Starfield: Best Outpost Locations [Definitive Guide]

The bast Planets/Locations to setup your Outposts on in Starfield.

Starfield Best Outpost Locations
Starfield Best Outpost Locations

Choosing the best locations for your Outpost in Starfield can be a tall task due to the number of Planets being 1000+ and 100+ systems, respectively. While building an outpost, you must choose the best locations to provide the required resources. Therefore, knowing the best outpost locations in Starfield is important.

Key Takeaways

  • You can choose many planets as your Outpost Locations in Starfield.
  • There are more than 1000 and 100 Planets and systems, respectively.
  • You must choose your Outpost location by its resourcefulness.
  • It is highly recommended to have an Outpost on Zamka and Andraphon.

Players in Starfield can build their Outposts in many locations. Outposts are personalized areas for players that can be used to extract resources, run operations, storage space, or as a marker for landing. Before building an outpost, you must use your scanner and construct an Outpost Beacon.

After constructing a Beacon, you can enter Build, Modify, and Clear mode to build a new structure, modify an early construction, or clear out areas. Players can have up to 8 Outposts, which can be further increased by improving the Planetary Habitation skill tree.

You can’t build Outposts on Planets with extreme conditions, but the Planetary Habitation skill tree can also fix this. Before selecting the location for your Outpost, you need to decide its purpose.

If you want an Outpost to extract specific resources, you must set up your Outpost on a Planet with those resources. However, if you want an Outpost for a place to rest or store your resources, you would choose a beautiful plant with vast resources.

Before choosing a location, you must choose a location with resources, a favorable climate, atmosphere, and magnetosphere. To make this decision easier, we have combined the best Outpost locations in Starfield, not ranked in any order.


Andraphon Outpost Locations Starfield
Andraphon / Creds: Gamesual

The Andraphon is the best early-game location in Starfield. You need to set up your Outpost on Adraphone, the moon of the Planet Sumati, to farm the essential materials such as Beryllium, Iron, Helium-3, Aluminum, and Europium.

You must set up an Outpost on Andraphon to set up other Outposts. It provides the three materials, Iron, Helium-3, and Aluminum, used to construct and maintain other Outposts.

The Andraphon is not inhabitable and is rather gloomy. It should only be used as an Outpost to farm materials. In addition, there are some places on the moon where you can farm all three materials together.


The Nesoi is a planet found in the Olympus Star System. The Planet contains many hills, mountains, and forests. Furthermore, it contains abundant resources of every kind. You can freely roam Nesoi; it has little to no harmful environmental toxins.

You can easily find resources like Irioum, Tantalum, and Benzene on this Planet. In addition, rare resources like Iron, Uranium, and Argon are also available. The most significant selling point of Nesoi is that it is lovely, and with the Dream Home trait, you get a beautiful luxury house on Nesoi.

Nesoi’s location is equally close to every main city. You don’t need a powerful gravity drive system to travel from Nesoi to other Planets.

Eridani Vii-C

Eridani VIII-c Outpost Locations Starfield
Eridani VIII-c / Creds: Gamesual

The Eridani Vii-C is a moon in the Eridani star system. This moon has the following resources: Tungsten, Titanium, Water, Helium-3, Aluminum, Europium, Lead, and Uranium.

It is an excellent location for your Outpost if you require the resources above. You can use this Outpost solely as an extraction post. Being a moon, the Eridani Vii-C is not suitable for living purposes. It is not viable to build a house here as the water is intoxicated. Instead, you can use this Outpost solely as a storage and extraction point.


The Kreet found in the Narion System is a moon orbiting Planet Anselon. Every player in Starfield will visit Kreet through their gameplay. It is highly recommended as an Outpost location due to the variety and quantity of resources on this Planet.

The Kreet has Water, Argon, Alkanes, Neon, Lead, Silver, Iron, and Helium-3. The moon is rich in resources and home to various flora, fauna, and critters and several locations to explore.

At the start of the game, players can easily find weapon upgrades on this moon. Additionally, the atmosphere is breathable, and there is a robust magnetosphere, making it an ideal destination.

Tau Ceti VIII-b

This is the optimum crafting materials location found in the Tau Ceti system. It contains the rare resource Tantalum, which is very useful in crafting weapons. This moon also contains Iron, Argon, Chlorosilanes, Aluminum, and Chlorine.

The resources mentioned earlier are often very useful in crafting weapons or materials. This moon is unsuitable for living purposes or storage space as it is far from the main cities. However, you can use this Outpost to constantly farm crafting materials and return here whenever you need to craft something.

Linnaeus IV-b

Linnaeus IV-b Outpost Locations Starfield
Linnaeus IV-b / Creds: Gamesual

The Linnaeus IV-b is a moon found in the Linnaeus system. It is an upgrade on Adraphon Moon because it has more resources. The Linnaues IV-b contains the same resources as Androphan, Alkanes, and Ytterbium. Ytterbium is a very rare crafting material.

It is an excellent location for an early outpost, as the resources available are used to construct further outposts. The Linnaeus IV-b is great for farming crafting materials but not for living or storage. If these are not the materials you want to farm, you can explore other Planets or moons in the Linnaeus system.

There are no creatures on this moon that might attack you. In addition, due to the Planet’s high level, it’s best to avoid abandoned mines and other points of interest.

Schrodinger III

It is one of the two Planets on the list solely for its beautiful landscapes. The Schrodinger III is a planet found in the Schrodinger system. This Planet has lush green grass and beautiful nature and mountains.

The Planet also has cute-looking creatures. However, they are highly hostile. You can use this Planet to farm XP by killing all the creatures. The Outpost on this Planet can be a storage space or a getaway for you to chill and explore.

Hyla II

It is the second Planet on the list for its beautiful landscapes. The Hyla II is a planet found in the Hyla system. This Planet has Water, Silver, Aluminum, Argon, Beryllium, Lead, Flourine and Carboxylic Acids. However, the most distinct quality of this Planet is not its resources but the land’s beauty.

Hyla II resembles closely to Hawaii. It is a tropical planet with flowing lakes, lush green palm trees, and grass. This Planet, the same as Schrodinger III, is recommended as an Outpost location for storage or visiting to enjoy the sceneries of the Planet.

Leviathan IV

The Leviathan IV is a planet on which everyone must have an Outpost. Found in the Leviathan system, this Planet is enriched with many resources for many purposes. On Leviathan IV, you can find Water, Aluminum, Copper, Chlorine, Iron, Fluorine, and Ytterbium.

The Ytterbium is a rare resource and difficult to find. You must set up your Outpost to constantly farm these resources. However, you would have to deal with many hostilities on this Planet and construct your Outpost in a safe area. You can find overlapping resources and farm them in many areas simultaneously.


The Jemison is regarded as one of Starfield’s best, if not the best, Outpost locations. It has ideal weather conditions and many characters, which helps you trade your resources and upgrade materials.

The Jemison planet has many resources: Argon, Chlorosilanes, Chlorine, Lead, and Water. It has the optimum conditions to start your first Outpost. It has little to no hostilities and is located in the Alpha Centauri system, close to most main cities in Starfield. The United Nation’s New Atlantis settlement is also found on Jemison.


Zamka Outpost Locations Starfield
Zamka / Creds: Gamesual

The Zamka, also found in the Alpha Centauri system, is a moon of Olivas. It is the best Planet for valuable resources. This Planet is enriched with Water, Helium-3, Iron, Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Uranium, and Vanadium.

The Uranium and Vandium on the list are rare resources, respectively. The Zamka has many resources, making it difficult to find the best spot to farm multiple resources simultaneously. The Zamka is great for resources. However, unlike Hyla II or Schrodinger III, you would not find beautiful landscapes.

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