Starfield: Mantis Puzzle [Solved]

Discover Starfield's Mantis Puzzle, unlock legendary rewards, and conquer challenging puzzles in this comprehensive guide.

Starfield Mantis Puzzle
Starfield Mantis Puzzle

If you’re hunting for the most rewarding Side Mission in Starfield, look no further than the “Starfield Mantis Puzzle.” This mission promises a Legendary Spacesuit Set and a Legendary Ship and offers an engaging challenge. To claim these rewards, you must confront formidable foes, crack the intricate Mantis puzzle, and unravel the enigma surrounding a mysterious space vigilante.

In this comprehensive Starfield guide, we’ll walk you through initiating the Mantis Side Mission, provide a step-by-step solution for the floor puzzle, and delve into the legendary items that will soon become prized additions to your inventory.

Key Takeaways

  • Mantis Puzzle in Starfield is a gratifying side mission in Starfield, offering a Legendary Spacesuit Set, a Legendary Ship, and an exciting challenge.
  • Initiate the mission during the “The Old Neighborhood” quest by collecting the “Secret Outpost” note from an enemy.
  • Prepare for formidable foes and consider a team to help overcome tough battles.
  • Solve the puzzle by spelling “T.Y.R.A.N.N.I.S” on the room’s floor, hacking into the PC to disable defense mechanisms, or using a booster from the main story for a thrilling alternative.
  • Completing the puzzle unlocks the “Lair of the Mantis,” leading to the Legendary Mantis Space Suit and Spaceship.

Mantis Side Mission Location

In the exciting universe of Starfield, the Mantis Side Mission is an opportunity that awaits players early on in the game. This mission becomes accessible during the second main story quest, “The Old Neighborhood.” While progressing through this quest, watch for a dropped note from one of your enemies labeled “Secret Outpost!

This note is your gateway to the Mantis Side Mission; promptly add it to your mission log upon collection. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll not only navigate you through the intricacies of the Mantis Side Mission but also provide a step-by-step solution for the Mantis puzzle.

Adversary dropping the note that leads to the Secret Outpost
The Enemy that Drops the Secret Outpost Note

Upon obtaining the note conspicuously labeled “Secret Outpost,” you’ll unveil a crucial clue. This note unveils the location of the Mantis Side Mission, tucked away on the moon known as “Denebola1B“. With your trusty spaceship at your disposal, embark on a thrilling voyage towards the designated destination, expertly indicated on your map for seamless navigation.

Location of the Secret Outpost
Location of the Secret Outpost

Arriving at the secret outpost location, you’ll find yourself confronting formidable adversaries unlike any you’ve encountered in the main story missions. To conquer this challenge in the Mantis Puzzle of Starfield, it’s crucial to prepare thoroughly. Ensure your best weapons are fully stocked, and consider enlisting the aid of capable team members who can provide invaluable support in overcoming these formidable foes.

Entering the Secret Outpost
Entering the Secret Outpost

With all the adversaries cleared, both inside and outside “The Lair Of The Mantis,” you’ll encounter an unarmed NPC named Livvey, who cowers near the door on the bottommost floor of the building. 

Following this encounter, you’ll face the heart of the puzzle, which, once successfully solved, guarantees you the legendary rewards mentioned earlier in your journey through the enigmatic world of Starfield.

Livvey the NPC that helps you solve the Mantis Puzzle
Livvey the NPC

Puzzle Solution

There are multiple approaches to solving the Mantis Puzzle, and we’ll cover them all.


Following your conversation with Livvey, you’ll unlock access to a door leading downstairs to a room adorned with letters sprawled across the floor. This room harbors a multitude of defense mechanisms that activate if you tread aimlessly.

To navigate this challenge successfully, your objective is to spell “T.Y.R.A.N.N.I.S” using the letters on the floor. The key to accomplishing this is to step onto the letter ‘T’ to initiate the puzzle and swiftly progress to each subsequent letter by identifying them on the floor and promptly positioning yourself on each one.

Alphabets on the floor for Starfield Mantis Puzzle
Alphabets on the floor for Starfield Mantis Puzzle


Another approach is hacking the PC at the far end of the room, just behind Livvey. However, it’s worth noting that this method demands a Master Level Skill in Security, which can be acquired through dedicated skill progression in your Skills Tree, accessible by pressing ‘P.’

Achieving mastery in any skill requires substantial experience, completing specific tasks, and investing significant time. Consequently, we do not recommend relying on this method to solve the puzzle, as it may take up much of your time.

PC to hack for Starfield Mantis Puzzle
PC to hack for Starfield Mantis Puzzle


The most straightforward approach among all the options is to utilize a booster acquired from the main story. Simply activate the booster, jump, and propel yourself across the room. While this method triggers the defense mechanisms, the damage inflicted is minimal, and many find it a more enjoyable way.

Once you successfully navigate the room, a message displaying “Lair of the Mantis” will appear on your screen. This is the definitive sign that the “Starfield Mantis Puzzle” has been conquered. Upon entering the lair, you’ll encounter two intriguing locations.

One path leads to the Legendary Mantis Space Suit, and the other guides you towards the equally Legendary Mantis Spaceship. As a bonus, completing this mission rewards you with 200XP, enhancing your progress in the captivating universe of Starfield.

Rewards after entering Lair of the Mantis
Rewards after entering Lair of the Mantis

We trust you’ll relish the Mantis rewards!

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