Starfield: Best Religions [Our 30+ Hours Picks]

Your thorough guide to getting familiar with Starfield Best Religions ideologies and all the pros and cons that come with them.

Starfield Best Religions
Starfield Best Religions

In contrast to the real world, the Starfield universe has three different faiths, each with a complex web of social and cultural institutions. These systems include established ethical norms, governing structures, sacred literature, holy places, perspectives, principles, and regulated behaviors.

Key Points

Choosing a religion can be an essential choice in Starfield. Your religious affiliation affects your place in the campaign and can lead to exciting rewards.

  • Enlightened (Raised Enlightened):
    • Emphasizes science, reason, and human capability.
    • Exclusive chest rewards with valuable resources.
    • Secular approach with discounts at the Enlightened store.
    • Non-religious, allowing for a unique narrative experience.
  • Sanctum Universum (Raised Universal):
    • Views space exploration as a divine calling.
    • Flexible – can remove the Raised Universal Trait after obtaining the chest.
    • Discounts at the Sanctum Universum store.
    • Engages in constructive relationships with other believers.
  • House Va’ruun (Serpent’s Embrace):
    • Mysterious and cult-like religious experience.
    • Boosts to health and oxygen for the first four in-game hours.
    • Distinctive grav jumping gameplay mechanic.
    • Unique dialogue options with potential conflicts.

Author’s Trust

After investing 30-plus hours in the ever-expanding universe of Starfield, I have put all three Religions into perspective. Still, if you have any other questions, always reach out.

– Shahzar Khalique

Sanctum Universum church
Sanctum Universum church

Players are not required to identify with any one religion, even though these religions present attractive perks and difficulties. The Starfield world can be explored without participating in any religious practices. Choosing a religion, however, opens up a wide range of gameplay sections and improves the entire gaming experience, so it is worth considering.

Specific dialogue with a House Va'ruun follower
Specific dialogue with a House Va’ruun follower

Enlightened (Raised Enlightened)

The Best Early Reward Religion
Enlightened (Raised Enlightened)
Enlightened (Raised Enlightened)

Why did I Choose Enlightened?

I found the Enlightened religion more secular or agnostic, like a social group. They are distinguished from more conventional religious structures by referring to their foundation as the “Organization,” which is interesting.

Although there is still some suspense surrounding the three main religions, players have stated that movies with animation or comprehensive descriptions of these beliefs would be an excellent addition to the game’s backstory. 

This faith’s corresponding trait is “Raised Enlightened.” 

Overall, The Enlightened offers a unique playstyle focusing on science, reason, and human self-sufficiency. It appeals to players who prefer a secular and rational approach to exploring the Starfield universe. 

Enlightened Religion follower
Enlightened Religion follower

Players who cling to the Enlightened faith are given the “Raised Enlightened” attribute, which prevents them from choosing other religions and offers an exclusive advantage.

This advantage grants access to a stockpile of treasures obtained from a chest within the House of the Enlightened. This might be one of the only reasons I recommend going with this religion.

House of the Enlightened chest
House of the Enlightened Chest

That chest is located in New Atlantis City. The items in this chest give players valuable resources, an improved knowledge of the Enlightened Creed, and a unique Settler Poncho costume.

Additionally, persons who follow the Enlightened faith gain access to particular discussion options that can help them interact with other believers while possibly putting them in conflict with others who hold opposing views.

Settler Poncho costume
Settler Poncho costume
  • Significant discounts at the Enlightened store.
  • Exclusive chest rewards with valuable resources.
  • Restricted from choosing other religions.
  • Chest items may be less impressive compared to other religions.

Sanctum Universum (Raised Universal)

The Best Space Exploration Religion in Starfield
Sanctum Universum (Raised Universal) chest
Sanctum Universum (Raised Universal) chest

Why did I Choose Sanctum Universum?

The Sanctum Universum in Starfield can be compared to space Christianity. I would consider this religion to be a little more strict and rule-abiding. The basic principle of this religion is the development of grav jump technology and the capacity for humanity to travel through the cosmos.

Sanctum Universum supporters, also calledUniversals,” believe that a higher power created the universe. This religion starkly contrasts the Enlightened, representing two worldviews within the game’s theological landscape.

Only a few years had passed after the founding of the Sanctum Universum faith preceding the events of Starfield. 

Sanctum Universum church
Sanctum Universum church
Neocity Poncho attire
Neocity Poncho attire

Players should take the NAT to the MAST District of New Atlantis to find the Sanctum Universum. They can exit the train, walk up the ramp, and then continue straight through the outside area, passing by the trees and the water elements.


The Sanctum Universum is a one-story structure with gold decorations that they will eventually come across. A yellow chest can be found within this building on the exterior wall of an office. It will only be there if players have selected the Raised Universal Trait.

  • Discounts at the Sanctum Universum store.
  • Flexibility to remove the Raised Universal Trait.
  • Restricted from choosing other religions.
  • Theology may limit access to supernatural elements.

House Va’ruun (Serpent’s Embrace)

The Best Early Ability Buff Religion
House Va'ruun follower
House Va’ruun follower

The third and one of the best religions in Starfield’s landscape is House Va’ruun.

Why did I Choose House Va’ruun?

Contrary to the well-known religions of the Enlightened and the Sanctum Universum, House Va’ruun has a reputation for having more of a cult-like following. Grav jumping is a distinctive ceremonial component of the worship of this celestial Serpent, which is thought to possess the cosmic capacity to consume the entire cosmos.

House Va’ruun members, renowned for their genuine dedication, view grav leaps as a way of tying the Settled Systems together in a serpentine design, signifying their belief in the Great Serpent.

Great Serpent
Great Serpent

The unique “Serpent’s Embrace” trait is available to players who join House Va’ruun. There are benefits as well as drawbacks to having this feature.

For the first four in-game hours, it significantly boosts oxygen and health. After this time, the benefit becomes a disadvantage that adversely affects oxygen and health.

Oxygen buff for choosing House Va'ruun
Oxygen buff for choosing House Va’ruun

I constantly performed grav-jumps to reset the debuff and restore the bonus. Additionally, aligning with House Va’ruun also opens up unique possibilities for conversation that can be utilized with cult followers and impact interactions with other faiths. 

House Va'ruun specific dialogues
House Va’ruun-specific dialogues

However, players may consider siding with the Enlightened or the Sanctum Universum for early-game advantages.

Since none of the options restrict advancement in Starfield, the decision of religion ultimately comes down to personal preferences. Players can choose the “Serpent’s Embrace” Trait during character creation to join House Va’ruun.

  • Boosts to health and oxygen for initial in-game hours.
  • Mysterious and cult-like religious experience.
  • Requiring regular grav jumps.
  • No dedicated questline as of the base game.

What Would I Recommend?

I would consider House Va’ruun one of the best religions.

House Va’ruun is arguably one of the best religious choices I made in Starfield. This religion not only provided me with a unique narrative experience but also had exciting rewards for me. Aspects like oxygen and health also received a boost after my initiation into this religion. 

Other religions offer rewards reasonably quickly. However, in the long term, House Va’ruun comes on top. Therefore, consider joining this Serpent worshipping religion if you are looking for complex lore and exciting prizes.

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