Starfield: 5 Best Quests To Do First

Acquaint yourself with the suitable rewarding quests for an early-game scenario in Starfield.

Starfield Best Quests
Starfield Best Quests

Among the massive diversity in the quests of Starfield, you may get confused about which one to start with. Do remember that completing the Main Quest is rewarding but is massively time-consuming. So, regarding this situation, it is best to set foot for exploring other quests that are way shorter and exceptionally rewarding. 

Key Takeaways

  • Your task to prioritize quests in Starfield begins when you step foot on New Atlantis. There will be plenty of quests to go around with.
  • On the Mission Board in New Atlantis, players can find a variety of quests that can suit their interests. These Mission Boards are in Viewport and Lodge.
  • The best quests to do on the Viewport Mission board:
    • Destroy The Crimson Fleet Specter At Andromas
    • Deliver Vegetables To Polvo
    • Deliver Super Luminescent Dye To Polvo
  • On the Constellation mission board:
    • Survey Piazzi VII-A In Piazzi
  • Go to the UC Security Office in the Spaceport district and talk to Sergeant Yumi. He will assign you tasks, namely, “Keeping The Peace” and “A Break At Dawn.”
  • Following the Yumi questline, talk to Nyssa Marcano at Viewport. She will assign you a quest, “Distilling Confidence,” in which Yumi can help you. 

Mission Location Type Reward
Survey Piazzi VII-A In Piazzi Piazzi VII-A Explore 1000 Credits
Keeping The Peace MAST District (New Atlantis) Delivery 2000 Credits
A Break At Dawn Residential District (New Atlantis) Persuade 2000 Credits
Distilling Confidence Spaceport (New Atlantis) Delivery 2000 Credits
Destroy The Crimson Fleet Specter At Andromas Andromas Space Combat 2650 Credits
Deliver Super Luminescent Dye To Polvo HopeTown Traveling 1743 Credits
Deliver Vegetables To Polvo Hopetown Traveling 1751 Credits

Constellation Mission Board

Starfield mission board quests
The Constellation Mission Board | Image credits: Gamesual

Once you land in New Atlantis and follow the Main Quest (One Small Step), you will eventually end up in Lodge. At that location, you will complete the first main quest of the game. After that, you will gain access to every locked door with the Lodge Key. Open the door that leads to the downstairs; on the left hand, you will see a machine named Constellation Mission Board.

From there on, you can initially carry four missions, which require a little effort:

  • Locate Diseased Biosphere In Lunara
  • Locate Gaseous Font In Carinae
  • Survey Piazzi VII-A In Piazzi (Best to do first)
  • Locate Turbulent Lithosphere In Alpha Tirna

Survey Piazzi VII-A In Piazzi

Piazzi VII-A
Hoping around on Piazzi VII-A | Image credits: Gamesual

The less tiresome quest among all. You only have to Grav Jump to a new Solar System (Piazzi) above the New Atlantis. Afterward, there will be a Moon around a Saturn-like planet named Piazzi VII-A. Although you can scan the planet, it will not survey it completely. Therefore, you will have to land on the surface of it.

Despite the “Extreme Environment” warning, you can land on this planet easily. This planet will comprise two resources. These two resources will be in abundance around the surface. Scan them, and you will receive 1000 Credits as a reward.

Mission Board (Viewport)

A Mission Board will be in front of the bartender at the Viewport Plaza. Accessing the machine will give you a set of new quests. Although there will be many options, some quests require a high Starfield player level. 

The quests that best suit the early-game scenario will be less rewarding than others. But they will be reasonable nonetheless.

  • Destroy The Crimson Fleet Specter At Andromas
  • Deliver Super Luminescent Dye To Polvo And/Or Deliver Vegetables To Polvo

Destroy The Crimson Fleet Specter At Andromas

Andromas quest Starfield
Destroying Crimson Fleet around Andromas | Image credits: Gamesual

It might be a tough decision for players with novice spacecraft control skills. This mission requires the players to engage in thrilling space combat. All you have to do is fast-travel to Andromas planet location and search for the mission objective.

Once you reach the area, two spacecraft will rush towards you aggressively. Remember to keep your Shield maximum. In this scenario, you can compromise the Engine and use the points in the ship’s weaponry. Moreover, you can take out both ships even with basic knowledge of space combat.

Clearing out the space from the Crimson Fleet ships will reward you 2650 Credits.

Deliver Super Luminescent Dye To Polvo

Starfield Hopetown quests
Landing on Hopetown in Polvo | Image credits: Gamesual

The most convenient way to earn some Credits is to accept the delivery mission from the Mission Board. The mission requires a lot of storage available in your spaceship hull. Therefore, if you want to carry on such quests in Starfield, it is best to do them as early as possible. Because initially, you will not have many items to carry around. Also, the ship’s upgrade costs too much for a new player. 

The quest requires you to travel to Polvo. Land in the Hopetown from there on and the quest will be automatically completed. As a result, you will earn yourself an honest 1743 Credits.

Conditions are the same for the quest “Deliver Vegetables To Polvo.” Moreover, the reward is also likely the same, 1751 Credits

Keeping The Peace

UC Sergeant Yumi
Talk to Yumi in the UC Security Office | Image credits: Gamesual

A mission that will lead you to Sergeant Yumi. When you land on the New Atlantis, move forward and look to the right. There will be a UC Security office. Enter the building and talk to Yumi on the right side. He will ask you to meet a higher post person in the MAST District regarding package delivery.

Once you reach there, talk to Agent Plato of the Aegis. He will guide you to where the package is. Return to the Spaceport, and on the right side, there will be a sitting bench, and the package will be underneath it. 

Once you obtain the package, return it to Yumi, and he will consider you as a new part-time officer. As a result, you will receive 2,000 Credits at the end of the quest.

A Break At Dawn

Another mission by Sergeant Yumi. Enter the UC Security office anytime after completing the “Keeping The Peace” quest—one of the most effortless quests in Starfield. Once Yumi assigns you this quest, you must travel to the Residential District. On the right-hand side, Pioneer Tower will be at the end, where you will have to talk to Royce Elgin. 

After that, go to Athena Tower in the same district. Talk to Hugo Fournier and persuade him to give you the ring back there. Once it’s done, return the wedding ring to the Spaceport UC Security office. You can either hand him over the ring and gain 2,000 Credits or keep the ring to yourself—a personal preference: hand over the ring to Yumi.

Distilling Confidence

Starfield Viewport
Viewport in New Atlantis | Image credits: Gamesual

The New Atlantis has quite a favorable place for newcomers, namely the Viewport. Once you enter this building, head straight to talk to the bartender, Nyssa Marcano. She will indulge you with her story of how she is tense regarding her package’s arrival.

Her package lies in the Security Impound Storage. There will be no easy way to access the impound. However, you can ask a favor from Yumi regarding this matter. Following this, do remember that Yumi will only favor you if you complete his two quests (“Keeping the peace” and “A break at dawn”). Completing the second quest requires you to hand him over the wedding ring. 

After that, he will provide you with a UC Security Keycard, giving you access to the impounded storage. A guard may try to stop you from entering, but you do not have to persuade him. Just ignore the dialogue options and move on to the ID Reader. It will open the door, and you can get your package.

Return to Nyssa Marcano. She will be delighted and will reward you with 2,000 Credits. This is considerably one of the most straightforward quests in Starfield simply because it requires the player to roam around in one small New Atlantis (Spaceport) district.

To conclude, there are an enormous amount of quests in Starfield. Indeed, players will need the quests they should prioritize once they step into the world of a massive, explorable environment. To be more brief, talk to the people who serve a purpose in their community or agencies. They will always have a place to adjust to a new, capable explorer to assign some tasks to.

New Atlantis and the Neon City are the best wagers to gather most of the quests in Starfield. The game offers remarkable rewards at the end of major quests. So, do not be afraid to take on challenging adventures as you venture through the dark and vacant vacuum. 

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