Starfield: Best Ship Weapons

Learn the dynamics of ship's weapon cutomization and which ones will prove to be best in early game.

Stafield ship weapons
Starfield Best Ship Weapons

Building or upgrading a ship was one of my favorite mechanics in Starfield, but it can be challenging if you do not keep track of your ship’s capability.

Key Takeaways

  • To get the best result for ship weaponry, you must learn how to manage the ship while customizing or upgrading its weapons. Such as the weapon types, crew management, and ship’s performance.
  • There are unique types of weapons for ships.
    • Particle (PAR)
    • Ballistic (BAL)
    • Missile (MSL)
    • Laser (LAS)
    • Electromagnetic (EM)
  • Every ship can be attached with two or a maximum of three different types of weapons, where every weapon is used for additional damage output.
  • If you are a new Starfield player, you should keep the PAR, BAL, and MSL weapon types on your ship. Following this, Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam, Mauler 104L Cannon, and Vanguard Tempest CE-13 Missile Launcher are your best options, respectively.

Author’s Trust

Spaceship combat was a major part of my campaign in Starfield. Therefore, I think it is important to know what weapons you would need throughout your campaign to win every space battle that comes your way.

– Shahzar Khalique

Ship weapons dynamics
Weapon type EM and BAL on the ship | Image credits: Gamesual

Weapons For Ranged Combat

If you wish to maintain your distance while delivering a massive impact on enemies, look for weapons good at covering range. Here, I suggest you keep the weapons that can rapidly deal damage in a specific time because you want to minimize the health of the enemy’s ship before it can close its distance on you.

Weapon Category Range Fire Rate Hull Damage Shield Damage
EMP 80 Suppressor EM 800 1.5 36 5
Atlatl 270A Missile Launcher MSL 4000 1 47 47
PB0-30 Auto Electron Beam PAR 3000 6.65 9 9

Do not compromise mobility at any cost. All you need to do is maintain distance by spamming the Boost. Make sure the turn rate of your ship also improves after some time through the Piloting skill under the Tech tree.

  • Effective at a distance.
  • Rapid damage output.
  • Boost mobility and improved turn rate.

  • Requires Boost and Piloting skills.
  • Limited for close-quarters combat.

Weapons For Close Combat

This is personally the most effective method to fight in outer space. But only if you are good at tailing other ships and not letting them go out of sight.

I discovered the potential of this weapon style by getting swarmed by the fleet of high-level enemy ships—weapons for close-range focus on dealing burst damage to the enemies.

Weapon Category Range Fire Rate Hull Damage Shield Damage
EMP 80 Suppressor EM 800 1.5 36 5
Marauder 115N Railgun Turret BAL 800 1.5 89.09 26.4
Dragon 261 SX Laser Turret LAS 1000 1.5 18 59

This style is preferable because it allows you to deal immense damage, whereas you receive none.

Note: This trick is not that simple. Make sure you are at the tail of the ship that you want to blow up. Ships can not shoot at the backside, giving an edge to the pilot doing the chase. 

The most beneficial aspect of this style is that mobility is an exception. Although you might need to constantly catch up to the enemy ship, using the Boost will be sufficient. But lower the speed to cancel the Boost so you do not stray further from your target. As a result, you will manage the mobility issue without consuming the full boost gauge.

To make the impact more intensive, upgrade the Ballistic Weapon System skill under the Tech tree. The fire rate is undoubtedly upsetting, but I found it a good trade for the damage numbers.

  • Highly effective in close range.
  • Deals burst damage.
  • Targets enemies without retaliation from behind.

  • Requires mastery of tailing.
  • Limited fire rate for high damage.

Best Ship Weapons For Early Game

A list of beneficial weapons might be crucial for your ship in the early-game scenario. Overall, this stage can prove to be quite mandatory for every player.

This is because you may face situations where enemies often surround you, and escaping is almost impossible.

Weapon Category Range Fire Rate Hull Damage Shield Damage
Disruptor 3300 Electron Beam PAR 3500 3.49 24 24
Mauler 104L Cannon BAL 800 3.49 14.3 4.4
Vanguard Tempest CE-13 Missile Launcher MSL 4000 1.5 33 30

These are considerably the most suitable ship weapons in Starfield as they favor new players in specific ways. These cheap weapons deliver good impact and are balanced for every range.

My favorite thing about this aspect is that it does not affect your ship’s mobility too much. Therefore, you can maintain a sturdy course while taking on other hostile space travelers.

  • Suitable for new players.
  • Balanced impact.
  • Doesn’t significantly affect ship mobility.

  • May lack advanced features.
  • Upgrading needed for late-game scenarios.

How To Customize Ship Weapons

Weapons adjustment comes as a part of ship customization. You will have plenty of options for managing your vessel’s weaponry. The shipbuilder was a very satisfying experience for me. However, you must know that customizing the ship will make specific negative changes.

Ship modification
Ship Service Technician to modify ships | Image credits: Gamesual
  • Firstly, let’s get to ship customization. You must land in any major city and talk to a Ship Services Technician. Select the option of  “view and modify my ships” from the dialogues. 
  • After that, you can focus on the ship’s weapon. Remember that the game features diverse mechanics in customizing a ship, including weapons.
  • I advise you not to take any confirmed step without knowing the outcome. This is because ship customization is substantially costly.
Starfield ship weapons upgrade
Upgrading the Ship’s Weapons | Image credits: Gamesual

My Thoughts On Best Ship Weapons

Just remember that equipping heavy weapons is not an easy task. I encountered many issues in my first attempt because the ship needed to be stabilized in every aspect. It must be in a flight-ready state, which is possible when you balance out each part with its requisite and prerequisite.

You may get acquainted with the basics of shipbuilding through our guide on the Starfield Ship Classes.

Other than that, I have witnessed the ample possibilities in shipbuilding where players can utilize their weapons to deliver the impact at the utmost potential. It will require you to understand the basics and complexities of shipbuilding, which can be fun to explore if you are willing to become a dominant space traveler.

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