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Learn how to find every monument and decorative snowglobes in Starfield!

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Starfield Earth Easter Eggs Locations - Image Credits: Gamesual

Earth is still in Starfield, and you can explore it. At the same time, you can find many earth easter eggs and references around the map by picking books, etc.

In 2150, it was revealed that Ea4th’s magnetosphere was disintegrating at a rapid speed. This left humans on Earth just 50 years to build, explore, and settle onto a new inhabitable planet. You can learn more about it in our extensive What Happened to Earth in Starfield lore guide.

Key Takeaways

  • Most of Earth was destroyed after the events of 2203, and only a few Landmarks remain for the players to discover.
  • Many Earth Landmark locations can be found by reading books, but some require doing much more.
  • Some will also require you to steal books, keys, etc., so you will need the Stealth Skill.
  • Once you unlock the missions/activities for these landmarks, the location will be marked on the respective planet/moon, and players can find the snowglobes easily, and many of them are marked.

Earth in Starfeild
Earth in Starfield – Image Credits: Gamesual

Gateway Arch (St. Louis)

The Gateway Arch in Saint Louis requires the Stealth skill. Here’s how to unlock the activity to visit this Landmark:

Starfield Stealth Skill
Stealth Skill – Image Credits: Gamesual
  1. Firstly, head to Neon City on planet Alpha Volii. You can find the planet in the Volii Star System. 
  2. Next, go inside the Astral Lounge and look for the Elevator inside, not the outside one. This will lead you to an upper floor with Rooms, and you need to find Booth 4. 
  3. Here, the mayor of Neon City will be facing the wall, crouch behind him, and pickpocket the key. From my experience, this was relatively easy. Still, I would be cautious here, as you do not want to get arrested. 
  4. Now, head down to the entrance and look for the Elevator beside the giant staircase leading to the Astral lounge. Pickpocketing the key will unlock the previously restricted penthouse option in the Elevator.
  5. Head inside and look for the main office; the table should have a book. You know you picked the right Book if a notification informs you that the Landmark mission has been unlocked.
  6. Follow the instructions and head to planet Earth in the Sol star system. A new landmark location should be unlocked to land on.

Snowglobe location: Many snowglobes are located near the actual landmarks; it is a small ornament you can take by finding and interacting with it. I was lucky enough to see the Ornament near the base of the Arch.

Starfield Gateway Arch Landmark
Gateway Arch Landmark – Image Credits: Gamesual

The Shard (London)

  1. For this, you need the Oliver Twist book, which is pretty standard. You can find it around the map in multiple locations if you keep a lookout.
  2. The fastest way to acquire this Book and others is to buy it at the Bookstore in Akila City: Sinclair’s Books. During my playthrough, I accidentally encountered this Book on a random visit to Akila City.
  3. Akila City can be found on planet Akila in the Cheyenne System.
  4. Find the Bookstore in the middle of the city and look out for the place as shown in the screenshot below. 
  5. Once you have the Book, the activity mission will unlock, and you can find the Landmark on Earth.
Starfield Sinclair's Books
Sinclair’s Books – Image Credits: Gamesual

Apollo Lunar Lander (Luna)

  1. This one is easy, as all you need to do is head to The Lodge, the home base for the Constellation Group. 
  2. Now head to Matteo’s room, where the Book is on a desk. To get to his room, go up the stairs and turn right through the second set of double doors that lead into a hallway. Down the hallway and enter the next stage of double doors on the left.
  3. Pick up the Book on the desk to unlock the Visit The Apollo Landmark mission.
  4. Now, you can visit the Landmark as the landing zone is unlocked on Luna, Earth’s only moon.
Starfield Earth Easter Eggs Activities
Starfield Earth Activities – Image Credits: Gamesual

Egyptian Pyramids (Cairo)

  1. You need another commonly found book called The Ancient Civilization of Egypt for this Landmark. This book is also available at Sinclair’s Books and many other locations.
  2. Once you acquire the book, an activity mission will unlock, and you can visit it on Earth. You can find its snow globe on one of the lower stones at the first pyramid.
Starfield Cairo Landmark
Cairo Landmark – Image Credits: Gamesual

NASA Launch Tower (Cape Canaveral)

  1. For NASA Launch Tower, players must go through the Constellation questline until they reach the Unearth mission.
  2. You can find a snow globe in one of the upper offices of the facility. You can’t miss this one, as it is part of the main storyline.
  3. The snow globe won’t be marked like the others, but it is hard to miss.

Note: Remember to grab a special exhibit before you leave so you can get the Opportunity spacecraft landmark as well. Let’s see how we can do that next.

Opportunity Mars Rover (Mars)

Opportunity is a spacecraft that was sent to Mars. You can find it by following these steps:

  1. You must interact with the MER Progam Exhibit during the Unearthed mission.
  2. While in the NASA launch tower, players can explore around, and one of those exhibits will be the Opportunity rover itself.
Starfield Hidden Status
Hidden Status – Image Credits: Gamesual

Burj Khalifa (Dubai)

The Burj Khalifa and Abeno Harukas (Osaka Landmark) are in the same quest line. Here’s how:

  1. Firstly, you need to be doing the UC Sys Def vs. Crimson Fleet questline. 
  2. You will board a luxury cruise ship for the Dubai Landmark once you do the Breaking The Bank mission.
  3. The name of this ship is Siren Of The Stars. Now, you must grab a book from the VIP rooms abroad to unlock the Visit The Dubai Landmark quest.
  4. Select the activity to unlock this Landmark’s and the snow globe locations. 

Note: The next Landmark is also obtained in the same questline.

Starfield Book Buying
Book Buying – Image Credits: Gamesual

Abeno Harukas (Osaka)

As I previously stated, you can unlock this Landmark in the same questline as the Dubai landmark.

  1. To unlock this Landmark, you will need another book named Diary of Kyosuke Nagata. For this, you must progress through the questline until you get to the Echoes of the Past quest.
  2. Once in this mission, you will be taken to Lock. This is a Prison system in Suvorov. Here, you can unlock several Jail cells and find the required Book in one of those cells.
  3. Once you find it, you can take it to unlock the Visit The Osaka Landmark activity. Select the action to get the snow globe location.
  4. You can also get this Book from Sinclair’s Books in Akila City if you miss it.

Shanghai Tower (Shanghai)

  1. This Landmark is also locked behind obtaining a book. You must board a spaceship in the Porrima star system for this Book.
  2. Its name is ECS Constant, and it will be orbiting the Porrima II. This ship is one of the few spacefarers who left Earth a few hundred years ago.
  3. Once you board the ship, you must find a classroom with the book Essentials Of Modern Macroeconomics.
  4. A new activity called Visit The Shanghai Landmark will be unlocked after you pick up the Book. Select the activity to obtain the location of this Landmark and the snow globe.
Starfield Shanghai Tower
Shanghai Tower – Image Credits: Gamesual

International Commerce Center (Hong Kong)

  1. You will need the Book Maurice Lyon’s Journal for this LandmarkYou can find this on the moon of Saturn called Titan.
  2. Next, head to the museum area of the settlement. You will find the Book on the right side of the steps on an industrial shelf. 
  3. Pick up the Book to unlock the Visit The Hong Kong Landmark activity. Selecting the activity will give you the snowglobe location, and the site of this Landmark will also appear as a Mark on Earth itself.
Starfield Earth International Commerce Center
Starfield International Commerce Center – Image Credits: Gamesual

Empire State Building (New York)

  1. For this Landmark, I needed the Theft skill to steal this Book. Its name is Our Lost Heritage. You can find a copy of this Book at the President’s Office in the MAST Building in New Atlantis.
  2. The office is on the 3rd floor from the top of the MAST building. 
  3. President Abello might also be there, but it is pretty easy to get past her. Next, crouch next to her table and grab the Book lying on top when the Hidden status appears on the screen.
  4. Once you pick it up, you will unlock the Visit The New York Landmark mission, and the location for the Landmark will be added to Earth. Select the mission to see the site of the snow globe. 

Note: Quicksave the game before you attempt this so you can retry quickly in case you fail.

Starfield Empire State Building
Starfield Empire State Building – Image Credits: Gamesual

US Bank Tower (Los Angeles)

  1. For this Book, you must steal a key from the Office Director, Ron Hope
  2. Once at the building, it would be best to go to the top floor. You will find a set of yellow double doors leading into his office.
  3. Once you are in there, you must steal the Book on the left side of his table. Next, crouch down, and when your stealth meter goes white, grab that Book quickly.
  4. The meter will be white only for a few seconds at most, so be careful of that.
Starfield Earth US Bank Tower
Starfield US Bank Tower – Image Credits: Gamesual

In many cases, you would need to steal books from people. This requires you to have Stealth skills, so I would recommend you to get it before you start heading out to the locations.

Another way I have found to unlock many missions is to buy books from a bookstore like Sinclair’s in Akila City.

My Thoughts

One of my highlights of playing Starfield was discovering locations and uncovering their secrets. As a result, several of my 30-plus hours of gameplay were spent exploring the vast galaxy.

Starfield Gameplay time
Starfield – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

I was incredibly excited to visit Earth and some famous landmarks, and I was not disappointed. Although you do need to acquire a few books to unlock these landmarks, it still is surreal to climb the Pyramids of Giza.

Therefore, I recommend players explore the vast galaxy around them or at least visit their home planet.

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