. The next phase requires you to get in the Neon on Volii Alpha area, which is found near Olympus. I suggest selecting the location on your Star Map and fast-traveling to it.  

Afterward, you should head inside the building you see in that area, talk to the receptionist, and find the new boss called “Imelda.” 

Ryujin Industries Missions 

  • Back to the Grind 
  • A New Narrative 
  • Access is Key 
  • Sowing Discord 
  • Accidents Happen 
  • Maintaining the Edge 
  • Top Secrets 
  • Background Checks 
  • Guilty Parties 
  • The Key Ingredient 
  • Sabotage 
  • Executive Level 
  • One Step Ahead 

Freestar Rangers 

You can unlock the Freestar Rangers like the UC Vanguard Faction. I had to travel to Akila City and get the mission known as the “Empty Nest.”  Then, I was required to go to the street called “The Rock.” After reaching the street, you are tasked with finding Emma sitting at the bar on the table. 

Emma will tell you about the Rangers and ask you to complete the Bounty test. They are almost at the same level, so choose the one where you get the highest rewards. 

Freestar Rangers Missions 

  • Job Gone Wrong 
  • Where Hope is Built 
  • Shadows In Neon  
  • Surgical Strike  
  • On the Run 
  • First to Fight, First to Die 
  • The Hammer Falls 

Crimson Fleet 

To unlock the Crimson Fleet, UC Security first arrested me. I did this by shooting an officer and immediately holstering my weapon. Then, the officers arresting me took me to their superior, who offered me a way out. This leads to a mission called “Deep Cover,” which will help you join the Crimson Fleet.

Crimson Fleet Faction
Crimson Fleet Faction [Image Capture Credits – Gamesual]
The players must maintain their balance and actions in the mission to experience a good outcome. While with the Crimson Fleet, they forced my character into a life of piracy. I was required to steal, murder, and do all sorts of pirate activities to prove my loyalty to the Fleet.

Crimson Fleet Missions 

  • Deep Cover 
  • Rook Meets King 
  • Burden of Proof 
  • Echoes of the Past 
  • Breaking the Bank 
  • The Best There Is 
  • Absolute Power
  • Eye of the Storm 
  • Legacy’s End 

These are all the missions that you will get in the Crimson Fleet Faction. Below are other factions you can consider while playing.

  • Spacers
  • House of Va’Ruun Zealots
  • Sanctum Universum
  • The Trade Authority
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries

My Opinion On Best Factions

After investing over 30 hours in Starfield, I considered Constellation and UC Vanguard the best factions for the end game. The missions offered by both of these factions offer high XP and valuable rewards. However, I would still consider joining other factions because of the exciting missions and stories they present.

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