Starfield: How To Steal Ships [Explained]

Hijack other ships in Starfield if you find them much compelling and dominant than yours.

Starfield steal ships
Can you Steal Ships in Starfield?

Ships have the most advanced dynamics in Starfield and are genuinely one of the most engaging aspects of the game. Regarding this, players may, later on, feel exhausted looking at their decrepit vessel, which might be running out of new modification options. Therefore, Starfield allows you to steal other ships to look at this situation otherwise.

Key Takeaways

  • To steal ships in Starfield, ensure you have the Targeting Control System skill to enter Targeting Mode.
  • Once you destroy the enemy ship’s Engine, fly near it and Dock. Board the ship and kill every enemy on board.
  • Pilot the ship and land it on any planet’s surface. It will add the ship to your collection.
  • All your items from the previous ship will move to the new ship’s storage along with your crew. 

How To Steal Ships

To be able to steal a ship, you must first unlock the Targeting Control System skill from the Tech tree. This is because to steal a ship, you must first demobilize it. Hence, the Target Mode comes into play. After that, you must remove the enemy’s ship Engine in Targeting Mode. 

I prefer using your ship’s PAR or EM weapon type. Moreover, you can stroll through our guide on Starfield’s best ship weapons

Steal Ships in Starfield
Take out the Ship’s Engine to Steal it | Image credits: Gamesual

Once the enemy ship’s Engine is down, fly near it, and the Dock option will be available. Now, the most anticipated aspect of your goal comes. Bring out the arms and board the enemy ships. Personal advice: taking someone from your crew while boarding a hostile vessel for stealing is best. If you are unfamiliar with docking, check out a basic guide to learn How to Dock in Starfield

Be prepared as you board the ship because the enemy will not go down without a gun-blazing showdown. Moreover, you should always check the Captain’s Locker while stealing a ship. The reason is you will find plenty of Credits in it every time.

Please be mindful that you can not steal random ships that land on the surface of planets. The doors of those ships will be inaccessible, and only NPCs can come out of it.

Purpose Of Stealing Ships

Using the stolen ship
Taking the Stolen Ship to Surface | Image credits: Gamesual

Like many activities in Starfield that do not go unrewarded, stealing ships can also be beneficial. However, it is not encouraged by the game itself, but I would highly recommend to do so. The reason is that upgrading, modifying, or purchasing new ships is too expensive in Starfield. Yet, jumping to the better ships as soon as possible in the game is also necessary.

Therefore, after stealing a ship, you can sell it to any Ship Service Technician. Do note that the ships you steal will sell at a reasonable price. Moreover, I would recommend you select Persuasion skill from the Social tree to gain a beneficial outcome for pricing.

However, to make the ship your primary vessel, you must Register it by talking to the Ship Service Technician. Unregistered ships will not be available for upgrading or any modification. But do remember that registering a ship will cost you plenty of Credits. Therefore, I would advise you to sell the ship unless you see potential in it. 

The best aspect of selling the ship is that registration does not matter. You can sell a ship the moment you steal it. Also, you will make the ship your primary choice when you land on any surface with it. The ship will carry any damage done to it while you are hijacking it. So do not engage in any fights with the ship you currently steal.

Every item and your crew will move to the new ship. However, remember that the Storage of your new ship might be less than your previous one. Nonetheless, all of the items will still be moved. A personal preference would be not to reduce items from the ship’s storage if it exceeds its limit of holding items. Instead, add more storage while modifying your ship.

To conclude, Starfield even rewards the players when they are to steal ships. The game’s purpose is to explore it as much as possible. Every activity you perform in the game will somehow provide an outcome. Surely, you can kill many enemies and sell their weapons for a reasonable amount. But selling a ship is profitable on a large scale.

My Thoughts

All in all, hijacking the ships is one of the main factors that have kept me engaged in the game. The idea of upgrading your vessel without spending a single Credit is mildly insane. Furthermore, you can straight-up sell the ship without repairing or registering it.

Therefore, I highly recommend that players engage in these violent and action-packed activities to ensure a fruitful result. Besides, buying a ship through a dealer will substantially cost you. So, why hustle when things can be done the easy way?

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