Starfield: Enlightened Vs. Universal [Religion Guide]

Here is an comprehensive guide about comparison of Enlightened Religion and Universal Religion to find which one is better and why.

Enlightened Vs Universal, which Religion is best.
Starfield Enlightened Vs Universal

The most crucial aspect of Starfield is its Religion. There are a total of Three religions. But this guide will compare Enlightened vs. Universal to know which is better in Starfield. 

Key Takeaways

  • Enlightened and Universal are the Religions in Starfield that can provide players with various benefits, like allowing players to move faster or providing extra health points. 
  • Players can choose them one by one and will be able to differentiate which one is better, but in our opinion, Raised Universal is the best of all, which will enhance the ship’s capabilities to move faster. 
  • While choosing any Religion, players will get different rewards from the chest. From Enlightened Chest, players will get a Settler outfit, giving players +10HP. However, the followers of the Universal Religion will get an extra 5% oxygen with the Neocity Poncho outfit.

Choosing these religions is not necessary in Starfield. It is totally up to the players, whichever they choose. But their choice will impact their gameplay experience and provide them with insight into the battlefield.

Religions In Starfield

There are a ton of Religions in Starfield, but only three of them are playable.

These Religions are:

  • Enlightened
  • Universal
  • Serpent’s Embrace 

Due to the Faith conflict between the three Religions, players can only choose one at a time. However, once players have joined any Religion, they will get missions regarding that Religion. Also, these Religions can affect your relationship with other Factions, so players need to be careful while managing their faiths. 

Enlightened Vs. Universal


  • Enlightened Religion is a part of Atheism, which believes humankind can create their path in the future and they didn’t need any God to produce their Race.
  • The Enlightened are from the House of Enlightenment and are based in New Atlantis.
  • Also, they believe that people need to look for one another instead of calling to God. Players who are members of Enlightened contribute to a lot of work done for the betterment of humanity.
Raised Enlightened
Starfield Raised Enlightened Religion (Image Credits: Gamesual).

Moreover, choosing this Religion will allow players to access a chest full of rewards in the New Atlantis City. 

How To Find Chest

  • Reach the Spaceport District in the New Atlantis City of Starfield.
  • Enter the Well using an elevator and find their way into the House of the Enlightened.
  • Enter the hallway and look for the chest near a whiteboard on the left side of that hallway.
Chest LocationRewardsQuantity
The Well in the House of the Enlightened in New AtlantisDrink Pack: Water 1x
Boom Pop! Cola1x
Med Pack5x
Settler Poncho Outfit1x
Charity in Godless Universe: Part I1x
Charity in Godless Universe: Part II1x
Charity in Godless Universe: Part III1x
Charity in Godless Universe: Part IV1x


  • Universal is an opposing force known as the Universal Sanctum.
  • Payers can become members of the Universal Religion in New Atlantis. But for this, players will lose their progress with Enlightened, and also, players will lose all the rewards that players will get from the Enlightened Chest.
  • Players who have chosen to join the Universal Religion believe that a higher power exists above all somewhere in the universe.
Raised Universal
Universal Religion in Starfield (Image Credits: Gamesual).

How To Find Chest

  • First of all, players have to find their way to the Mast District in the city of New Atlantis.
  • After that, they will find themselves in front of a door near the Golden Architecture
  • Therefore, by entering that door, players will find the chest outside the Aquilis Office.  

Like the Enlightened chest, players will find nothing valuable except a Festive Neocity Poncho suit and other items. However, some other rewards that players might find in the chest are:

Chest LocationRewardsQuantity
The chest can be found in the Mast District, lying outside the Keeper Aquilius' Office.Sanctum Universum Volume I1x
Sanctum Universum Volume II1x
Sanctum Universum Volume III1x
Boom Pop! Orange1x
Med Pack5x
Festive Neocity Poncho suit1x

That is all from our side about the differentiation on Enlightened Vs. Universal. If we missed anything, you can tell us in the comments section. 

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