Starfield: 15 Best Skills From Each Skill Tree

Choose your skills wisely and dominate the Starfield's vast and endless galactic arena with your charismatic, strong, and complete character.

Starfield best skills
Starfield Best Skills

Anyone would want to pick the best skills for their optimal builds in Starfield. However, with over 80 skills available, choosing the right ones becomes confusing. Similarly, testing these all out after unlocking them is not a good idea either, as that will cost lots and lots of time. To make it easy for you, I have compiled a list of the best skills in Starfield that you should prioritize and unlock immediately.

Major Takeaways

  • There are 82 skills in Starfield divided into five skill trees. With no apparent level cap, players can take their time to get them all. However, as not all these skills are worth the time, players can selectively unlock a few valuable skills to help them get a smooth gameplay experience.
  • From the Physical Skill Tree, Stealth, Fitness, and Martial arts are three essential skills that can help players get around anywhere, make fast movements, and deal more damage at close range.
  • Social Skill Tree’s Persuasion, Leadership, and Commerce are great skills to help players win conversations, avoid confrontations, lead teams, and run successful trades.
  • Combat Skill Tree’s Ballistics, Sharpshooting, and Dueling are valuable skills that help dominate any confrontation with all weapons by increasing their damage and enhancing performance.
  • Targeting Control System, Security, and Boost Pack Training from Tech Skill Tree while Outpost Engineering, Weapon Engineering, and Spacesuit Design from Science Skill Tree lets you deal with your tools’ technical aspects to improve your inventory continuously.

SkillSkill TreeTier
Stealth PhysicalTier-1
Martial ArtsPhysicalTier-3
Targeting Control SystemTechTier-1
Boost Pack TrainingTechTier-1
Outpost EngineeringScienceTier-3
Weapon EngineeringScienceTier-2
Spacesuit DesignScienceTier-2

Starfield has no level cap, so you can virtually level up to infinity. Similarly, each level-up will reward you with specific skill points that you can use to unlock and upgrade all 82 skills in the game. All these skills are divided into the following five different skill trees in the game:

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Combat
  • Science
  • Tech

All these trees have some awesome skills. I suggest choosing a few from all these trees to make an inclusive and all-round build. Here are my recommendations:

Physical Skills

Here are the best skills from the Physical skill tree in the game:

SkillRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
StealthAdds stealth meter, Sneak around 25% faster, deals 5% more stealth damage.Sneak 50% faster, Deals 10% additional sneak damage.75% more difficult to detect, deals 15% more sneak damage.100% more difficult to detect, deals 20% more stealth damage.
Fitness10% more oxygen.20% more oxygen.30% more oxygen.Running and attacks use less oxygen.
Martial Arts15% more chances of critical hitting unarmed or with melee weapons.15% more chances to disarm opponents.Takes 10% less damage.Reflects back 50% damage to enemies.


Stealth will let you sneak around and get away with whatever you want. It is an impressive physical skill in Starfield that will make you less noticeable and make it easier to sneak away. This Tier-1 skill at Rank-1 has the following uses in the game:

Stealth – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • It adds a stealth meter to the game and increases your chances of successfully sneaking around by 25%.
  • Moreover, Stealth will increase the damage of your sneak attacks by 5%.
  • Players should invest one skill point in Stealth as it is the primary skill, making Stealth effective in Starfield.

All these are Rank-1 benefits. Upgrading the skill by completing any challenge and, later on, allocating a few skill points can take it up to Rank-4 in the game, where you can enjoy 100% more chances to sneak around. Moreover, you will also be able to deal 20% more sneak attack damage.


Unlike most Physical tree skills, Fitness is more of a universal skill, which makes its inclusion on the list more sensible. Combat maneuvers and exploratory work become more straightforward when Fitness is utilized sensibly. This Tier-1 skill at Rank-1 has the following advantages in the game:

Best skills in Starfield
Fitness – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Being in a space odyssey, oxygen will determine your survival. Fitness increases your maximum oxygen by 10% per rank.
  • Increased oxygen means increased stamina, ultimately enabling you to sprint more.
  • Moreover, you can perform more power attacks and run on high-gravity surfaces.

Upgrading Fitness by completing related challenges and allocating skill points can take it Rank-4. Consequently, you will get more than 40% more oxygen per rank, making your power attacks more efficient.

Martial Arts

It is one of Starfield’s best physical skills, for good reasons. Being a Tier-4 skill, this is a must-have skill for any melee build. It is effective even when you are unarmed in a fight. Here is how it can help you in Starfield at Rank-1:

Martial arts
Martial Arts – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Martial Arts increases the critical hit chance by 15% when unarmed or in a melee fight.
  • You can also use it to disarm your opponents and, later on, dominate them easily.

Interestingly, you can also block attacks and have a 50% chance of bouncing back the damage on your opponents. However, upgrading it to Rank-4 in Starfield is only doable.

Social Skills

Here are the best skills from the Social skill tree in the game:

SkillsRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
Persuasion10% more chances of successful persuasion.20% more chances of successful persuasion.30% more chances of successful persuasion.50% more chances of successful persuasion.
Leadership25% faster affinity for companions.50 extra health points, 50kg increased carrying capacity for companions.Companions can heal you.Doubles up bonuses.
CommerceBuy at 5% less and sell at 10% more.Buy at 10% less and sell at 15% more.Buy at 15% less and sell at 20% more.Buy at 20% less and sell at 25% more.


It is an essential social skill for almost every build. It is handy in dealing with all the speech challenges in Starfield, where you have to convince NPCs in your favor. Moreover, it is easy to talk through various situations without igniting any conflict. Here is how you can utilize Persuasion in Starfield:

Persuasion — Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Persuasion increases your chances of successfully persuading any NPC by 10%.
  • You can negotiate to decrease the admission fee of many new crew mates.
  • Similarly, you can avoid severe confrontations and convince NPCs to help you solve quests and unlock loot.

Upgrading the skill to Rank-4 will increase your chances of persuasion by 50%. Being a Tier-1 skill with so much impact makes it comfortable with every character in the game.


If your teammates are not so serious about the game, you can take on this skill to lead the group in a better direction. By taking this skill, as you upgrade your abilities in the game, your teammates will be able to enjoy the same perks as you. Here is how you can utilize Leadership in Starfield:

Leadership – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Your teammates gain affinity 25% faster when using Leadership.
  • Companions’ carrying capacity increased by an additional 50kg.
  • They will have 50 more health points and can heal you when you are low on health.

Upgrading it to Rank-4 in Starfield doubles combat and Physical Crew Skills’ effects for companions. This ability especially makes it one of the best skills in Starfield.


You will spend quite some time buying various items and selling them later in the game for some extra credit. Commerce comes in handy, especially at the starting levels of the game when you are short on credit, as it benefits your trades in all ways possible. Here is how it can make your trades successful in Starfield:

Best skills in Starfield
Commerce – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • You can buy items at a significantly lower price and sell them later with considerable profit. At Rank-1, it can help you with purchasing items at a 5% discounted price.
  • Similarly, you can sell items at 10% profit.
  • Repeating this process a few times can generate a generous fortune to help you progress in the game later.

Although not necessary, upgrading the skill to Rank-4 can land you a 20% discount on purchasing items and a 25% bonus in Starfield.

Combat Skills

Here are the best skills from the Combat skill tree in the game:

SkillsRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
BallisticsBallistic weapons deal 10% extra damage.Ballistic weapons deal 20% extra damage.Ballistic weapons deal 30% extra damage.Ballistic weapons range increase by 30%.
SharpshootingIncrease critical headshot damage by 50%.Increase critical damage to legs by 50%.Increase critical damage to enemies by 50%.Critical hit chance increases by 25% for 20 seconds.
DuelingMelee weapons deal 25% more damage and take 10% less damage. Run 20% faster for 10 seconds.Melee weapons deal 50% more damage and take 20% less damage.Heals 10% health.


It is one of the must-have skills at the start of your campaign because you will primarily use ballistic weapons in Starfield. While it makes your starting journey easier, you can upgrade it later only if you plan to incorporate more ballistic weapons in your build. Here are the perks you can enjoy with this skill in Starfield:

Ballistics – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • At Rank-1, this skill lets you deal 10% more damage with ballistic weapons.
  • As you will use these weapons, spending a skill point to use Ballistic skill with them makes more sense and is a reasonable investment.

It can go up to Rank-4 in Starfield, increasing the damage and range of your ballistic weapons by 30%


Cracking heads with crispy headshots is a fun job in Starfield, at least to me. With Sharpshooting skills, you deal more headshot damage than usual with various weapons. Here is what you can expect with this skill in Starfield:

Sharpshooting – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Sharpshooting at Rank-1 allows you to deal 50% more critical damage when using ranged weapons.
  • Upgrading it to Rank-2 will let you deal 50% more critical damage to your opponents’ legs.
  • Sharpshooting at Rank-3 will let you deal 50% more critical damage to your enemies without any restrictions. However, it is only specific to ranged weapons. 
  • At Rank-4, every time your critical hits with a ranged weapon kill an enemy, all your ranged weapons will get a 25% damage boost for 20 seconds.


Close-range combats are usually brutal and require more focus and control to dominate the game. Similarly, if you are building a melee-based build in Starfield, Dueling is one of the must-have skills. Here is how Dueling will help you in the game:

best skills in starfield
Dueling – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • At Rank-1, Dueling can help you deal 25% more damage with melee weapons. Moreover, you will take 10% less damage from your enemies.
  • At Rank-2, your character can run 20% faster for 10 seconds every time you kill an enemy.
  • Rank-3 of Dueling will let you deal 50% extra melee damage and take 15% less damage from your opponents.
  • Finally, Rank-4 of Dueling will increase your health by 10% every time you kill an enemy.

Tech Skills

Here are the best skills from the Tech skill tree in the game:

SkillsRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
Targeting Control SystemUnlocks your ship’s targeting functionalityLock on your targets 15% fasterLock on your targets 30% fasterLock on targets 60% faster.
SecurityHack into any advanced lock systemLockpick expert-level lock systemsLockpick Master-level lock systemsRule out useless keys.
Boost Pack TrainingAccess BootpacksBoostpacks use less fuelRegenerate fuel quicklyDouble up benefits

Targeting Control System

Although you won’t spend much time in ship combats, we can never eliminate the odds. Fighting in space is a tricky thing to do in itself, as locking down on your moving enemies requires lots of focus and practice. However, with this skill, you will have to worry about one less problem. Here is what you can enjoy with the Targeting Control System in Starfield:

Targeting Control Systems
Targeting Control Systems – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • At Rank-1, it merely unlocks your ship’s targeting functionality.
  • At Rank-2, you can lock on your targets 15% faster. Similarly, your opponents will face a lag that will slow down their targeting speed by 25%.
  • Rank-3 of this skill will let you lock on your targets 30% faster. Similarly, you have 10% more chances of critically hitting your targets.
  • This is where things get interesting. Rank-4 of the Targeting Control System makes locking on targets 60% faster and deals 20% more damage.


It is one of the first skills that you should unlock in Starfield. It unlocks new opportunities by hacking and lockpicking even the most secure doors in the game. Similarly, if you plan on building a stealth-based build, Security will play an essential role in its success. Here is how it will help you in Starfield:

Security – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • At Rank-1, Security lets you hack into any advanced lock system with two auto attempts to lockpick various systems.
  • Rank-2 of this skill allows three auto attempts to lockpick expert-level lock systems.
  • When upgraded to Rank-3, security allows four auto attempts to lockpick Master-level lock systems.
  • Finally, Rank-4 lets you make five attempts by eliminating useless keys when solving quizzes.

Boost Pack Training

Boostpacks are an essential part of Starfield’s gameplay. However, you can only use them once you have unlocked the Boost Pack Training skill. It makes your exploratory work more easy and quick. Here is how Boost Pack Training can help you in Starfield:

best skills in starfield
Boost Pack Training – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Rank-1 lets you access and use the Boostpack.
  • At Rank-2, Boost Pack Training ensures you use less fuel than usual.
  • You can regenerate your boost pack’s fuel more quickly than usual after upgrading this skill to Rank-4.
  • The final upgrade will let you double up all the benefits from previous upgrades.

Science Skills

Here are the best skills from the Science skill tree in the game:

SkillsRank 1Rank 2Rank 3Rank 4
Outpost EngineeringCreate outpost modules at Research labCreate superior outpost modules.Create cutting-edge outpost modulesSave 50% resources when creating an outpost.
Weapon EngineeringCreate improved weapons mods in a Weapon Workbench.Work on Superior weapon mods.Create cutting-edge weapon mods.Work on Master-level weapon mods.
Spacesuit DesignWork on improved spacesuits, helmets, and pack modsWork on superior spacesuits, helmets, and pack modsWork on cutting-edge spacesuits, helmets, and pack modsCreate mods without any resources.

Outpost Engineering

It is an important skill if you are looking to make your settlements. Outpost Engineering provides useful outpost modules, which makes the construction process an altogether interesting process. Here is how you can use this skill in Starfield:

Outpost Engineering
Outpost Engineering – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • At Rank-1, Outpost Engineering allows you to create great outpost modules at a Research Lab.
  • If you want Superior outpost modules, upgrading this skill to Rank-2 is a solid choice. Similarly, spending additional skill points to upgrade Outpost Engineering to Rank-3 is the way to go for cutting-edge modules.
  • Rank-4 is probably the most helpful upgrade for this skill, as it lets you save 50% of your resources while constructing an outpost.

Weapon Engineering

Upgrading your weapons is essential in Starfield to accommodate them with the changing difficulty levels in the game. That is why Weapon Engineering is one of the most essential skills in Starfield. It provides essential gear mods to enhance the performance of your weapons. Here is how it will help you in the game:

Weapon Engineering
Weapon Engineering – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • You can research and work on improved weapon mods in a Weapon Workbench.
  • Rank-2 and Rank-3 allow you to research and work on Superior and Cutting-edge weapon mods, respectively.
  • Upgrading Weapon Engineering to Rank-4 lets you research and work on Master-level weapon mods in Starfield.

Spacesuit Design

It lets you use spacesuit mods to enhance your armor in Starfield effectively. With strong armor, you can go for more tanky builds or upgrade your weapons to go to war all prepared. Here is how Spacesuit Design will help you with your journey in Starfield:

Best skills in Starfield
Spacesuit Design – Image Credits: Gamesual
  • Spacesuit Design lets you research and work on improved spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods in Starfield.
  • Rank-2 and Rank-3 will let you do so on Superior and Cutting-edge spacesuits, helmets, and pack mods in Starfield.
  • Rank-4, probably worth the upgrade, lets you construct all these things without using resources.

These were the best skills in Starfield that you should get immediately or prioritize to get the best gaming experience. Although upgrading them will bring out the best performance, spending skill points is not always a good choice. Try these all and make your decisions wisely. Also, tell us about your favorite skills in Starfield in the comments.

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