Starfield: How To Use Boost Pack [Explained]

Acquaint yourself with the dynamics of jumping to its full extent in Starfield.

Starfield How to Use Boost Pack
Starfield How to Use Boost Pack

Starfield introduces a feature that allows the players to hop around planets mildly. To consider it a fact, jumping around can sometimes be quite beneficial. Explicitly, during combat, you might face the difficulty of being cornered. Therefore, learning the basics of using Boost Pack in Starfield might turn out to be a valuable act.


  • You will receive a Boost Pack once you complete the starting main quest of the game.
  • From then on, you must take a point in Boost Pack Training skill. It will allow you to use the boost pack and unlock certain upgrades.
  • Using your Boost Pack will consume a small portion of the Boost Meter. The consumption can be reduced by upgrading specific skills.
  • The jump and boost impact will depend on the surface of the planet. Less Gravity means more impact.
  • You can modify the Boost Pack at Spacesuit Workbench.

Boost pack in Starfield
A preview of rare Boost Pack | Image credits: Gamesual

When you enter The Lodge on planet Jemison during the first main quest, “One Small Step,” you will meet Sarah. Interact with her to enter into dialogues. Once she is done talking, she will reward you with a Boost Pack, namely, “Constellation Pack.” From there on, you will have the opportunity to start using the boost pack in Starfield.

To equip the boost pack, players have to follow a few basic steps:

  • Open the menu options. If you are on PC, then press [Tab] by default.
  • Go to inventory.
  • Go to “Packs” and equip the gear.

You can find Boost Packs all around the world of Starfield. The way to obtain them can be by completing quests to earn them as a reward. Or by annihilating your enemies and collecting them as loot.

Boost Pack Dynamics

To use a boost pack in Starfield, press the jump button. Once the character is suspended, press the jump button again to use the boost pack. You can press the jump button repeatedly to keep using the boost pack till the Boost Guage fully depletes. 

There are a few mechanics of a boost pack to consider while flying around on a planet’s surface using it. The first factor that comes into play is Gravity. It is because a planet’s Gravity determines how high a player can jump. 

Usage of Boost pack
Flying on a low Gravity Planet with Boost Pack | Image credits: Gamesual

A planet with a gravity value around 1 G will be a standard surface. For example, Jemison has a gravity value of 0.91 G. Therefore, a player can not jump too high on such a planet, and using a boost pack will deliver a negligible impact.

On the other hand, a planet with a low Gravity value will let you fly high in the sky. Supposedly, any planet below 0.60 G value will give you an upsurge on your regular jumping. Usually, the moon-like planets will have low Gravity.

Such planets are worth using boost packs for. Because you will have a better combat advantage, obstacles can not stop you, and you can scout an area from afar before reaching there.

Interestingly, you can aim at the enemy’s Boost Packs. If you make a kill while shooting at it, the Boost Pack will override and start acting violently. As a result, it will drag the enemy along with it and explode after hitting a surface, resulting in a successful quick kill.

Boost Pack Modification

Spacesuit Workbench
TheSpacesuit Workbench to modify Boost Pack | Image credits Gamesual

You can completely modify your equipment in Starfield. Following this, you will need to have a Spacesuit Workbench to begin making changes in your gear. Although you can make many improvements, there are some conditions to make specific changes in a Boost Pack.

There will be a few options to modify your Boost Pack in a particular manner. 

  • Slot 1
  • Slot 2
  • Boost Pack
  • Skins

Slot 1

Slot 1 will contain certain upgrades that can benefit you in various ways.

Modification Requirement Research
Extra Capacity Aluminum (3)
Polymer (3)
Sealant (2)
Pack Mods 2
Hazard Protection Biosuppressant (2)
Isotopic Coolant (1)
Lead (2)
Molecular Sieve (1)
Pack Mods 3
No Mod Aluminum (1)
Sealant (1)
Oxygen Reserve Mag Pressure Tank (1)
Reactive Guage (1)

If you have the necessary materials to install an upgrade but cannot do so, it means you lack the necessary research. The Research Lab will help you out in covering such an issue.

Slot 2

Slot 2 also includes modifications, which will differ entirely from Slot 1.

Modification Requirement Research
Emergency Aid Heart + (2)
Sedative (3)
Trauma Pack (2)
Pack Mods 2
Medic Analgesic (2)
Med Pack (2)
Pack Mods 1
No Mod Aluminum (1)
Sealant (1)
Regeneration Amino Acids (3)
Emergency Kit (2)
Hypercatalyst (3)
Positron Battery (1)
Pack Mods 3


Boostpack contains upgrades to help players steady up as they venture onto different planets.

Modification Requirement Research
Balanced Boostpack Microsecond Regex (1)
Monopropellant (2)
Zero-G Gimbal (1)
Zero Wire (1)
Pack Mods 3
Basic Boostpack Beryllium (2)
Monopropellant (1)
No Boostpack Aluminum (1)
Sealant (1)
Power Boostpack Beryllium (3)
Monopropellant (3)
Tau Grade Rheostate (1)
Zero-G Gimbal (1)
Pack Mods 3
Skip Capacity Boostpack Beryllium (2)
Monopropellant (2)
Zero-G Gimbal (1)
Pack Mods 2

Some Packs may occur in the game, which does not keep the Boostpack trait. So, they will have no option to modify the Boostpack components. At the same time, other Packs will usually come with Basic Boostpack by default.


Skin is a trait that does not apply to every Pack in the Starfield. Explicitly, the Constellation Pack will be your very first Pack in the game. It comes with a Constellation Skin, which requires nothing to be applied to the Pack.

The modifications and their requirements are similar for every Pack. 

Skill Set

Skill Set tree Starfield
2 Skill Sets necessary for Boost Pack enhancement | Image credits: Gamesual

Starfield offers a Skill Set for all Boost Pack enjoyers to enhance Pack usage. Considerably, two skills can favor you in your Pack interest. First off, select the Boost Pack Training under the Tech section. It is an essential skill that will enable you to use your Boost Pack. As you progress further in this skill, there will be upgrades that will make you spend less fuel and regenerate the Boost meter more quickly.

Secondly, there will be an advanced option in the Tech section, namely “Boost Assault Training.” This skill will make you capable of using your Boost Pack much more often. It is because it offers traits that aid you tremendously in combat. 

To summarize, Boostpack is a fun-to-use object in Starfield. Moreover, the options to modify it are also plenty. Starfield provides a vast environment for exploring stuff around you. Following this, a Boost Pack may enable you to analyze your surroundings more efficiently in an enjoyable manner. 

Personal Preference

Of all the things I learned about Boostpack, one was certain: do not use Power Boostpack. Balanced Boostpack or Basic Boostpack is always preferable. You will face a drawback on Power Boostpack, and it’s the fact that it will make you take fall damage. Planets with high Gravity value will cause you to take damage after using the gauge of Power Boostpack.

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