Starfield: 10 Best Exploits [Cheats & Glitches]

Use these best exploits in Starfield to make your gameplay easier than ever.

Starfield Exploits
Starfield Exploits

Every game contains some sort of glitches, and players can exploit them for their benefit. Similar is the case with Starfield, and players are using those various exploits and glitches to get almost everything. 

Note: Using cheats will lock your achievements, and you won’t be able to earn them anymore unless you turn off these cheat codes. For more details about command console cheat codes and how to access them, read our extensive guide on Starfield Console Commands & IDs.

Key Takeaways

  • Various exploits allow players to reap valuable rewards and credits effortlessly.
  • Players can use numerous cheat codes in the in-game Command Console to improve their gameplay. However, using these cheat codes will stagger any achievement progress. 
  • Cheat codes can help you get immortal, free credits, unlock all spells, get any item for free, and get free resources for survival.
  • On the other hand, glitches focus on providing free resources and credits only. Moreover, often, these glitches require you to move around different locations to perform them. Rewards include free armor sets, credits, chests with valuable resources, and rare items. 

ExploitType/CommandWhere To Use/ApplyWhat It Does
The Immortal ModeCheat Code: timCommand Console Your health bar will never drop to zero.
Unlimited CreditsCheat Code: additem f [value]Command ConsoleGet as many credits as you want.
God ModeCheat Code: tgmCommand ConsoleUnlimited health, ammo, carrying capacity, oxygen while sprinting.
Advanced Immortal ModeCheat Code: toggleimmortalmodeCommand ConsoleImmunity from death, unlimited oxygen, and magic.
Player's Spell BookCheat Code: psbCommand Consoleunlock all spells.
All ItemsCheat Code: additem [item id] [value]Command Consoleget any item of your choice.
The LodgeGlitchBasement of the LodgeMark-1 Armor Set
Level-up FastGlitchAny planet with FaunaIncreased XP
Unlimited CreditsGlitchCliff overseeing Commercial District 70,000 credits.
Stroud-Eklund StaryardGlitchStroud-Eklund Staryard160,000 credits
Akila City PuddleGlitchShepherd’s General vendor, Post’s stairway, Rowland's Arms.Weapons, Ammo, Ship Parts, Resources and Materials, Food and Drink, Aid, Books, and Notes.
Starfield exploits
Active cheat codes will be shown on the bottom left of your screen – Image Credits: Gamesual

Cheat Code – The Immortal Mode

Command Console Code: tim

  • This exploit can be activated using a cheat code in your command console, allowing you to enjoy unlimited health. Consequently, you won’t die no matter how deadly the opponent’s attacks are. 
  • This cheat code will only prevent you from dying, which means you will undoubtedly lose your health bar, but not enough to kill you.

Cheat Code – Unlimited Credits

Command Console Code: additem f [value]

  • Unlimited Credits cheat code lets you enjoy a luxurious life in Starfield without worrying about money. Whenever you run out of cash, open the Command Console and add this code. Replace the ‘value’ with the number of credits you want, and you will have it in your account.

Cheat Code – God Mode

Command Console Code: tgm

  • God Mode makes your character utterly invincible in the game.
  • While making you too overpowered, this cheat code will also reward you with unlimited ammo during your missions.
  • Similarly, you will not consume oxygen during sprinting when this cheat code is enabled.
  • God Mode will also give you an unlimited carrying capacity.
  • These things are only exclusive to your character. You might die if your ship is destroyed, as your ship doesn’t benefit from this cheat.

Cheat Code – Advanced Immortal Mode

Command Console Code: ToggleImmortalMode

  • Advanced Immortal Mode will also help you enjoy unlimited oxygen. Just like your health, O2 will never drop to zero.
  • Your health will never drop to zero after using this cheat code.
  • Magic is another thing that will never drop to zero with this functional exploit in Starfield.

Cheat Code – Player Spell Book

Command Console Code: psb

  • It will unlock all spells for you in Starfield.
  • All the available powers will be unlocked at your disposal.

Cheat Code – All Items

Command Console Code: additem [item id] [value]

  • It allows you to get any weapon of your choice by only replacing the item ID from the above code with the weapon’s name. 
  • You can get your favorite spacesuits by adding their item IDs in the above cheat code.
Achievements disabled
Achievements will be disabled while using cheat codes – Image Credits: Gamesual.

Glitch – The Lodge

Mark-1 Spacesuit is a dependable suit in Starfield. However, it requires a master level of lockpicking skills to unlock it in the game. However, let me tell you a way to get it without all the effort:

  • You will find the spacesuit in the basement of the Lodge on a mannequin, locked behind a glass capsule.
  • It requires master-level security skill, which comes when you upgrade the skill to rank 3.
  • To get it without this high-rank skill, carefully land your crosshair at the right hand of the mannequin.
  • Do it through the hole in the glass window protecting the spacesuit.
  • This will change the prompt, and the lockpicking option will disappear.
Starfield exploits
Mark 1 suit – Image Credits: Gamesual

Glitch – Level-up Fast

Leveling up requires lots of XP. Similarly, getting more XP often requires playing the game at higher difficulty settings, meaning defeating enemies would be much more complicated than usual. However, here I have explained an in-game glitch that will help you reap more XP at an average difficulty level:

  • Start by setting your game’s difficulty high, then look for a planet with many fauna.
  • Immediately after landing on the planet, change your difficulty settings to normal.
  • Now, your game will load a save in higher difficulty settings, giving you an additional XP boost.
  • The fauna will be at normal difficulty setting, making it easier to kill them.

Glitch – Unlimited Credits

This glitch allows you to reap free credits by stealing them from nearby vendors. Here is how you can do that:

  • You will need Rank-2 Boost Pack Training skills, a boost pack, and many recovery items. 
  • Make your way to the Commercial District on New Atlantis and find the orange roof.
  • You will find it on your right side. Cross the dam and reach the farthest of the two platforms.
  • Climb up the rocks and swim towards the cliff you see there. Use your boost pack to land in the middle of the cliff.
  • Now climb down from the other side of the cliff using your boost pack, and you will be able to loot all the vendors there.
  • You can make as much as 70,000 credits on each round.

Glitch – Stroud-Eklund Staryard

Stroud-Eklund Staryard has a glitch that allows players to permeate the visible graphical area of the game and open a chest with 160,000 credits. 

  • Once you are there, quickly run into the Staryard’s showroom wall.
  • This may take a few tries, but you will eventually permeate the barrier and glitch inside the matrix.
  • You will be flying around the matrix. Make a few jumps and get your feet on the shelf.
  • From here, activate your boost pack around the adjacent wall.
  • You will find the chest there with a whopping 160,000 credits
  • Repeat the process if you fail once.
starfield exploits
Make sure to position yourself on the boundary of the glitched wall – Image Credits: Gamesual.

Glitch – Akila City Puddle

Like the Unlimited Credits glitch, this one also allows you to steal credits and open chests with hundreds of thousands of free credits on three locations. You can find the details about the three vendors below:

  • The first chest can be found beside a puddle in front of the Shepherd’s General vendor. Crouch on the ground and keep pointing your crosshair on the ground until an interaction menu appears.
  • The second chest is beneath the blue-colored canopy beside the Hitching Post’s stairway.
  • The famous weapon shop, Rowland’s Arms, features a third chest buried beside the corner of the main stairway. Access it by switching to the third-person perspective.

All these chests contain lots of credits as well as many valuable items. Weapons, Ammo, Ship Parts, Resources and Materials, Food and Drink, Aid, Books, and Notes can be found inside these chests, along with a few other items.

My Thoughts On Glitching

Starfield has been a ton of fun during my 30-plus hours run with the game. I was always surprised to see how much there was for me to discover and uncover while I was completing my Space adventures. 

Starfield Gameplay time
Starfield – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

Even though Bethesda allows players to use the Developer’s Console to type out various cheat codes, you can also use some in-game mechanics to exploit bugs. As a result, I got my hands on some incredibly rare space suits and weapons without even realizing the game.

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