Starfield: Best Traits [Top 5]

Learn about the best traits to pick when creating your character in Starfield.

Starfield Best Traits
Starfield Best Traits | Credits: Gamesual

Are you confused about what are the best traits to choose in Starfield? Worry not, as this guide will help you learn about the best five traits you can pick. When starting a new game in Stafield, you are prompted to make your character for the playthrough. This character creator is very detailed, and one of the things that you can choose for your character is their traits.

Key Takeaways

  • When creating your character in Starfield, you can choose up to three traits from 17.
  • Each of the traits has a unique effect and can alter your gameplay.
  • Some of these are for helping you, some for roleplaying, and some are just plain bad choices.
  • The best five traits in Starfield are Extrovert, Terra Firma, Raised Enlightened or Raised Universal, Taskmaster, and Hero Worshipped.

When you first go to the traits section of the character creator, you are greeted with three slots that you can fill with traits alongside a list on the right-hand side with all the available traits. Moreover, these traits are not required to create a character, as they are entirely optional in case none of them suit your character. Each trait has a unique effect; some help your character. Some are for roleplaying purposes, and some are just plain bad.

Starfield Trait Menu
Starfield Trait Menu | Credits: Gamesual

There are 17 traits, so choosing only three can seem overwhelming. Here are all the traits that you can choose in Starfield:

  • Alien DNA
  • Dream Home
  • Empath
  • Extrovert
  • Freestar Collective Settler
  • Hero Worshipped
  • Introvert
  • Kid Stuff
  • Neon Street Rat
  • Raised Enlightened
  • Raised Universal
  • Serpent’s Embrace
  • Spaced
  • Taskmaster
  • Terra Firma
  • United Colonies Native
  • Wanted

Here are the best five traits available in Starfield to make choosing them for your character easier.


You have the choice between Extrovert or Introvert in the traits section. Not only is Extrovert the better option, but it is perhaps one of the best traits you can pick in Starfield. Having the Extrovert trait makes you consume less oxygen when adventuring with human companions but use more oxygen when adventuring alone.

This is a perfect effect as there is an extremely high chance a fellow human will accompany you, as the companion and crew are one of the most essential mechanics of the game. This way, you will have to worry less about your oxygen running out.

Terra Firma

Here, you have a choice between Terra Firma or Spaced. The Terra Firma trait increases your health and oxygen on the surface but decreases when you are in space. The Spaced trait does the opposite. The Terra Firma trait may sound bad as it debuffs you in a game all about space and the universe.

However, most of the time in Starfield is spent on going to different planets, exploring their surfaces, and fighting enemies on them. You are rarely going to go out of your ship into the cold and harsh space and fight enemies. So, the Terra Firma option makes the most sense.

Raised Enlightened Or Raised Universal

Starfield has three religion traits: the Raised Enlightened, Raised Universal, and Serpent’s Embrace. The Raised Enlightened and Raised Universal are the best choices and are similar to these three. Unfortunately, you can only choose one of the religion traits. 

With Raised Enlightened, you can access a special chest of items in the House of the Enlightened in New Atlantis. With the Raised Universal, you can access a special chest in the Sanctum Universum in New Atlantis. Moreover, you gain unique dialogue options relating to your religion choice.

However, choosing either means you can’t access the chest of the other religion. This may sound like a downgrade, but you can’t access even a single chest without the trait. So you get free items, and free stuff is always appreciated.


With the Taskmaster trait, occasionally, if you have a crew trained in a specific ship system, that system will automatically be repaired if the health falls below 50%, but the cost to hire a crew doubles. This is a compelling trait, especially if you often find yourself in space battles as the ship gets free and automatic repair, and you don’t have to worry much about maintaining your ship.

Moreover, although the crew costs double to hire, when you reach that point, you will probably have many credits, and the double cost won’t matter. So, although you won’t get any advantage in the early game, after that, it ends up being very helpful.

Hero Worshipped

Most players who have played Oblivion will recognize this trait as this is very similar to an easter egg character. With the Hero Worshipped trait, an annoying fan will randomly show up and disturb. Moreover, he will join your ship’s crew and bring you gifts.

What makes this trait good is not the annoying fan part (unless you like the attention). What makes this one of the best traits in Starfield is that you gain a free crew member who brings you items, and let’s be honest, it is challenging to decline free stuff.

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