Starfield: How To Check Your Ship Inventory [Complete Guide]

Learn how to check and optimize your ship inventory in Starfield.

How to access your ship inventory
How to check your ship inventory in Starfield (Credits - Gamesual)

Your ship’s inventory is crucial for enhancing the ship, crafting new items, and thriving in challenging surroundings. This article will guide you on how to check and utilize your ship inventory.

Key Takeaways

  • There are four ways to access the ship’s inventory in Starfield: cockpit screen, without boarding, shipping menu, and trade with a nearby seller.
  • Enter the ship and interact with the cockpit screen on the side wall for vital ship stats and inventory.
  • Open inventory (I on PC, B on console) for seamless item transfer within 250m of the ship without boarding.
  • Open the shipping menu (M on PC, Y on console) and access the cargo hold to open inventory.
  • The terminal menu offers six tabs: Status, Navigation, Inventory, Trade, Repair, and Settings for additional ship management options.

Use The Screen Inside Your Ship

Follow these steps:

  1. Enter your ship and utilize the cockpit screen to get access to inventory, storage, and cargo access.
  2. You can press E on the PC or A on the console to interact with the screen.
  3. You may also check vital stats like fuel levels, health, and upgrades from within the screen inside the ship.


  • It is an easy Drag and drop (mouse on PC, D-pad on console) to transfer items.
  • Press R on the PC or X on the console to quickly transfer all items.
  • Organize and sort items by name, value, weight, or type.
Ship Inventory from inside the ship
Ship Inventory from the inside (Credits – Gamesual)

Keep in mind that storage capacity is determined by cargo hold type and size.

Open Your Inventory Near Your Ship

Follow these steps to access your inventory when your ship is nearby:

  1. Stay within 250 meters of your ship to manage inventory without boarding.
  2. Use I on PC or B on the console to open inventory.


  • You can see stats like health, stamina, and perks.
  • Inventory includes a separate category for quest-related items.
checking Inventory from outside the ship
Ship inventory from outside (Credits – Gamesual)

Note: I noticed that the ship’s inventory is only accessible within 250 meters; attempting from a greater distance won’t work. Information about the storage space is not available in this option.

Open Your Shipping Menu

  1. Press M on the PC or Y on the console to open the shipping menu.
  2. You can see a solar system map and options for refueling, repairing, upgrading, customizing, and cargo holding.
  3. Select the cargo hold option to view the ship’s inventory; functions similar to cockpit or personal inventory.
Shipping menu for inventory
Ship inventory using the shipping menu (Credits – Gamsual)

Trade With A Seller Near Your Ship

  1. Engage in trade with a nearby vendor to manage ship inventory effectively.
  2. Press Q or LB to directly sell items from the Cargo Hold during the trade.
  3. Interact with the vendor near your ship (within 250 meters) by pressing E on the PC or A on the console.
  4. The menu displays available items for purchase from the vendor and available for sale.
  5. Transactions are conducted by dragging and dropping items or using a D-pad on the console.
  6. Press R on the PC or X on the console to simultaneously buy or sell all items from a specific category.
  7. Selling from ship cargo resembles a cockpit or personal inventory view.
Access inventory using vendors
Ship inventory using trading (Credits – Gamesual)

My Thoughts On Ship’s Inventory

In my thoughts, the cockpit screen is the optimal way to check a ship’s inventory since it enables quick and smooth item management. Simply entering my ship and interacting with the dashboard lets me view cargo stats, transfer items quickly, and organize as needed. Though other methods work, direct cockpit access makes inventory oversight efficient.

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