Starfield: Into The Unknown [Mission Walkthrough]

Read this guide to learn about the fifth mission of Starfield storyline, called Into the Unknown.

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Starfield: Into The Unknown

Into the Unknown is the fifth mission during the main storyline. It will require players to make a couple of tough decisions. These choices will lead you to different reward outcomes. 

Key Takeaways

  • Into the Unknown is the fifth main story quest
  • It involves finding a couple of Artifacts that lead to multiple discoveries. 
  • Players will also search planets to find Andreja. She was sent for the similar purpose of finding the artifacts.
  • Towards the end, players will discover a hidden Temple. Exploring it will give you your first power.
  • Completing the mission gives you essential map updates and 9500 Credits.

Activating The Mission

  1. To initiate the mission, you must travel in space and head inside Jemison‘s orbit.
  2. Here, I had to approach The Eye and dock my Starship. Head inside The Eye and find Vladimir Sall. He will inform you about the work they conduct on this platform. 
  3. Vladimir will tell you about the artifacts they are after. These items are located through deep space scans performed on The Eye starship. 
  4. Your job is to find and return the artifacts from the planets Vladimir will mention in the conversation. I recently discovered that these planets are random and different for every player. 
Vladimir Sal in Into the Unknown mission
Vladimir Sal at The Eye – Image Credits: Gamesual

Visit The First Planet

  1. We will start the mission by finding Andreja.
  2. Players must use the Grav Drive to get inside the Piazzi system. Travel towards the Piazzi I planet and land at the Abandoned Mines region. 

Note: The choice of planets may vary for different players, as Starfield developers have procedurally generated the galaxies. The goal is to follow the path and land on the desired planet.

Find Andreja

Andreja quest
Andreja inside the Abandoned Mines – Image Credits: Gamesual
  1. I recommend exploring the deserted area for healing and other items. Walk towards the main door. It will lead you to the deep caves.
  2. As you open the door, you will witness Andreja fighting enemies off herself. 
  3. When you approach her, a conversation will start where you will force you and Sarah Morgan to complete the mission Vladimir gave her.
  4. You will agree with her and continue walking inside the mines.

First Artifact Location

Enemy rangers protect the Abandoned Mines. Therefore, you can clear the area in Stealth Mode or openly use weapons to dominate the opponents.

I firmly believe in guns first and talking later, which is the quickest way to move forward. Ensure to open all the storage boxes to secure valuable items.

A level 2 Pirate will stand on the ledge as you make your first left turn. If you get caught during this part, don’t hesitate to take out your weaponry and destroy the enemies. Please beware of the blue laser snipers; they will track your movement, and the bullets can cause significant damage to your health. 

If you are seeking good damage-dealing weapons, we strongly recommend checking out our guide for best melee and legendary weapons to assist you with the mission. 

  1. When you walk deeper into the Abandoned Mine, the enemies keep spawning. I suggest you load up on Ammo before you come down here. 
  2. When all the enemies are dead, you will leave the combat zone, and the mine starts to get darker. This is where you discover the Artifact which Vladimir told you about. 
  3. Use the Cutter to separate it from other mineral deposits. As you touch it, your character experiences a vision that no one else can encounter. 
  4. When you return to your original state, Andreja will ask about the vision. After the conversation ends, leave the area with the Artifact and move towards the next objective.
Collecting Artifact Iota in Into the unknown mission
Artifact Iota is the first one you will come across – Image Credits: Gamesual.

Second Planet Location

Use the map to find a path from your current position to the second planet. Starmap was my friend, and Fast Travel was an even better friend who helped significantly. Players will find a direct link, as the quest does not require you to take an alternate route when traveling between multiple planets.

exploring the second planet to find artifact starfield
Landing at the Second Planet – Image Credits: Gamesual

Land on the Unexplored Geophysical State to proceed further.

Suppose you are unable to track this point. Please focus on the planet and scan it. By doing this, you will mark all the objectives you have on the targeted world.

After landing your ship, explore your surroundings to interact with new creatures and plants you have never seen before. Ensure you grab valuable anything if you come across it. After investigating, head inside the dark cave

Second Artifact Location

  1. You will find the Artifact in the earlier areas of the cave. Initially, head down the slope until an opening is on your right. 
  2. Take some additional steps to find the Artifact hidden behind the Caelumite deposit. Once again, access the inventory using a cutter to separate the Zeta Artifact.
  3. Interacting with it will initiate a cut scene. After it ends, the Artifact will be collected so you can leave the cave and move forward.
Artifact Zeta starfield
Artifact Zeta is the second one in the story quest – Image Credits: Gamesual

Add The Artifacts To The Collection

  1. After you have the Artifact, leave the cave and approach your ship.
  2. You must travel to The Lodge and add the collected Artifacts to the existing ones. This will generate another pattern, which will lead to discoveries. 
  3. Inside The Lodge, your character will have a long conversation with Matteo, Andreja, Noel, and Sarah. It will be about the search for artifacts and what it can lead us in the future.
  4. After the conversation ends, Andreja will agree with you to travel to different planets and search for more artifacts together. 
Matteo in the quest
Conversing with Matteo after adding artifacts to the collection – Image Credits: Gamesual

After adding the artifacts to the collection, head outside and visit Vladimir to inform him about your journey.

Talk To Vladimir

  1. Leave Jemison, but stay in its orbit to find The Eye and dock your ship.
  2. Find Vladimir behind the counter and approach to start a conversation. Vladimir will tell you about an exciting pattern he discovered after you placed the Artifacts. 
  3. Vladimir Sall will send you another search to discover an anomaly he noticed due to the new Artifacts.
  4. For that, you must take Andreja and visit Procyon III. However, players must continue their search on foot, where things get interesting.

Go To Procyon III

exploring procyon III planet
Landing at Procyon III – Image Credits: Gamesual
  1. Procyon A is the closest system to Alpha Centauri, where you currently are. Open the map to place the route and perform the Grav Jump.
  2. Land your ship at the targeted location and continue the search on foot. Use the scanner equipment provided by Vladimir to look for the Scanner Anomaly.
  3. Explore the nearby regions to find the source of the anomaly and chase it. The exact location will be roughly 500 to 600 meters away from your site. This will take you to discover the Temple Eta region. 
  4. Inside the Temple ETA, there is no gravitational force. Hence, you will be floating. The object in the center will start rotating faster with time.
  5. To find the source, look at the shiny dots around you. Approach all of them to see any changes to the object in the center.
  6. A cluster of dots will be glowing more than the others. If you interact with it, the object in the center increases its rotation speed. This is where you have discovered the source. 
first power cutscene starfield
Acquiring your first power at the Temple – Image Credits: Gamesual

When you approach it, a cut scene initiates where you receive your first power. However, very late in the game, this was when I first realized that this game also features powers.

After the cut scene, you will be standing on a frozen land. The power discovered is the Anti-Gravity Field, which generates a region with shallow gravity to contain the powers of the planet.

Cost Total
45 Power 60 Power

Return To The Lodge

the lodge visit quest
Meeting Vladimir at The Lodge to end Starfield Into the Unknown quest – Image Credits: Gamesual

After discovering the Temple, take Andreja and return to The Lodge, where you will find Vladimir Sal. Approach and tell him about the powers you receive. He will be impressed by the accuracy of the scans he performed. Moreover, Vladimir will ask you to use the powers before him.

After the mission ends, players will receive:

  • Updates on their map
  • 9500 Credits

My Thoughts

Most of my early hours in Starfield were spent trying to complete campaign missions even though I did stray away from the main story quite a bit.

Like most completionists, I kept coming back to these Story missions. The earlier quest missions, in a nutshell, are fetch quests, where I was tasked with bringing Artifacts back to the Constellation headquarters.

Starfield Gameplay time
Starfield – Gameplay Time: Image by Gamesual

However, this mission was no ordinary fetch quest. During Into the Unknown, your character will be sent into the rabbit hole of discoveries and returned with newly discovered Jedi powers. 

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