Starfield: Burden Of Proof [Quest Walkthrough]

A comprehensive guide on Burden of Proof Quest and location of all the evidences that players can find during this quest.

Starfield Burden of Proof Quest
List evidences found in Burden of Proof quest (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Burden of Proof is the most essential and most extended quest yet. However, during this quest, I had to face numerous challenges during my ventures and engage in thrilling combat encounters. 

Key Takeaways

  • Burden of Proof comes with 20 small quests in 20 locations from which players can find various evidence.
  • Once players have collected all their evidence, they can submit them to Lieutenant Jillian Toft.
  • In the Burden of Proof, there is some missable and not missable evidence. Missable evidence will not be collected once the Crimson Fleet mission has ended.
  • After completing this quest, players will receive many credits and a unique Pistol called Memento Mori from Jillian Toft.

Burden Of Proof Quests

Here is a list of all the Evidences that players can find in Burden of Proof Quest.
Quests & LocationsEvidences ExplanationMissable
Echo's of the PastWarden's LogPlayers can find this evidence in the Locked Safe in the Warden's Office.NO
Breaking the BankGalbank PlanIn order to get this, players have to pay an NPC called Gabriel Vera 2,500 credits.YES
Deep CoverNaeva MeetupHowever, players can find this evidence on the table located in Sydonia behind the Kemp in the Sol System.NO
Echo's of the PastCarter's GigThis evidence can be found in the D block section of showers in Carter's Locker.NO
Breaking the BankRequest Denied Players can find it on a shelf in Captain's Room near the bed.YES
The Best Three IsHuan's TalkThis evidence can be found in the basement of Kay's house in New Atlantis Jemison. NO
The Best There IsEubanks and WoodsPlayers can find this evidence on the UC ship SY-920.YES
Absolute PowerMeeting with BayuIt can be found in the locker of Auymi Komiko's office in Generdyne.NO
Eye of the StormMortem OrbirePlayers can find on the Legacy Ship near Kryx's Corpse. YES
Absolute PowerAyumi's OfferPlayers will able to find it in the Euphorika Members Lounge, by spending 5,000x credits.NO
Doctor's OrdersGennady AytonThis evidence can be found lying on a computer behind Gennady Ayton.YES
Absolute PowerThe Big ScoreThis evidence can be found in the bedroom of Madame Sauvage's Bar.NO
Reclaiming the PastMessage for BogIt can be found in a crate in Ecliptic facility.YES
Red Mile's Bar (Location)Chunks HeistPlayers can find this evidence in the Bar.NO
Rook Meets King (Quest)
The Key (Location)
Mira's DemiseIt can be found in the Bunks area of The Key.YES
Gagarin's LandingChiropetraHowever, It can be found in Lizzy's Bar in Gagarin Landing.NO
The Best There Is (Quest)
The Key (Location)
Voss's PartsThis evidence can be found on top of the large Computer in the operation center.YES
Hopetown Valo System (Location)Hopetown RaidPlayers can find it at The Pit Shop in Hopetown Planet.NO
The Key (Location)Request A17The evidence can be found on Jazz's Ship's desk in the service office.YES
The Den Wolf System (Location)Kreet OfferThis Evidence can be found on a Small Table in The Den.NO

Deep Cover Quest

Once players have started the Burden of Proof quest, Deep Cover is the first instance of evidence that players will collect. To get your hands on the first piece of evidence, you must travel to Sydonia in the Sol System.

Upon reaching Sydoni, players can find Naeva Meetup on a table beside the Kemp.

Neva Meetup evidence
Neva Meetup (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Echo’s Of The Past Quest

In this location, players can collect two pieces of evidence.

  • Warden’s Log
  • Carter’s Gig

Warden’s Log Evidence

Starfield Warden's Log evidence in Burden of Proof.
Warden’s Log (Image Credits: Gamesual).

From my experience exploring The Lock, you can find the Warden’s Log evidence in the Warden’s Office. However, to reach the Warden’s Office, players must talk to an NPC called Gabriel Vera.

Players must go upstairs and find the Warden’s Office in the corner near the barracks. I spotted the Warden’s Log lying on the top of a machine near a desk. 

Carter’s Gig Evidence

Carter’s Gig is not missable evidence; it is the most important one because, with that evidence, players can progress further in their game. However, players can find Carter’s Gig slate in Carter’s lock, located in the D-Block Section showers. 

Carter's Gig evidence in Burden of Proof
It can be found in Carter’s Lock (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Breaking The Bank Quest

From this location, you must acquire two pieces of evidence.

  • Gulbank Plan OR Dumbrosky’s Embezzlement Scheme Evidence
  • Request Denied Evidence

Dumbrosky’s Embezzlement Scheme Evidence

While finding Gulbank plan evidence, players must be vigilant in collecting Dumbrosky’s Embezzlement evidence. However, players have to persuade an NPC, Gabriel Vera, to talk with society patrons to find information about evidence. Therefore, I recommend that players have the persuasion skills to complete the task successfully.

According to my experience, once players succeed in persuading Gabriel, they will get two options. Firstly, they can pay Gabriel 2,500 credits to get Dumbrosky’s evidence, and secondly, he can kill Dumbrosky to obtain evidence.

Breaking the bank Quest
Galbank Plan evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual).

However, I consider paying Gabriel a viable option instead of killing anyone or triggering any alarms.

Request Denied Evidence

Players must find Caption’s Room inside the crew’s quarters on the Sien of Stars to get this evidence. It did take some time for me to see that room. Firstly, you must speak with an NPC named Rokov and reach the second floor of the ship.

After that, players must find the crew’s quarters, which will be on the right side of the kitchen.

Starfield Burden of Proof
Request Denied evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual).

In those quarters, there’s a red vending machine at the end of the hallway, and Caption’s room is on the left. Here, you can find the evidence lying on the shelf near the bed.

Absolute Power Quest

From the Absolute Power quest, players can collect three pieces of evidence.

  • The Big Score Evidence 
  • Ayumi’s Offer Evidence
  • Meeting with Bayu Evidence

The Big Score Evidence 

Burden of Proof Evidence, The Big Score.
The Big Score Evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Players must reach the Ebbside part of the Neon City to find Big Score evidence and search for Madame Sauvage’s Bar. Upon reaching the bar, I recommend heading to the door and finding a bedroom to the left side of the main entrance.

Players can find The Big Score Evidence lying on a Mini Bar table between the two beds, as shown in the picture.

Ayumi’s Offer Evidence

Ayumi's Offer Evidence
Ayumi’s Offer Evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual).

You can find Ayumi’s Offer evidence at Ayumi’s Member’s Only Lounge. You must talk with Myka, an NPC, to find that location and convince her to get them the Key to Member’s Lounge for 5,000 Credits. Then, to collect the evidence from behind the bar’s table inside the lounge, I had to use this key.

Meeting With Bayu Evidence

To find this evidence, players must reach Generdyne Industries in the Trade Tower in Neon City and find the Generdyne’s Office in that building. Once players have located his office, they can see a Locker in the wall that holds the Bayu’s evidence.

However, Ji Nashida held the key to unlock the locker, and she refused to give it to me. So, I had to bypass the security system to collect the evidence.

Meeting with Bayu evidence.
Meeting with Bayu Evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Doctor’s Orders Quest

This evidence is not part of the main quest, but it is essential for further progression in the game. To collect Gennady Ayton’s evidence, players have to find Samina Mizrah in the Key’s Clinic, who will direct you on a quest called Doctor’s Orders.

After this, players must head to the Clinic space station to find Gennady Ayton’s evidence. During my run, the evidence was lying on a computer behind Gennady’s Table.

Gennady Ayton in Burden of Proof.
Gennady Ayton Evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Eye Of The Storm Quest

If you are tired of collecting evidence, I am happy to report that the Eye of the Storm is the final quest where you have to collect the evidence. To find it, players have to locate Jasper Kryx’s dead body in the control room, and near that body, they can collect Mortem Orbie’s Evidence.

Mortem Obire Evidence
Eye of the Storm Evidence (Image Credits: Gamesual)
  1. Once players have collected all evidence, they must submit them to an NPC called Lieutenant Jillian Toft, the commanding officer of the UC Vigilance Ship. However, I suggest that players follow a protocol to submit the evidence.
  2. Players must follow the quest from the quest log to find her, and the game will ultimately lead them to her.
  3. Once players have found her, they can submit their collected evidence to complete the Burden of the Proof Quest.
Starfield Burden of Poof Rewards
Memento Mori Pistol Reward (Image Credits: Gamesual).

After that, she will reward players with a unique Memento Mori Pistol and a few more thousand credits. 

My Thoughts

The Burden of Proof has to be one of my favorite questlines from Starfield. This questline serves as a sort of space crime thriller. During this mission, I was not only required to go undercover in a pirate faction but also to collect evidence against them. The mission constantly gave me the choice to choose either of the sides.

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