Starfield: Best Laser Weapons [Ranked]

All 8 of the Laser Weapons in Starfield, ranked worst to best.

Starfield Best Laser Weapons
Starfield Best Laser Weapons / Creds: Gamesual

There are a total of 8 Laser weapons in Starfield. Additionally, there is a restriction on the number of weapons that players can carry at any given time. The Merchant provides a new weapon at every visit, making it crucial to know the best laser weapons in Starfield.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 5 Laser Rifles and 3 Pistols and Starfield.
  • You can obtain weapons by purchasing, looting, or earning them as a mission reward.
  • The Laser weapons in Starfield use energy to shoot beams, inflicting energy damage.
  • The Best Laser weapon players can consider with ideal stats is Unmitigated Violence.

WeaponDamageRangeAccuracy(%)MassFire Rate
Brawler’s Equinox25066.52.9180
Short Circuit103275.84.529
Unrestrained Vengeance246681.56.5533
Unmitigated Violence1255277.810.6533

Laser weapons, which use energy sources to generate beams or projectiles, come in rifles and pistols. The pistol laser weapons are generally used as a secondary weapon and are most valuable when you run out of ammo on your primary weapon.

To help you select the best Laser weapon, we have ranked them from worst to best.


Fire Rate25

Solstice is the basic or unupgraded version of the Short-Circuit and Ember pistol on the list. The Solstice is easy to find and one of the best early-game weapons.

How To Find

  • It is a common weapon, so you can find it in boxes, crates, or from looting enemies.
  • The best way to get this weapon is by defeating Spacer enemies.
  • The Solstice is ranked the lowest as it has better-upgraded versions of it in the game. Additionally, it inflicts a very low damage of 10.

Brawler’s Equinox

Brawler's Equinox - Starfield Laser Weapon
Brawler’s Equinox / Creds: Gamesual
Fire Rate180

The Brawler Equinox is a Legendary variant of the Equinox weapon, and it stands out among the weapons in Starfield for its ability to inflict electromagnetic damage.

While most weapons in the game kill enemies outright, the EM damage from the Brawler Equinox disables them. This makes it an ideal choice for players interested in pursuing a pacifist playthrough of the game.

How To Find

  • You would first have to complete the Vicente Salinas quest to get this weapon.
  • Then, he will start selling you the Brawler Equinox weapon.
  • The Equinox Brawler possesses a distinctive Legendary power-up called the Bashing Effect.
  • When you are close to enemies and want to do double damage, you can use this weapon to perform a gun-bash attack.

This effect is beneficial when you want to remain stealthy or avoid using too much ammo on weaker enemies. However, when facing stronger enemies or bosses, you may need to replace this weapon since it may not kill them effectively.

Short Circuit

Fire Rate29

The upgraded/unique version of the Solstice has similar stats as the former. The Short Circuit has better-than-average stats but falls below the Ember due to its low damage to humans.

However, as the name suggests, this weapon can short-circuit robots, i.e., it does 20% more damage to robots. You can get the weapon from the Best Defense dealer located in Hopetown.


Ember - Starfield Laser Weapon
Ember / Creds: Gamesual
Fire Rate25

The Ember is also an upgraded version of the Solstice laser pistol. However, it has a unique ability to set anything on fire instantly. Plus, it has a high accuracy of 73.6%.

The Ember is better than an average pistol because its higher accuracy makes it a reliable weapon in long-range, which generally pistols aren’t.

How To Find

  • If you’re looking for Ember Pistol, you can find it at the Deadrock Mining Outpost on New Atlantis. The outpost is located in the northwest sector of the planet. 
  • Another way to get the weapon is to complete the Ryujin Industries Quest Line. When talking to Simon during the quest, choose “Tell me about this side job.” You can then either kill or persuade Malai to get the weapon.


Equinox - Starfield Laser Weapon
Equinox / Creds: Gamesual
Fire Rate50

The basic version of the Brawler Equinox is known for its high fire rate. However, a low mag capacity and damage compensate for the high fire rate. The Equinox is most useful as a quick spray gun.

Players can use the Equinox to rapidly fire 20 bullets at an enemy or as a long-range weapon. However, the gun’s frequent need for reloading makes it ineffective when facing multiple enemies.

How To Find

  • This weapon is obtained by completing the Equinox quest at the Deadrock Mining Outpost on New Atlantis.
  • To start the quest, speak to Darvin, the owner of Darvin’s Supply store on Planet New Atlantis.

Unrestrained Vengeance

Fire Rate33

If you are looking for a weapon that works as a sniper and is also viable as a mid-range rifle, this is the one to get. The Unrestrained Vengeance boasts increased range and accuracy. It also comes pre-equipped with the Hitman perk, which increases your damage by 15% when scoped in.

The Unrestrained Vengeance also has the Long Barrel and Recon Laser Sight mod, which increases the weapon’s mag capacity and accuracy. However, players must be warned that it is not a good weapon for crowd control as its fire rate is considerably low.

How To Get

  • To get this weapon, you would have to inflict damage to Hunter in the High Price To Pay mission.
  • He will retreat from the battle when his hp is lower than 50%.
  • Later in the mission, return to the ship, where the Hunter will praise and reward you with Unrestrained Vengeance for making him retreat.


Orion Starfield Laser Weapon
Orion / Creds: Gamesual
Fire Rate33

The Orion has very high damage out of all the Laser weapons in Starfield. It is also endowed with high mag capacity and range. However, the Orion is inaccurate and might prove unusable when fighting moving targets.

Players must know that it has a high mass and comes equipped with no perks. However, this can be overcome by equipping it with suitable mods to improve the weapon further, such as Recon Laser Sight.

How To Get

  • The Orion is a considerably common weapon and can be easily found by looting various enemies, especially spacer enemies.
  • It can also be bought from many shops. Some notable ones are Neon Tactical, UC Exchange, Rowland Arms, and Best Defense.

Unmitigated Violence

Unmitigated Violence
Unmitigated Violence / Creds: Gamesual
Fire Rate33

The best laser weapon in Starfield, Unmitigated Violence, has the highest damage 125. In addition, it is reliable in the mid to long range. However, the weapon’s fire rate is low, but the high damage compensates for it.

The biggest selling point of Unmitigated Violence is that it can inflict random status effects on enemies, such as frenzy, radioactive, and double damage, which can prove very beneficial during combat. The only downside of the weapon is that it has a high mass.

How To Get

  • You would have to complete The Revelation quest to get the Unmitigated Violence. But make sure to side with the Emissary side and defeat the Hunter to get the best laser weapon in the game.

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