Starfield: How To Dock [Explained]

Learn how and when you are able to dock near a spaceship or a space station in Starfield.

Starfield How To Dock
Starfield How To Dock

Starfield allows the exploration of outer space in a much more ample way. Following this, you can dock your ship near any stationary object in Starfield. These objects can be an individual ship, a giant spaceship, or a satellite. Therefore, to explore such locations, docking is available once you reach such platforms.

Key Takeaways

  • Docking in Starfield is available when you are flying in outer space.
  • Once you reach a stationary object or a platform, you will receive the option to Dock and Hail.
  • To dock, press, and hold the required key after reaching a particular range of that object. 
  • Now, you will have the option to Board. Press and hold it to enter the platform you dock your ship to.

How To Dock In Starfield

Dock in Starfield
A spaceship docking with a Station | Image credits: Gamesual

While playing Starfield, you can encounter various events where the dock option becomes available. Such events include quest-related exploration, any stationary object in a radius of certain planets, or random events.

Whenever you come across a platform, press the interaction button. After selecting it, there will be two options: Dock and Hail. Press and hold the key that comes up for docking. However, it is advised that you select the Hail option first. It is because by hailing, you will be connected to the onboard people of that platform. From there on, you can decide whether it is safe to dock. 

My personal experience in using the dock option was a random encounter. The appearance of an unknown space program appeared traveling in a small ship. It was a request to take on a survey to understand the program’s audience.

Now, knowing well that Bethesda games are indulged with incredible immersion, there are some possibilities in such an event. It could be a legitimate space program authority or a group of pirates intimidating travelers. 

Although it was the safer option following that, the survey was just some generic questions. Still, there is a probability that a raid is possible during such a situation. However, such an unfavorable event has not happened in my personal experience till now.

Dock With Space Stations

Starstation RE-939 dock
Dock with Starstation RE-939 | Image credits: Gamesual

Space Stations can be quite enticing to explore. However, you must first figure out where you can find a Space Station. These stationary objects orbit around a random planet. Not every planet will have a Space Station around it. There are few in Starfield. 

The most basic one to approach is the Starstation RE-939. This station is located in the radius of planet Voss in the Alpha Centauri System. A personal preference is not to reach this station below level 10, even though it is the most accessible station. 

As mentioned above, reach the Starstation RE-939 and hold down the button to dock. For PC players, it is [R] key by default. 

Just like every other Bethesda game, Starfield is remarkably immersive. Therefore, it is enriching for everyone to explore every inch of the game. Although outer space does not have many events to explore, some random encounters are an amusing aspect of the game.  

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