Starfield: Digipick [Basic Guide]

Know the basic trait of Starfield which benefits the players in most situations.

Starfield Digipick
Starfield Digipick

Bethesda games usually comprise a common trait allowing players to pick locks and access the locked doors. Similarly, Starfield carries this trait and allows the players to pick locks using a Digipick


  • To simplify, Digipick is a lockpick item in Starfield.
  • Unlike other Bethesda games, Starfield has different mechanics to lockpick, which requires Digipicks to perform such an action.
  • However, unlocking a door or cases will require more than 1 Digipick. It is not because they break easily but because activating each key slot will consume a Digipick.
  • Adjust the key slots in such a manner that they complete the circle most effectively. The pattern should always fit in every gap of the circle.
  • Unlock the Security skill under the Tech tree and upgrade it to attempt the lockpick on a more difficult level. 

What Is A Digipick

Digipick in Starfield
A single Digipick | Image credit: Gamesual

Throughout the explorable environment of Starfield, players will have limitless possibilities for finding Digipicks. Quite often, you can see this item inside Pirate camps. Specifically, you can find Digipick right after you step foot on the planet Kreet. It is a moon that will be orbiting around Saturn—the very start of the game.

Furthermore, players can unlock doors using this item, just like previous Bethesda games. The majority of the time, Digipicks are optional to use. But you can access the areas that can contain a potential of loot regarding weaponry or resources.

How To Use Digipick

Even though Fallout 4 and Skyrim had simple methods to pick a lock, Starfield might complicate things. The first time you will be using Digipick, things might trick you.

Its mechanics require the players to understand how to use Digipicks in a slot. Things will only be tricky for once. Later, it will be as simple as shooting bullets from a gun. 

Unlocking through Digipick
Attempting on the first Layer with Digipick | Image credits: Gamesual

First of all, there are layers that we need to understand. Every layer consists of gaps that a player needs to fill out by rotating the little key slots on the right-hand side of the screen. Remember that adjustment of every key is a requirement to complete a circle.

Using a Digipick in Starfield
Adjusting Key slots on the Second layer | Image credit: Gamesual

One lock will consist of multiple layers, and appropriate critical slots are given to resolve them. Once you believe a key perfectly fits into a place, press [E] (by default] to activate it and fill out the gap. Do note that activating a key requires a charge of Digipicks.  Therefore, do not attempt a lock pick with a limited count of Digipick in Starfield.

Moreover, a key slot will contain multiple edges to fill out a circle. Please be mindful that adjusting every edge to fill the gaps is necessary. Adjust them accordingly so there will be no repetition, and every key slot should fill out a different part of the circle. Once a layer is complete, you will advance to the next layer till there are no more.

You cannot break complex-level locks from the start of the game. To do so, take the Security skill under the Tech tree. Subsequently, keep upgrading that skill to hack more challenging locks.

As personal advice, you should at least have 5 Digipicks to attempt a single lock. Starfield usually explores planets; therefore, attempting to unlock doors and item cases will not be a significant issue. Mostly, where there will be a lock pick situation, you will find Digipicks. If you believe you have used charges incorrectly, you can Undo your actions by pressing the required key.

Starfield is astonishingly vast and adventurous. Due to this, there are many sites, resources, creatures, equipment, and other things to explore. Following this, Starfield is still kept to be beginner-friendly. This is due to simplifying events, part of previous Bethesda projects. 

If you are a veteran player of Bethesda games, you will realize that the game is well-balanced between new content and old dynamics with a relishing touch. However, some dynamics, such as space combat, are new in Starfield, which is fantastic to explore.

Personal Preference

In my observation, I did not find the use of Digipicks quite essential. However, these handy tools can sometimes get you out of tiresome situations quickly. Explicitly, I find them most convenient while playing a mission where escape was mandatory in a limited time. There, the Digipicks can prove helpful as they can open doors that reveal a shorter destination path. 

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