Starfield: 6 Best Ways Level Up Fast

Check out the best ways to farm XP and level up fast in Starfield!

Starfield Level Up Fast
Starfield Level Up Fast

Players can quickly level up their characters in Starfield by trying different methods. You can increase your character level as much as you want. 

Key Highlights 

  • Some great ways to level up fast are sleeping, marriage, completing the quest, and drinking alien tea.  
  • Getting married to a companion will also help you to level up your account.
  • You can also level their characters by completing Starfield’s side quest and main story.  
  • Some of the best side quests include A Break at Dawn, All for One, and Apex Predator.  

Best WaysDetails
Marrying your CompanionGetting married to your companion in Starfield will level up your account.
Completing the QuestsCompleting the quests in Starfield will also level up your account.
Exploration of Various AreasThe player can also explore new areas and collect different items to level up and gain XP.
Drinking Alien TeaThe player will be able to boost their XP for 15 minutes after drinking the Alien Tea.
SleepThe player can also use the sleeping method to level up their accounts.
Level Up Console CommandYou can also use the cheating method via console command to level up.

Marrying Your Companion

At first, it seems simple for the player to level up and increase their XP. I had to invest significant hours in Starfield to marry the companion. The main reason behind it is that the game follows in-depth RPG mechanics, and I had to build up trust around the companions and then reach the moment to marry them. 

Starfield Level Up Fast
Marrying Companion In Starfield to increase XP – Image Capture Credits to Gamesual

So, you must build a strong relationship with the companion to get married. You can also match the companion in Starfield by completing the quest that is known as the “Companion’s Commitment Quest.” 

After marrying the companion, you will receive a bonus that increases XP by 15%. This bonus helped me level up my character easily. Before that, you can easily incorporate tips to find the in-game partner. 

  • It is vital to do what their companions like and avoid those they don’t like.  
  • You should flirt with your companion whenever possible so the build strengthens. 
  • Once the relationship mission of Starfield becomes available, you must pursue it as soon as possible.  
  • After completing the relationship mission, the player can also use the Romantic Companion to get the bonus.  
  • Players must keep traveling with their companions to be mentioned in the relationship. After they say the relationship, it will lead you to the commitment mission of Starfield.  
  • After completing the Commitment mission, you will officially marry the companion and get the bonus. The bonus that you will get will increase your level. 
Companions Name Details
Sarah Morgan The Recruitment mission of Sarah Morgan is “the old Neighborhood.”
Her Skills are Botany, Leadership, lasers, and Astrodynamics.
The Recruitment mission of Barret is “Back to Vectera.”
Companion Skills of Barret are Particle Beam Weapon Systems, Robotics, Starship Engineering, and Gastronomy.
Sam Coe The Recruitment mission of Sam Coe is “The Empty Nest.”
Companion Skills of Sam are Piloting, Payloads, Rifle Certification, and Geology.
Andreja The Recruitment mission of Andreja is “Into the Unknown.”
Companion Skills of Andreja are Stealth, Energy Weapon Systems, Particle Beams, and Theft.

Completing The Quests

Completing the side quests and progressing in the main story of Starfield is another valuable approach to leveling up your character. This method is the most time-consuming for the players because you don’t know how long it will take to complete one quest. 

You can also gain a lot of XPs by just completing one quest, so it is worth completing as many quests as possible and earning the mission completion bonus. 

Easy Quests Quests With High XP
A Break at Dawn A Light in the Darkness
All For One Alternating Currents
Apex Predator A Tree Grows in New Atlantis
Bare Metal Beautiful Secrets
Beer Run Blast Zone
Brownout Captain’s Bounty
Charity of the Wolf Defensive Measures
Distilling Confidence Due in Full
Failure to Communicate False Positives
First Contact Fishy Business
Ground pounder Heart of Mars
Juno’s Gambit Keeping the Peace
Last Will and Testament Late Bloomer
Leader of the Pack Left Behind
Loose Ends Lost and Found
Mantis Media Sponge
Missed Connections Missed the Mark
Mob Mentality Operation Starseed
Out on a Limb Overdesigned
Pirate Activity Power From Beyond
Preventive Action Primary Sources
Red Tape Blues Red Tape Reclamation
Red Tape Runaround Rough Landings
Runaway Run the Red Mile
Saburo’s Solution Search and Seizure
Secret Lives Space Frog From Outer Space
Special Delivery Special Sauce
Supply Line Sure Bet
Tapping the Grid Taste of Home
The Akila Run The Boot
The Kindness of Strangers Tourists Go Home

Exploration Of Various Areas 

Repeating the same thing in Starfield will eventually become boring for the player. 

Starfield Level Up Fast
Exploring different areas – Image Capture Credits to Gamesual

I explored and discovered various areas that helped me to level up while enjoying the environment.  

  • The player will also be able to get hefty XP points, so they will also be able to encounter different planets. 
  • There are more than 100 different planets in Starfield. This method will also help you to increase your level up quickly.  
  • The best thing about exploring is that you don’t have to explore the whole planet. 
  • Also, the player only had to collect some XP that will increase the level, and if you want to explore the planet more, you can.

Drinking Alien Tea 

Another best way to level up your character quickly and efficiently is by drinking alien tea from your food inventory

Starfield Level Up Fast
Drinking alien tea and other XP-increasing foods – Image Capture Credits to Gamesual

With the help of Distilled Water and Fiber, you can craft Alien tea. After drinking, you will receive a reward: an XP bonus of 1% for 15 minutes.  

Mass Value Effects
0.3 105
  • 2 Points of Health
  • Restore.
    XP +1 earn for 15 minutes.


Players can also incorporate the Sleeping method to level up their character. All you have to do is find the bed in your ship and interact with it to start the sleeping sequence.

Sleeping to level up fast – Image Capture Credits to Gamesual

When my character woke up, I received an XP boost of 10%. 

Level Up Console Command 

Using the cheat code will also help the player to level up their account quickly. It is the easiest way to level up and gain XP fast.  

Console Commands Details
TGM Toggle God Mode– This will give you Unlimited ammo.
Toggle Combat AI- With this help, you cannot detect Combat AI.
Toggle Immortal Mode – will help you take damage without losing your health to 0.

What Is The Best Way To Level Up?

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