Starfield: How To Join United Colonies

Find out everything you need to know about United Colonies from their history to enlistment procedures!

United Colonies Starfield
Starfield United Colonies

United Colonies is one of two major factions formed after Earth became uninhabitable. You can join the United Colonies faction through the Mission Supra Et Ultra.

Key Takeaways

  • United Colonies is one of the factions that you can join.
  • To join the United Colonies in Starfield, you must talk to Commander Tuala to start the Mission Supra et Ultra.
  • First, you will have to go to the United Colonies Orientation Hall.
  • After the hall, you will have to pass the Vanguard Exam simulation.
  • You need to finish at least three Tiers for your target.

How To Join The United Colonies

Tuala asks you to join the Vanguard
Commander Tuala is trying to persuade you to join the United Colonies Vanguard. [Screenshot Grab: Gamesual]
You must let the normal progression lead you through various missions until you finally reach New Atlantis on Jemison in the Alpha Centauri star system during”The Old Neighborhood” Mission. Follow these steps from here on out:

  1. During the mission, you will run into Commander Tuala from the UC Vanguard, who will offer you to join the United Colonies.
  2. One aspect I will recommend is starting the Mission only when you are familiar enough with space flight. This will be relevant in the Mission later.
  3. When you feel it’s the right moment, accept Commander Tuala‘s offer. He will guide you to the nearby elevator, which will take you to the Orientation Hall on a lower level.
  4. The Orientation Hall’s first room contains multiple terminals and kiosks. To view the Enlistment Agreement, interact with one of the terminals. You should scroll through the pages before clicking the “Agree” button. 

Note: You must clear any United Colonies Bounty you might have before proceeding. In my experience, if you’ve encountered any recent legal issues, you can locate a Bounty Self-Service Kiosk near Viewport close to the landing pads to settle any fines.

You are asked to defeat as many tiers of enemies as possible
The Exam Proctor asks you to defeat as many Tiers of opponents as possible. [Image Credit: Gamesual]
Your objective is to conquer a minimum of three waves of simulated opponents. Successfully navigating and clearing these three rounds will constitute a passing grade, allowing you to progress the mission.

There are, in fact, a total of six tiers of opponents you can encounter. 

  • Completing more than three waves will earn you an enlistment bonus (although it’s worth mentioning that the reduction in time to become a citizen won’t significantly impact it).
  • You can make as many attempts as you desire, whether you succeed or fail. This allows you to aim for a higher score and complete more tiers overall.
  • Only your highest score will be recorded.
  • You can utilize any tools and resources during the test to aid your performance.

As you settle into the pilot’s seat, the simulation will commence, and you will have to go through the following tiers:

  1. In Tier 1, you’ll face a single level 32 enemy ship, somewhat inferior to your supplied Vanguard ship. To progress, maneuver among the asteroids to establish a lock and unleash your firepower to dismantle the adversary. It’s vital to remember that lasers effectively deplete enemy shields, so switch to your ballistic cannons while intermittently firing missiles when locked on.
  2. Tier 2 introduces a scenario where you confront two adversaries. Fortunately, one is significantly weaker, rated at level 20, compared to the other ship. Exploit the presence of asteroids to your advantage by keeping one opponent out of your sight while concentrating on disabling the weaker ship first. Afterward, tackle the stronger ship.
  3. In Tier 3, you will again face a pair of opponents, both formidable level 38 ships. Typically, they spawn at a certain distance from each other. Immediately engage one of them, pursuing the nearest ship to establish a lock and launch your missile salvos before the second ship closes on you.

Upon completing all three tiers, the examination will officially conclude, allowing you to exit the pilot seat. You will get 7000 credits or more for leaving the test at this stage.

The menu for retrying a Tier
If you fail a Tier, you can restart that particular Tier from this terminal. [Image captured by Gamesual]

UC Membership

You have been made a part of the UC Vanguard.
Commander Tuala officially makes you a part of the United Colonies Vanguard. [Image Shot by Gamesual]
When you feel ready, exit the Simulation. If you wish, you can have another conversation with the Exam Proctor. Alternatively, make your way to the nearby elevator that will take you back to the MAST Lobby, where you can speak with Commander Tuala. 

You’ll receive a different ranking depending on how many tiers you complete. He will mention that you can attain your UC Citizenship in as little as ten years if you meet the minimum requirements or just three years if you manage to conquer all six simulation tiers.

As you may have already deduced, things will likely accelerate throughout this faction questline, sparing you from dedicating literal years to achieve citizenship.

Once you pass the test, accompany him to the open grounds before the building’s entrance. He’ll request that you pledge your allegiance to the United Colonies.

My Take On United Colonies

While I have joined other factions in Starfield, the United Colonies have been the most unique and expansive one. Even the attention to detail allowed me to submerge into the faction and explore its lore depicted in various missions and NPCs. In the end, I will highly recommend you to join the faction in any of your playthroughs to experience all the potent abilities of its members and notablee quests

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